All Too Late Chapter 108

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All Too Late Chapter 108

All Too Late Chapter 108

Kathleen looked at Aaron and Emily in shock. “Mr. and Mrs. Morris.”

Hearing that, Aaron coldly nodded.

Emily just smiled and said meaningfully, “Let me take a look at you.”

Kathleen pursed her red lips as she panicked. Oh no! They probably think that the rumors are true!

Kathleen glanced at the camera and said hesitantly, “Please come inside.”

“There’s no need to be nervous.” Wynnie held Kathleen’s hand and said, “We are not close-minded people.”

At that moment, Kathleen felt awkward.

She led them inside the restaurant. They sat down at the dining table that had been reserved for them.

Just then, Mila walked out of the kitchen with a grin. “You’re here.”

“Mila, congratulations on finding such a good opportunity to promote your business,” Wynnie said with a half-smile.

“It’s all thanks to Kate,” Mila replied with a faint smile.

“Mdm. Hunt, it is your great reputation that attracts all these customers.” Kathleen didn’t dare to take credit.

“There is no need to be humble.” Mila flashed a smile. “You should drink some coffee while you wait. I’ll go prepare the food.”

“Sure, go ahead.” With that, Wynnie let go of Mila’s hand.

Just when Kathleen was about to go and help in the kitchen, Steve said grimly, “Kathleen, you know these people, so you should be the one serving them. I’ll go help in the kitchen.”

“I…” Kathleen pursed her lips.

“Don’t worry about it.” Steve gave her a soft smile before he turned around and left.

“Kate, the second group of customers are here,” John shouted excitedly.

Kathleen walked over to the entrance. She was stunned when she saw who had come. “Charles? Chris?”

Why is everyone I know visiting today? More importantly, why did the two of them come together?

“Christopher?” Emily grinned. “Why are you here?”

“Mdm. Hunt invited me,” Christopher explained.

“Let’s chat inside.” Charles patted Christopher on the shoulder before raising his brows at Kathleen.

Kathleen followed them.

“Since you’re here, let’s dine together,” Emily said. “Mr. Johnson, is that okay?”

“Of course.” Charles smiled and nodded. “As long as you don’t mind me joining you.”

“Oh, not at all. After all, we are family,” Diana said with a smile.

“You’re right. Just treat me like family.” Charles flashed them a suggestive smile.

Hearing that, Kathleen kicked his chair under the table to stop him from spouting nonsense.

Next, Charles turned to greet Cynthia.

Kathleen and John combined the tables for them so that the group could sit together.

Kathleen glanced at the only single table and frowned.

I wonder who reserved this table.

While she was deep in thought, a shadow approached her.

Kathleen looked up in shock. “S-Samuel?”

Samuel looked at her coldly. “What were you daydreaming about?”

Kathleen hurriedly looked to the side. Everyone was looking at them.

Samuel added flatly, “Mdm. Hunt invited me.”

Kathleen nodded. “Since you all know each other, do you want to join them?”

“There’s no need.” Wynnie shook her head. “Let him eat by himself. If he joins us, he’ll ruin the atmosphere.”

Kathleen didn’t know what to say.

However, Samuel wasn’t bothered by what Wynnie had said. He looked at Kathleen and explained, “I really don’t have any other intentions. Mdm. Hunt invited me to come, so I have to show up.”

“I understand.” Her gaze was calm. “Are you really not going to join…”

Samuel shook his head and cut in, “I want to eat alone.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

Then, she led him to the only single table in the restaurant.

“Do you want water or coffee?” Kathleen asked coldly.

Samuel unbuttoned his suit. Seeing that, Kathleen had to admit that he looked extremely elegant and charming.

“Water,” he said in a hoarse voice. “Are you working as a waitress today?”

He took note of the maroon apron tied around her waist.

“Yup.” Kathleen nodded slowly.

“So, you’ll be serving me for the entire meal?” Samuel questioned.

“Yes.” She looked at him grimly, then she added, “But not just you. I have to serve everyone who comes here to eat tonight.”

“It’s the same thing.” Samuel said, “Give me a glass of water.”

“Hold on.” With that, Kathleen went to pour him a glass of water.

At that moment, comments came flooding in.

Oh, my goodness! What is happening? The Macari family and the Morris family are eating happily together, yet they excluded Samuel?

I just heard Samuel’s mother say that Samuel would ruin the atmosphere if he joined them.

I’m curious to find out what horrible crime had Samuel committed that made his family detest him so much.

What other reason could it be? I heard that he is Nicolette’s sugar daddy, and that Kathleen divorced Samuel because of Nicolette.

Watching Samuel eat alone makes my heart ache.

I feel bad for him too. He shouldn’t be punished like that.

“Kate, we need some warm water,” Charles called Kathleen.

“I’m coming.” With that, Kathleen quickly put down the glass of water in front of Samuel. “Here you go.”

Samuel nodded in reply.

After that, Kathleen rushed over to refill water for everyone.

The atmosphere at the big table was very lively, making Samuel looked lonely in comparison.

Seeing that, the viewers of the livestream left plenty of comments conveying the pity they felt for Samuel.

After Kathleen refilled the glasses at Diana’s table, she went to the kitchen.

When Mila saw her, she smiled and asked, “Is everyone here?”

Kathleen nodded in response.

“I didn’t ask Samuel to come,” Mila said, smiling lightly. “My manager was the one who invited him. I personally planned to invite him to come tomorrow night.”

Hearing that, Kathleen pursed her lips and glanced outside.

She saw the group of people chattering happily while Samuel sat alone.

Mila looked at Kathleen tellingly and asked, “Do you feel bad for him?”

Kathleen shook her head. “No. I just think that Mrs. Macari and the others shouldn’t treat Samuel like that because of me.”

After hearing that, Mila replied in a stern tone, “You and Samuel are divorced. How Wynnie treats him is no longer your concern. Samuel made a mistake, so he should be punished.”

Kathleen seemed to have something to say, but she hesitated.

Then, she turned to Mila and said, “Mdm. Hunt, I want to make a dish.”

“Are you looking to show off your culinary skills in front of your future in-laws?” Mila looked at her in confusion.

However, Kathleen merely shook her head. “No, I want to make something for Samuel.

Mila blinked. Did I hear her right?

Kathleen proceeded to prepare the ingredients.

Mila went on with her cooking with a faint smile on her face. She felt relieved.

Oh, Samuel. Among your family and friends, I am the only one on your side. You had better not disappoint me!

Soon, Mila finished cooking.

Since Samuel was eating alone, he only got a small portion of food on his table.

Yet, he ate really slowly.

When he realized that Kathleen hadn’t left the kitchen in a long time, he frowned, feeling upset.

He wanted to see her. However, he knew that he had to give her some space, since they were in front of his family, friends, and the camera.

Just then, Kathleen came out of the kitchen with a plate in her hand.

She walked up to Samuel and put the plate down.

Samuel instantly froze.

“Mac and cheese.” Kathleen threw him an indicative look and said, “Last time, I promised that I’d make mac and cheese for you. Well, now’s my chance. Here you go.”

As Samuel stared at the plate of mac and cheese, his expression turned solemn. “I’ll finish it all.”

“You don’t have to force yourself,” she said. Then, after a moment’s hesitation, she whispered, “Samuel, I think you should find a way to patch things up with your family.”

Samuel shot her a meaningful look. “The only way to do that is to remarry you.”

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