All Too Late Chapter 113

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All Too Late Chapter 113

All Too Late Chapter 113

Nancy glanced at Astrid.

Sure enough, Astrid is better than Kylie. I wonder how Kathleen would deal with her.

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded. “Put the garlic on the chopping board.”

“Thank you!” Astrid smiled thinly.

Kathleen pursed her lips. She asked, “You said you know how to cook just now. Do you only know how to cook without garlic?”

“How do you know? You are so smart,” Astrid answered in surprise.

“Then what can you cook?” Kathleen asked with a spurious smile.

“I can make curry.” Astrid curled her lips. “Can I cook curry?”

“Of course.” Kathleen grinned. “Chefs need to prepare the ingredients and cook themselves. John, bring two onions for Astrid. If one has the potential to become a good wife, she must know how to cut onions, right?”

“Sure!” John went over to take two onions at once. “Please show us, Ms. Holloway.”

Biting her lip, Astrid looked at Kathleen and forced a smile. “John really do as you say.”

John put down two onions in his hand and replied, “I do what others say too.”

He’s so mean!

Left with no choice, Astrid pursed her lips and smiled awkwardly. “Okay, let me cut it.”

However, she looked as if she was in a quandary.

Upon seeing that, John couldn’t help but snort.

She was the one who said she could cook just now. But why is she pretending now?

John had no idea what was on her mind.

On the other side, Kathleen cut all the garlic and scallion.

She then divided the garlic and scallion into two parts, one for herself and the other for Astrid.

Looking at Kathleen, Nancy admired her even more.

What a considerate woman!

Kathleen seemed to know what Astrid wanted to do next.

Therefore, she prepared for Astrid in advance.

If Astrid was still ungrateful for it, Nancy was afraid Kathleen would not help her again.

Judging from what Nancy observed, how Kathleen treated one was based on how she was treated.

If the other party didn’t respect her, Kathleen would not respect them either.

She would not compromise for the sake of maintaining her reputation even though she was a celebrity.

In some ways, Kathleen seemed very arrogant.

Normally, she didn’t show her pride. She tried to hide it, but her temperament still showed it.

No wonder Samuel keeps pestering her.

The man knew that she was a good woman, so he regretted letting her go.

When Astrid cut the onion, she began to cry.

Everyone merely glanced at her.

Steve couldn’t help to see her like that. He offered his help and said, “Come, let me help you.”

“Thank you.” Astrid immediately put down the knife and stood aside.

Immediately, Steve picked up the knife and began to slice the onion.

“It’s not that I don’t know how to cut the onions. It’s just that this knife is not easy to use. I always use the knife used by foreigners,” Astrid explained despondently.

Hearing that, John took out a knife that was imported from overseas and said, “There you go. Here’s the knife you want. Please continue.”

Astrid was speechless.

Right then, Steve chimed in, “John, go out to set up the table and attend to the guests. They are about to arrive.” Steve quickly sent John out.

“Got it.” Upon hearing that, John turned around and left.

Kathleen also began to make the garlic roasted chicken ahead of time.

Holding back his tears, Steve continued cutting the onion. After he finished, he turned to Astrid and said, “Well, you can start cutting the potatoes now.”

“Sure!” Astrid nodded.

With that, Steve put down the knife. He quickly went to wash his face.

After a while, Kathleen’s garlic roasted chicken was ready.

However, Astrid hadn’t even finished cutting a potato.

“Kathleen, can you please help me? This knife is really hard to use!” Astrid quickly turned to Kathleen for help.

Kathleen just looked at her indifferently and replied, “I still have some dishes to cook. Why don’t you ask someone else?”

“But you are beside me.” Astrid felt embarrassed. “What if Steve and John’s fans scold me if I ask them for help?”

“So?” Kathleen looked at her calmly.

“Huh?” Astrid bit her lip.

“You ask me so that their fans won’t scold you. Do you think my fans will not scold you too?” asked Kathleen coldly again.

Astrid couldn’t help but ask, ”Do you have any fans?”

“Of course! But they have good temperaments. I don’t think they will scold you,” Kathleen uttered. “But I don’t know about others.”

Nonetheless, Astrid kept begging. “Kathleen, just help me this time.” She was more unashamed than everyone else expected.

In fact, what Kathleen said was very clear.

The fans or netizens on the internet wouldn’t verbally attack her just because she didn’t help Astrid.

“No, I’m tired,” Kathleen rejected straightforwardly.

Astrid was surprised upon hearing that.

“I don’t have to work myself to death just to help you.” A trace of coldness flashed across Kathleen’s eyes. “I can do you a favor, but it’s not my duty to help you. I hope you can understand.”

Hearing that, Astrid was dumbfounded.

“Kate, come over here. Someone is looking for you!” John shouted at her excitedly.

Immediately, Kathleen frowned.

Don’t tell me Samuel is here again?

She walked out of the kitchen and saw two people she hadn’t seen for a long time.

“Katie” Madeline went up to Kathleen in a hurry.

The latter quickly bent down and carried her up.

Federick smiled slightly. “Sorry, we are here to disturb you again.”

“Don’t say that, Federick.” Kathleen carried Madeline and smiled. “Why are you here? I heard the name list is already arranged in advance.”

Federick smiled. “Well, it’s all because of Mr. Macari!”


“Samuel helped us a lot this year!” Federick added.

Hearing that, Kathleen remained silent.

She didn’t expect Samuel would do so many things.

“Samuel is a good guy,” Madeline said while wrapping her arms around Kathleen’s neck, unwilling to let go.

Kathleen couldn’t help but look at Federick in surprise.

“Mr. Macari often comes to see Madeline this year. Madeline likes him a lot and even talks to him. I don’t even have that privilege.” Federick seemed jealous.

Kathleen felt a bit embarrassed. “Really? Well, I don’t know that you guys are coming. If I know, I will prepare what Madeline likes to eat in advance.”

“It doesn’t matter. We will eat whatever you prepare. Madeline just misses you so much,” replied Federick.

“Kate?” John was still waiting at the side.

The little girl in Kathleen’s arms is so lovely.

Looking at them, one couldn’t help but want to have such a daughter too.

“This is Federick, and this is his daughter, Madeline. He was my neighbor,” Kathleen introduced.

“Nice to meet you, Federick!” John greeted enthusiastically.

“Nice to meet you too!” Federick smiled at him.

“Hi, Madeline.” John turned and greeted Madeline too.

However, there was no response from Madeline.

John was a little disappointed.

“Mr. Davidson, Madeline has autism,” Federick explained placidly. “I’m sorry that she’s not answering you.”

Hearing that, John was shocked. He couldn’t help looking at Madeline’s face.

How could such a beautiful angel be someone who has autism?

“Federick, you don’t have to apologize.” John looked at Federick and said, “Please have a seat.”

After that, Kathleen let Federick carry Madeline and uttered, “Federick, I need to go back to the kitchen to have a look.”

Federick nodded, indicating that she could leave them alone.

However, Madeline grabbed Kathleen’s sleeve and said, “Katie, I want Samuel to be here.”

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