All Too Late Chapter 100

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All Too Late Chapter 100

All Too Late Chapter 100

“She has a name. Use that. Do you even have to ask?” Steve was rendered speechless.

Even he could tell how pretentious Kylie was.

Kylie feigned aggrievance. “Is that so? I have no idea. I just want to be friendly with everyone. How on earth would I know that someone actually has a problem with it?”

“Don’t you care how other people address you?” Kathleen asked coldly. She turned around and took a packet of milk from the refrigerator.

“I most certainly don’t. I’m not that petty,” Kylie added meaningfully.

Kathleen proceeded to ask with a frigid smirk, “Wow, how magnanimous! In that case, I’ll call you Inky, Snowy, and Doggy from now on. Is that all right?”

Kylie’s face turned livid. “You’re insulting me!”

“I thought you said you don’t care how people address you,” Kathleen replied, seemingly unconcerned.

Infuriated, Kylie roared, “That’s true, but now you’re insulting me!”

“Ha! Didn’t you do the same to me just now?” Kathleen glared at her. “Or do you want the audience watching this livestream to be the judge?”

Kylie pursed her lips and fell silent.

Kylie’s completely defeated this round!

Thank goodness Kathleen isn’t someone who mellows out silently. Otherwise, Kylie would have p*ssed me off so much.

Kylie is overly pretentious. Why is the production team still keeping her in this show? She affects my mood whenever I watch it!

I heard that someone gave Steve and Kylie’s show a one-star rating!

Could that be one of Kathleen’s fans? Her fans are so annoying!

Why does it have to be Kathleen’s fan? For all we know, you could be one of Kylie’s fans, to come up with a claim like this! You guys could be creating a publicity stunt by pretending that someone is out to get Kylie. What a joke!

New update! That show has blocked ratings!

Fantastic! With the rating section closed, the show won’t be discussed as heatedly as before. That’s Kylie’s loss!

The fault lies with Kathleen’s fans!

Kylie obviously deserves it! How can she blame others when she’s the one ruining the audience’s perception? She should retire from the entertainment industry!

The screen exploded with live comments yet again as netizens argued with one another.

The production team was secretly laced with delight, as they managed to gain a wave of heat this time.

In the kitchen, seeing that Steve wasn’t even standing up for her, Kylie broke into tears of frustration.

Steve did not feel like entertaining her at all, as she tended to cry easily.

She never even cried as much when she was acting.

Kathleen informed Steve after she made coffee, “I probably have to leave for a moment after making the dinner.”

“You don’t have to cook tonight like you did yesterday. We’ll come together and discuss the menu during breakfast later,” Steve replied with much consideration. “We can’t let you do all the work.”

Kathleen nodded.

Seeing that they were all ignoring her, Kylie turned around and left in a huff.

Steve and Kathleen looked at each other in resignation.

Soon, everyone woke up.

Nancy came into the kitchen. “The coffee smells good! I want some.”

“I’ve made five servings.” Kathleen’s lips curled into a smile. “Would you like some milk?”

“I’m fine. Black coffee will do.” Nancy chuckled. “Kathleen, not only do you know how to cook, but you can make nice coffee too. After drinking your coffee, I bet I’ll be full of energy for the whole morning.”

Kathleen grinned. “Not a lot of people have tasted my coffee.”

“Ha, you mean besides Samuel or Christopher? That’s nothing worth showing off,” Kylie said as she stood by the kitchen door.

Nancy threw her a sideways glance.

Is Kylie out of her mind, or she’s going all out?

“Why would you consider this a humblebrag?” Kathleen retorted calmly, “You read too much into a simple remark. You must have a dirty mind.”

“I don’t!” Kylie refuted.

“Then, why would you think of it that way?” Kathleen questioned flatly, “Do you want to make coffee for them in the morning? Can I read it like that?”

“You!” Kylie’s face flushed with embarrassment.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Since you think of others in that way, don’t blame others for thinking the same,” Kathleen snapped at her with disdain, “Even if you want to take the reins, you should check if you’re really up to it!”

Kylie pursed her lips and fell silent.

Unable to hold back her admiration for Kathleen, Nancy applauded her.

Well done!

While Kathleen appeared gentle, her words were powerful.

Kylie turned around and left.

“Ignore her. She must be crazy,” Nancy comforted Kathleen. “I don’t get why her manager allows her to behave like this. If she keeps this up, will we still have an audience?”

Kathleen blinked. “Nancy, this is a livestream.”

“I’m not afraid,” Nancy replied calmly. “I seriously can’t stand her.”

“I’m going to make breakfast,” Kathleen said, weighed down with resignation.

“What’re we having?” Nancy’s face rekindled with anticipation.

“I’ve prepared abalone and some lobsters. I’m planning to make seafood risotto too,” replied Kathleen.

“Sounds delicious to me!” Nancy grinned.

Kathleen put on an apron and went on to prepare the food.

Compliments overflowed the comments section.

Kathleen seems to be a really nice and capable woman.

Not only is she a good actress, but she also knows how to cook. Whoever gets to marry her must be very lucky.

I’m so jealous of Christopher for having her as his fiancée.

Shouldn’t you be envious of Samuel instead?

Haha. Samuel didn’t cherish her in the past. Why should I be envious of him?

I wonder if Samuel ever regrets it.

Samuel: I regret it.

His reply rendered everyone speechless for a moment.

Oh my god! He’s actually the real Samuel, not an imposter!

He’s really Samuel! I checked his profile and found Macari Group following him. He’s real!

Samuel said he regrets it. It clearly shows how good Kathleen must be. Stay strong, Mr. Macari!

Mr. Macari, you have my support to get Kathleen back. Then, Christopher will be mine!

Anyway, as long as they’re not married, you still stand a chance, Mr. Macari! You can do it!

People can file for divorce as well after marriage! Mr. Macari, as long as you’re determined, miracles can still happen!

Fixing his gaze on those comments with darkened eyes, Samuel curled his lips into a smirk.

They’re right. I still have a chance as long as she’s not married.

He picked up his coffee and took in the scent.

All of a sudden, he had the urge to know what Kathleen’s coffee tasted like.

Since he never tasted her coffee before, she had probably learned how to make it within the year.

Has she really make coffee for Christopher in the morning on a given day? If so, what happened that night before? Could they be…

Putting down his coffee, Samuel’s gaze darkened.

Tyson entered the office right then. “Mr. Macari, Kylie’s entertainment company has agreed to our acquisition.”

Samuel instructed coldly, “Fire Kylie.”

After a brief hesitation, Tyson replied, “Mr. Macari, Mrs. Macari told the production team last night that, as long as Kylie doesn’t want to quit, there’s no need to make her go.”

Samuel asked sternly, “Is that what you heard from the production team?”

Tyson nodded.

Samuel grimaced.

“Mr. Macari, Mrs. Macari has always been like this. She never takes things to the extreme,” Tyson stated faintly.

Samuel cast him a cold gaze. “Do you know her better than I do?”

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