All Too Late Chapter 115

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All Too Late Chapter 115

All Too Late Chapter 115

“Did you give me a chance to do that?” asked Kathleen coldly. “In normal circumstances, even if a normal person opposes you, you should still know your limits and stop the harassment, and what did you do?”

Astrid was slightly startled.

“Do you understand what social distancing is?” continued Kathleen displeasedly.

“Kate, you’re scaring me,” said Astrid with an aggrieved tone.

Kathleen retorted with a stone-cold face, “I can be even scarier. Do you want to see that?”

Astrid was stunned.

“Even though Madeline is just a child, you should still understand that you shouldn’t invade her personal space,” scolded Kathleen coldly. “I hope you understand that.”

Samuel looked over at Kathleen solemnly.

She had a lot of different personalities, which he had yet to understand.

He had always thought she was gentle like a bunny. At the moment, she seemed more like a little fox in sheep’s clothing.

“You may leave now. Do you want us to have a bad appetite because of you?” asked Samuel as he looked at Astrid frostily.

Astrid’s expression looked as if someone had slapped her across the face. With that, she turned and left.

Kathleen was speechless.

Why did Astrid have to do that? If she wants to chase after Christopher, then she should go ahead. Why did she have to bother me?

Just then, Madeline stopped crying.

She tugged at Kathleen’s arm and said, “Katie, I’m hungry.”

Kathleen swallowed her feelings and stopped dwelling over the matter. She smiled at Madeline. “You should dig in then. These are made for you,” she said.

Madeline opened her mouth and waited for Kathleen to feed her.

Kathleen chuckled and sat down. She then fed her with a small spoon.

“Madeline?” Federick was rendered speechless.

He was happy that his daughter was becoming more normal, but he was taken aback by the sight of Madeline being close with Kathleen.

After all, Madeline and Kathleen were not even that close.

“It’s okay,” said Kathleen with a grin. “I don’t have anything else to do at the kitchen.”

Federick apologized, “Sorry for the trouble.”

Kathleen shook her head and continued feeding Madeline.

Samuel looked at the whole situation with a gentle gaze.

If my children were born, would I have a wonderful, warm family? Kathleen would have been a great mother, and I would have been an awesome father as well. However, it’s all gone.

“Delicious!” Madeline looked at Kathleen with her big black eyes. “Katie, can you be my mommy?” she asked.

Kathleen and Samuel was dumbfounded.

“No!” Federick shook his head and said, “You just said Samuel and Kate were a good match for each other.”

“Samuel can be my godfather, and Katie can be my godmother. Isn’t that okay?” asked Madeline seriously.

“All right,” replied Samuel as he patted her head.

What? Did I say yes? Besides, I don’t have to have anything to do with her godfather if I become her godmother.

Kathleen felt awkward.

As she focused on feeding Madeline, Samuel stared at her beautiful and delicate face. His dark eyes were filled with affection.

“Kate, what am I having for the meal?” he asked, trying to strike up a conversation with her.

“Isn’t the food on the table?” she replied coldly.

“I want mac and cheese too.” He looked at her solemnly. “I haven’t had enough of it last time.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

Federick came over and took the spoon from Kathleen. “I’ll feed her. You should go,” he said.

Kathleen glared at Samuel before getting up to leave.

Federick let out a slight chuckle and said, “You two have grown close. She’s making a meal just because you ask her to do so.”

Samuel replied with a deep voice, “Can’t you see that she’s reluctant? She definitely wouldn’t make it if it wasn’t for the camera.”

Needless to say, he would never tell anyone about their deal.

Federick was curious. “Mr. Macari, I’m curious as to why you would use my daughter.”

Samuel kept his cool. “Madeline is getting better. Didn’t you know? Although she has autism, it doesn’t mean she’s dumb.”

Federick huffed in exasperation. “Do you know the chances of a genius being born with autism?”

Samuel kept quiet. Instead, he pulled out a letter from his suit. “This just arrived. It’s from Bridge University,” he said.

Federick frowned. “What is it?”

“Madeline’s IQ test and medical report,” Samuel explained. “It says very clearly that her IQ score is one hundred and eighty, and her condition is improving. As long as we’re careful, she’ll be fine if she doesn’t relapse.”

Federick was slightly excited.

“She relapsed just now, but she recovered quickly, which means that she’s getting better,” added Samuel. “However, you shouldn’t have hopes for her to be a normal person. She still has a lot of repetitive patterns of behavior.”

Federick nodded.

He patted Madeline on the head gently and said, “I only wish for my sweetheart to be healthy. I don’t care if she becomes a genius or not.”

Madeline still had her mouth wide open, waiting to be fed.

Upon seeing that, Federick fed her.

She chewed for around twenty times and opened her mouth again.

With that, the cycle repeated.

Samuel looked at Federick, thinking that he was only fond of Federick because of Madeline.

After a while, Kathleen came out with mac and cheese and set the plate in front of Samuel.

“Thanks,” said Samuel with a grin.

Kathleen snorted coldly.

Samuel grabbed a spoon and dug in. After that, he frowned and asked, “This is mac and cheese?”

“Of course, it’s macaroni with cheese, so it’s mac and cheese,” answered Kathleen.

Samuel smiled and ate everything.

Federick was shocked while Kathleen pursed her lips and stayed silent.

After dinner, all the guests had left except for Samuel.

Federick had taken Madeline home early because she usually slept early.

Kathleen focused on cleaning up the tables and paid no heed to Samuel.

She did not know why Samuel was still here.

Although she ignored him, Astrid brought him water and fruits.

However, Samuel did not touch any of it.

Everybody else did not want to ask him to leave either.

Steve turned toward Kathleen. “You should go and tell Mr. Macari that we’re closed,” he said, deciding to ask her to do the thing that everyone was afraid to do.

“Why don’t you go instead?” Kathleen frowned.

“Do you want to know the truth?” Steve was a bit embarrassed.

“Yes.” Kathleen stared at him.

“I’m scared. You should go. You’re the only one here who’s not afraid.” Steve tried to convince her.

“How did you know I’m not afraid?” asked Kathleen, knitting her brows.

“What are you afraid of? You even tricked him. You have the courage,” Steve teased.

He slowly got to know Kathleen’s attitude.

As long as it was not anything strange, she would be fine with a joke.

Kathleen snorted coldly in response.

Steve held his hands together and pleaded, “ Please, Kate.”

She looked at him, feeling speechless. “Did you make a deal with Samuel? It’s just a word with him. What are you afraid of?”

“What deal?” Samuel’s deep voice came from behind.

Kathleen was startled.

She did not know when Samuel had come up behind her.

His breath could be felt on the top of her head.

Steve said sheepishly, “There’s something I need to do in the kitchen. Both of you should have a chat.”

With that, he ran away.

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