All Too Late Chapter 107

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All Too Late Chapter 107

All Too Late Chapter 107

Kylie had never seen someone like Kathleen before.

It was accurate to say that Kathleen was meek and was sometimes a pushover, but what was strange was that it was also correct to describe her as someone with a temper.

Kathleen definitely wasn’t kind to Kylie, but no one would blame her for that.

After all, what Kylie did earlier had crossed the line, and she didn’t deserve any forgiveness.

Kylie sounded pitiful when she said, “Kathleen, the old wives’ saying claims that we should always show mercy. Is it really okay for you to be that cruel?”

“Cruel? It’s not like I’ve never given you a chance.” Kathleen kept her face impassive. “You’re the one who wasted the second chance I gave you, and I’m not giving you a third one.”

With that, Kathleen walked up the stairs.

Kylie broke down right away, bawling loudly. “She’s bullying me by taking advantage of the fact that she is Samuel Macari’s ex-wife.”

Everyone was speechless when they heard those words.

Samuel had already put the pressure on them, so there was no way they could keep Kylie anymore.

It was also why she had to be replaced, and that was what everyone else wanted as well.

Kathleen returned to her room and took off her shoes before she climbed onto her bed to rest.

She had a splitting headache, so she took some sleeping pills to sleep.

The next morning, Kathleen woke up refreshed.

She freshened up before strolling down the stairs.

Everyone, including the director, was there.

“We’ve discussed the matter, and Kylie has been completely cut off from the show. We’re still looking for a guest to replace her, but we should have someone in three days,” announced Cain while shooting everyone a meaningful look.

“So you want the four of us to film first for the next three days?” asked Nancy.

Cain hesitated for a moment. “Yes, that is exactly it. That is why I’m making this announcement. Is everyone okay with the new arrangement?”

“Can’t we get a temporary guest?” asked Nancy in a troubled tone. “There’s no way the four of us can work that much.”

“Well…” replied Cain hesitantly. “The thing is, Kylie has ruined our reputation, so no one is willing to come.”

No one knew what to say to that.

Cain forced a smile onto his face as he added, “Haha, I have no idea how things become like this. This is the first time I direct a show like this.”

He grinned as though he had given up on life.

“Mr. Dodson, may I suggest someone?” asked Kathleen in a sweet voice. “She doesn’t work in this industry, but she’s famous.”

Cain’s eyes glowed. “Who is that?”

“For the record, I can only ask her to be here as a temporary guest star for three days,” explained Kathleen.

“It’s fine,” replied Cain right away.

“It’s Mila Hunt. She’s my cooking mentor,” shared Kathleen.

Everyone was surprised. “Mila Hunt?”

“If I remember correctly, she was given the Best Chef Award last month. She completely annihilated her competitors!” exclaimed Cain excitedly. “Are you sure you can get her to join us?”

“Yes, but she is very picky, and we might need to accommodate her on many occasions,” replied Kathleen after she nodded.

“That won’t be a problem at all.” Cain was over the moon. “When can she be here?”

“Hang on, let me call her and ask her about it,” said Kathleen. She then fished out her phone and left the room to make the call.

Cain kept staring at her nervously.

Soon, Kathleen returned with a smile. “Mdm. Hunt said that she can make it.”

“That’s great news!” Everyone was excited to hear that.

“Okay, I’ll go inform the others. We’ll start shooting as soon as Mila is here,” replied Cain. He was so excited that he leaped to his feet. “Thank the heavens. Our show is saved.”

With that, he left.

Nancy had a small grin on when she turned to Kathleen. “So, you know Mila Hunt, huh?”

“Yeah, she and Samuel’s mom are friends, so I met her,” replied Kathleen.

Nancy nodded and spoke in a meaningful tone. “So this has something to do with Samuel as well?”

Kathleen bit her lip.

“Wait, no. I don’t mean anything by that,” added Nancy nervously.

“It’s fine. I didn’t see it that way, either,” replied Kathleen calmly.

She was never a petty person.

Still, Nancy’s words reminded Kathleen of something important.

Every connection Kathleen had in Jadeborough was related to Samuel one way or another.

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do about it.

Mila showed up about an hour and a half later.

She might be a middle-aged woman, but she was still a charming woman.

She went on dates but never settled down or get married. That was why she looked much younger than her peers.

Nancy couldn’t help but shed a tear of envy when she saw how well-maintained Mila’s skin was.

Mila’s manager negotiated the price and made a deal with the production team. That deal also came with some conditions.

“The main branch of Mila’s Kitchen has already been renovated, so before its grand re-opening, we would like to invite our friends and family to a meal to taste test our food. That is why all of our guests have been determined, and this is our list. Is that okay?” asked Mila’s manager, who was very good at negotiating.

His name was Silas Fuller, and he had been working as Mila’s manager for about thirty years.

Cain nodded. “No problem. No problem at all.”

Silas grinned and fished out the contract. “Then let’s sign on the dotted line.”

Cain signed his name right away. What he didn’t know was that there would be more incidents during the filming of the show down the road.

With Mila’s participation, the rating of the show shot up, and everything turned for the better.

That night, Mila would be serving three sets of guests.

The first set had six guests, whereas the second set had two guests. The last set only had one guest.

Mila’s friends were all rich and powerful figures, and the show was live, so the guests’ identities remained a secret.

Everyone began preparing for the show.

Mila started working as well.

Meanwhile, Kathleen stayed in the kitchen to help.

Mila grinned a little and complimented, “Your cooking has improved again.”

“Yeah, I did as you suggested, Mdm. Hunt. I would cook whenever I am sad, and it really helped cheered me up,” said Kathleen.

“Well, I’m glad I could help.” Mila winked.

Kathleen chuckled. “Yes, it was very helpful.”

Mila checked the clock and commented, “The guests are about to be here. Kate, come with me and help me welcome them.”

“Okay,” replied Kathleen as she nodded.

She turned around and left the kitchen to go to the front door.

Just then, John ran to them. “Kate, I was about to go get you. The first set of guests is here, and they claim they know you.”

“They know me?” repeated Kathleen curiously.

Who could it be?

She hurried over to welcome them.

That was when she saw Cynthia and Diana getting out of the car with teary eyes.

“Grandma, Granny!” greeted Kathleen, running to them right away.

“Katie!” exclaimed Diana. She was delighted to see Kathleen there.

Cynthia hugged Kathleen and said, “Katie, you’re finally back.”

Kathleen felt warm and fuzzy.

She might not be related to them by blood, but they loved her dearly.

That was why she was happy that Mila had invited them as their VIPs. Online comments came flooding right after.

Those are Samuel’s maternal and paternal grandmothers, right? Are they Wynnie and Calvin? The other two people that followed… Holy cr*p! That’s Christopher’s parents, Aaron and Emily!

What? How dramatic is this? Her ex’s parents and her fiancé’s parents are here together!

Well, Wynnie and Emily are sisters, and Samuel and Christopher are cousins, so Kathleen should’ve already known that things will become awkward.

Oh, I am suddenly so intrigued. I wonder what will happen next.

Yeah, who knows how Kathleen will deal with the situation?

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