All Too Late Chapter 119

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All Too Late Chapter 119

All Too Late Chapter 119

Listening to Christopher’s words, Kathleen felt touched.

However, she thought she was being too arrogant.

She just couldn’t feel the same way as he did.

She tried to, but her heart didn’t listen to her.

Of course, she could tell that Christopher was indeed a good man.

Perhaps it was because he was too good for Kathleen, so she didn’t want to treat him that way. It was too cruel to Christopher.

Christopher patted her head. “Kate, don’t think too much. I’m not trying to force you. I’m just worried you’ll misunderstand my relationship with Astrid. There’s nothing going on between us, I promise. Even though we had an engagement in the past, we have only met a few times. Moreover, we canceled the engagement long ago.”

Kathleen looked at him with overwhelmed emotions. “Chris, thank you for making me feel safe.”

Christopher smiled. “Then sleep well with this sense of security.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded and shut her eyes.

Christopher stared at her sleeping face. His lips curled up as his hand was still holding Kathleen’s. She didn’t push him away.

Maybe Kathleen has some sort of feelings for me. It’s just because she has been hurt in a relationship before, so she has become extra careful about love. That’s why she’s rejecting me again and again. It’s okay. I can wait. I’ll wait until the day she completely lets go of the past.

Outside the door, Samuel heard the conversation between them in the room, and his gaze darkened. He left while carrying the things in his hand.

John looked at him, bewildered. “Mr. Macari?” he called tentatively.

“Give this to Kathleen.” After Samuel passed the things in his hand to John, he turned and walked away.

John gazed at the things in his hand and slightly frowned.

Samuel drove alone and headed to the seaside.

When he reached, he got off the car. He was smoking a cigarette as the chilly sea breeze blew at him.

He told himself to stay calm and rational.

Christopher’s confession was nothing since Kathleen didn’t accept it.

Nonetheless, Samuel knew that Kathleen’s heart had wavered.

Christopher was better than Samuel in many aspects.

When there was a misunderstanding, Christopher would explain it to Kathleen to give her a sense of security.

At that, Samuel had lost to him.

Kathleen resisted Samuel so much that he had to force every chance to get close to her.

I’m not a part of Kathleen’s world anymore. Not anymore…

Cough! Cough!

Samuel began to cough, and Tyson quickly came to him.

“Mr. Macari!” shouted Tyson.

He immediately dropped a coat over Samuel. “Mr. Macari, please stop torturing yourself like this. Your body can’t take it,” he said worriedly.

“It’s fine,” Samuel replied indifferently.

“Mr. Macari, I know you’re desperate to pursue Mrs. Macari’s heart. However, if your body is worn out, Christopher will win without a fight!” Tyson added.

“Tyson, if I’m dead, do you think Kathleen will feel sad for me? Years later, will she remember me?” Samuel asked in a low and husky voice.

“Mr. Macari, you won’t die,” answered Tyson, feeling bitter in his heart.

Tyson knew Samuel was heartbroken and regretted everything he had done in the past.

However, Kathleen was deeply hurt too. Nothing could be changed unless they could travel back in time.

He genuinely hoped that Kathleen and Samuel could be happy.

“She won’t remember me, will she? Perhaps she would feel pleased and satisfied,” said Samuel, his voice croaked. He continued, “Tyson, I like her so much. I really…”

Before he could finish, Samuel collapsed into Tyson’s arms.

“Mr. Macari!” Tyson panicked.

What should I do?

At midnight, when Kathleen woke up, Christopher had gone home.

She was still feeling unwell.

After getting off her bed, she changed her clothes, wore her hat and mask, and left her residential place alone.

She wanted to go to the hospital but didn’t wish to trouble anyone.

Therefore, she called a cab and came to the hospital.

When she arrived, she walked to the counter for registration.

Just then, Tyson, who had just sent Samuel to the hospital, stepped out of the elevator.

He was stunned when he saw Kathleen.

“Ms. Johnson? It’s really you!” Tyson called as he walked toward Kathleen.

Kathleen’s watery eyes were slightly red due to her fever. “Mr. Hackney?”

“Ms. Johnson, what’s wrong?” asked Tyson in concern.

“I have a fever. It seems a bit serious, so I thought I should come to a doctor,” Kathleen explained.

“You don’t have to wait here. I’ll bring you to the doctor. This way,” said Tyson enthusiastically.

Kathleen hesitated.

Tyson added awkwardly, “Ms. Johnson, you can’t see me the wrong way just because I’m Mr. Macari’s assistant, right?”

“I’m sorry. Thank you for your help,” she apologized.

After all, when she faced problems in the past, it was Tyson who helped her.

She believed that his personality was trustable.

Tyson led Kathleen to the doctor.

The doctor was a very young man who looked 28 or 29 years old, around the same age as Samuel.

“My name is Richard Zimmer,” The man introduced himself.

Kathleen blinked. “Oh, nice to meet you, Dr. Zimmer.”

Richard gave a faint smile. “Your body temperature now is 39 degrees Celsius. You have to be hospitalized.”

“Is it that bad?” Kathleen frowned.

“It’s you who have a fever, Ms. Johnson. Are you feeling dizzy because of the fever?” He continued to smile.

“I am indeed feeling sick.” Kathleen’s eyebrows furrowed.

Richard said, “I’ll arrange your stay in the hospital and then set up the IV drip for you.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

“Ms. Johnson, as you might be aware, most hospitals in Jadeborough are short of beds at the moment. We might not be able to allocate a better ward for you, and you’re possibly going to share a room with another person. Is that okay?” asked Richard.

Kathleen felt her head become heavier as she answered, “Anything will do. I’m going to leave after getting the IV drip, so…”

She fainted before finishing her words.

Fortunately, Tyson caught her.

He glanced at Richard and said, “I’ll call the production team. The production team probably doesn’t know that she came out alone.”

Richard nodded in response.

When Kathleen opened her eyes again, she saw the ceiling and knew she was in the hospital.

“Kate, are you awake?” Wynnie’s voice rang.

Kathleen was stunned. She looked sideways, and Wynnie came into sight. “Mrs. Macari, why are you here?”

Who has informed her that I’m in the hospital?

“We came to visit Samuel and were surprised to find you here too.” Wynnie touched her face and continued, “It’s still a little hot. You should lay back down. Do you want to drink water?”

Kathleen frowned. “You’re here to see Samuel? Is he also hospitalized?”

However, how did they find me here? What does that have to do with Samuel being hospitalized?

Wynnie pointed at the bed beside hers. “He’s right there.”

Kathleen was utterly dumbfounded.

As she looked over, Samuel was in the bed next to hers.

He was getting an IV drip as well but was still unconscious.

What’s going on? Why am I in the same ward with Samuel?

“I’ve asked the doctor. He said the wards in the hospital are inadequate, so this VIP ward has been changed into a double room. This is the last ward, so he made you share this room with Samuel,” Wynnie explained.

Kathleen bit her lip. “Why is Samuel staying at the hospital?”

“Gastroenteritis. It’s his old illness and occurs a lot of times. He has become a regular of the hospital,” Wynnie replied.

Kathleen asked after a slight pause, “I remember he didn’t have this before, did he?”

“It started this year,” Wynnie answered in an unfathomable tone.

Kathleen assumed that it was because he had put too much effort into his work.

“Your brother is on his way here. You should get some rest,” said Wynnie gently

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