All Too Late Chapter 111

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All Too Late Chapter 111

All Too Late Chapter 111

“I atoned for my sins.” Samuel placed his hand down. “I cut my stomach open myself.”

Nicolette paled. “H-Have you gone nuts?”

He responded icily, “I love her.”

Upon hearing that, she froze.

Slowly, he buttoned his shirt. “I’ll only love her this lifetime.”

Nicolette was at a loss for words as she stared at his handsome but expressionless face.

“Thus, I will never let you get away with this,” he added coolly. “I won’t let myself get away with this, too.”

“Ha!” Nicolette scoffed before hollering with all her might despondently.

“I’ve found a better place for you,” Samuel told her.

She gaped in disbelief. “You want to make things difficult for me!”

He met her gaze calmly. “Yes.”

“Ha! Samuel, you’re an extremely cruel man.” Nicolette stared at him quietly.

“I’m cruel to you only.” There was an indifferent look on his handsome face.

With that, he spun on his heels and went away.

“Let me leave, Samuel! I did save your life previously, didn’t I?” Nicolette roared at his retreating figure.

Alas, Samuel paid no heed to her.

After walking out of the mountain villa, he turned to Tyson. “Inform everyone to lower their guard on Nicolette.”

“Why, Mr. Macari?” Tyson was confused.

Samuel explained, “The Yoeger family wants to save her. Am I right? Let them achieve their goal.”

Tyson couldn’t wrap his mind around his employer’s decision.

“Nicolette’s is important to the Yoeger family,” Samuel revealed coldly. “Why would you think they want her back? So she could enjoy a lavish lifestyle?”

Suddenly, Tyson understood what he meant. “Mr. Macari, I’ve heard a rumor.”

“What is it?” Samuel asked flatly.

“It hasn’t been proven true,” Tyson explained. “I heard that Zachary suffers from kidney failure and needs a kidney transplant.”

Samuel sneered, “Oh, I see. You should know how to deal with this, right?”

Tyson couldn’t hide his surprise.

Nevertheless, he gave a curt nod. “Understood.”

“Let’s go.” Samuel turned around and entered his car.

Tyson got to the driver’s seat and glanced at the rearview mirror. “Mr. Macari, you look unwell. Is your gastric problem acting up again?”

“I’m fine.” Samuel shut his eyes and leaned against the car seat. “Let’s go.”

“Mr. Macari, where are we heading?” Tyson inquired. “Are you going back to the Macari residence or Florinia Manor?”

“Florinia Manor,” Samuel answered placidly. “Did you find out where Kathleen is staying now?”

“She’s staying with Charles,” Tyson replied. “Their neighborhood is the one Mr. Troelson has developed.”

“Tell Gustav Troelson I want the mansion next to theirs,” Samuel ordered.

“All right.” Tyson nodded.

For the next three days, Kathleen threw herself into work.

Now that Kylie was gone, everyone got along pretty well. The viewer ratings also kept increasing.

The audience was surprised to see Kathleen and Mila showing their cooking skills. It was a visual feast, for they couldn’t eat the food personally.

It was time for Mila to leave on the third day, for the new celebrity would show up soon.

The production team didn’t reveal anything about the new guest, so everyone was curious about who it could be.

When it was time for Mila to leave, everyone sent her off.

“Thanks for taking care of me for the past three days. I had a great time!” Mila said. She was reluctant to leave this soon.

“Mila, can I visit your restaurant?” John asked earnestly.

“Of course, you can.” Mila flashed a meaningful smile. “I’ll save a table for you. You don’t have to make a reservation.”

“Oh, that’s great!” John beamed happily.

“Mdm. Hunt, I’ll pay Mila’s Kitchen a visit after our shooting ends so that I can enjoy your cooking,” Kathleen chimed in as her lips curled up.

“Sure.” Mila took her hand. “Remember to bring the man you love the most along.”

Kathleen chuckled. “I love Charles the most now. I’ll bring him along.”

Mila grinned. “Sure.” She then glanced at the rest. “I guess that’s it. You can back to work now!”

With that, she entered her car and left.

Everyone returned to the restaurant.

Inside, they saw a luggage at the door.

“Is the newcomer here?” John asked curiously.

As soon as he finished speaking, a pretty and elegant lady walked out of the kitchen.

“Hello. You weren’t around when I arrived earlier, so I took a look around the restaurant,” the lady said with a smile.

“We went to send someone off earlier.” Steve glanced at her. “Who are you?”

“My name is Astrid Holloway,” Astrid introduced herself. “Nice to meet you.”

Everyone nodded and began introducing themselves.

When it was Kathleen’s turn to introduce herself, Astrid cut in, “I know who you are.”

Kathleen was taken aback by her words.

After all, it was normal for Astrid to recognize everyone here except for Kathleen.

“Have we met previously?” Kathleen asked softly.

“Not really.” Astrid’s lips curved. “I used to be Christopher’s ex-fiancée.”

The crowd fell silent.

Christopher’s ex-fiancée? Kathleen is his current fiancée! Things are going to get really interesting.

As expected, the comments came flooding in.

What a show!

Previously, we had an ex-husband and an ex-fiancé. Now, we have an ex-fiancée and the current fiancée. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence!

The production team was obedient for two days but is now causing havoc again.

This isn’t a battle. It’s practically hell!

Hahaha! I wonder how traumatized Kathleen is feeling right now.

It doesn’t look like Kathleen knows who she is. I think Christopher never mentioned her.

Why does Kathleen keep getting herself involved with these kinds of men? Her ex-husband couldn’t forget his first love, and her current fiancé has an ex-fiancée.

Kate, stop dating men. They spell disaster. Won’t you consider me?

Back at the scene, Kathleen was unfazed. “Hello.”

Astrid held her hand and flashed a pleasant smile. “The engagement was actually decided by my grandpa and his grandpa when we were kids. It doesn’t count, so you don’t have to be nervous.”

“I’m not nervous,” Kathleen responded. She was neither nervous nor shocked.

Perhaps it was because she wasn’t in love with Christopher.

Astrid gave her a slight tug. “I haven’t been to the place we live. Can you bring me there?”

“Okay.” Kathleen bobbed her head.

As requested, Kathleen brought Astrid to their dorm.

Christopher’s brows snapped together when he received a call from his mother. “Mom, what are you talking about? What fiancée?”

“Astrid Holloway!” Emily replied hastily. “The engagement your grandpa decided for you when you were young, remember? She came to you when she was twenty years old, but you rejected her.”

“She went overseas. Am I right?” Christopher’s frown relaxed slightly.

“She’s back,” Emily told him. “She is currently shooting a show with Kathleen. During their first meeting, she exposed you and Kathleen’s relationship to the public.”

Christopher’s brows were knitted. “Did it just happen a while ago?”

“Yes.” Emily nodded.

Christopher hung up at once.

A WhatsApp message arrived on his phone, and he clicked into it.

It was sent by Astrid’s grandfather, Osvald Holloway.

Osvald texted: Christopher, I didn’t blame you for refusing to marry Astrid. She wants to stay in the country, so please take care of her. Thanks.

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