All Too Late Chapter 128

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All Too Late Chapter 128

All Too Late Chapter 128

Where are you?” Kathleen was shocked.

“You want to know?” Samuel purposely avoided answering that question.

“No, I don’t!” Kathleen was furious. “In any case, I was the one who asked you to break Nicolette’s legs back then. Even though you didn’t do it initially, you still did it eventually. So, no matter what happens in the future, I’ll bear all consequences with you.”

I’ll bear all consequences with you!

How sweet those words were!

However, Samuel knew that wasn’t what Kathleen meant.

“Hah, I’m not so hopeless to the point I’d drag a woman down with me,” Samuel coldly uttered. “Don’t worry. I’ll take all the blame if there’s a need. Just marry Christopher in peace when the time comes.”

“Samuel! Are you out of your mind?” Anger flashed in Kathleen’s eyes. “I’m being serious now!”

“To me, pursuing you is a serious matter.” The man’s gaze deepened. “Don’t tell me you aren’t serious about marrying Christopher?”

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

“I won’t make things difficult for you, Kate. I only hope you’ll take time to consider your relationship with Christopher properly.” Samuel paused for a moment. “Aunt Emily didn’t marry into the Morris family that easily either. She has suffered a lot even though Aaron loves her deeply. Old Mr. and Mrs. Morris are extremely good at making things difficult for her.”

“Thank you for the reminder,” she faintly responded.

“I think there’s no other wealthy family that’s as joyous and cozy as mine,” the man added.

“Samuel, I always find a deeper meaning to your words. I honestly thought those words were coming from your good intentions. But it turns out you’re just trying to brag about yourself!” Kathleen hung up the phone angrily.

She then turned and went back into the house.

Watching her walk away from the balcony opposite, Samuel pulled a smirk on his face.

She sure is cute.

Returning to her room, Kathleen browsed through Twitter.

At that moment, someone from one of her WhatsApp group chats tagged her in a message.

She clicked the pop-up notification.

John: Kathleen, is Nicolette trying to gain attention?

Before that particular text, the group had been actively chatting, but Kathleen didn’t notice it.

Nancy: Of course she is! God knows where she has been all this while. Yet, now that Kate’s back, she appears! It’s obvious she has nefarious intentions.

John: Nicolette says she’ll be revealing evidence in the evening. I’m curious what evidence she has!

Nancy: Hey! Who’s side are you on?

John: I’m obviously on this side. But if I know what it is, I’ll be able to help Kate think of solutions.

Kathleen: Don’t bother yourself about her.

John: Kate, we’ll always be your strongest support!

Kathleen: She won’t be able to provide any evidence. Samuel’s no fool; how would he leave any evidence behind? Nicolette’s probably just putting on an act to mislead everyone.

John: That’s good to hear.

Kathleen: Thank you all for the concern.

Nancy: Don’t mention it.

Kathleen: By the way, where’s Steve?

Nancy: Don’t mention him. The new guests have been confirmed, and they’re three members of a newly-debuted girl group. They would stick together in almost every situation and would get into an argument with Astrid whenever there was a slight disagreement. Steve’s trying to help them talk things out. John and I, on the contrary, are bystanders watching a good show.

John: Those three ladies are astonishing! Astrid’s nowhere comparable to them at all. And because of that, she tried to complain to us, hinting that we should be on the same team as her and that we can’t let the three ladies steal the spotlight.

Nancy: Actually, even though those three ladies are young, they’re pretty impressive. They finished everything that needed to be done. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to put up with Astrid.

John: Well, I’m only an onlooker waiting for gossip.

Steve: Help me!

John: I don’t dare to do that.

Nancy: Aren’t you afraid that things will get even more out of control with the presence of another woman?

Steve was a little stumped for a split second.

Steve: Kathleen, help me out, please!

Kathleen: How do you want me to help you?

Steve: Is there any way to stop them from quarreling? Or perhaps an idea to save me from the racket?

Kathleen: How about you quit?

Steve: Well…

John: Hahaha!

Steve: Can you propose something more constructive?

Kathleen: That’s easy. Let the three ladies run those errands to purchase stuff instead. Things will get better if you reduce the chances of them hanging around with Astrid, no?

Steve: But you can’t possibly expect them to stay out all the time, right?

Kathleen: Well, I don’t think Astrid would dare make any noise, right?

Steve: As far as I know, she dares do it to anyone.

John again replied to Steve with a laughing emoji.

Kathleen: Oh, what about the customers who visit for a meal? Let Astrid take the role of a waitress. With those customers around, she wouldn’t dare argue with the three ladies. All you have to do afterward is try to get the three ladies to return to the kitchen again. Will that work?

Steve: This seems like a feasible idea.

John: Seems like there’s something wrong with your arrangement since the start, Steve.

Steve: How would I know that they would fight?

In fact, he, too, felt especially helpless about it.

Steve: That’s all for now. We’re going to prepare the ingredients.

Kathleen: Good luck!

Steve disappeared after replying with a frowning emoji.

John: I bet Steve won’t dare take on variety shows again in the future. This situation he’s in right now is enough to leave him traumatized.

Nancy: Haha!

Suddenly, Steve turned active again and wrote: Stop making fun of me. Hurry. Head over and help me. They aren’t listening to me now!

Nancy: Let’s go. Bye.

Kathleen also sent a goodbye emoji.

Then, she lay on her bed and let out a sharp breath of air.

Samuel has really imprisoned Nicolette for a year and even broke off her legs.

Nonetheless, she didn’t take pity with Nicolette.

After all, no one had spoken up for her when she was harmed by Nicolette then.

But how can Nicolette so shamelessly try to sue someone now? What a joke!

Right then, a cold glint flashed across Kathleen’s soft gaze.

I was the one who got Samuel to do that. Since Nicolette dares to take revenge on Samuel, I’m sure she has the guts to take revenge on me too. I’ll never let her off if she dares to stir trouble! Never!

Later that evening, Kathleen heard someone knock on the door downstairs.

That person left shortly after a brief conversation with Maria.

Kathleen then headed down and asked, “Maria, who was it?”

“The new neighbor next door came to exchange some pleasantries and even gifted us some cakes.” Maria chuckled as she explained.

Averting her gazes, Kathleen exclaimed in delight, “Wow, those are cakes from that expensive brand. I heard there’s a long wait even with a reservation made.”

“Exactly, Ms. Johnson. And they’re all your favorite fruit cakes.” Maria smiled.

Kathleen blinked. “I want to have a slice of it now.”

“That won’t do.” There was some seriousness in Maria’s tone. “Ms. Johnson, I was instructed to watch you eat dinner. Finish up first, and you’ll get to have some cake.”

Kathleen, feeling aggrieved, wrapped her small hands around Maria’s arm. “Maria…”

Her voice almost made Maria go weak at the knees.

This young lady sure is adorable. How did Mr. Macari bear to divorce her?

“All right. Just one slice, then you’ll have to go and eat dinner,” Maria said. If she were my daughter, I probably would pamper her with everything.

“Thank you, Maria,” Kathleen thanked her with a sweet smile. “I want the strawberry one.”

Maria took out the piece of cake topped with strawberries.

Holding onto it carefully, Kathleen walked toward the dining room.

Watching that sight, Maria smiled affectionately and then headed to the kitchen to cook for Kathleen after putting the rest of the cake slices into the refrigerator.

As Kathleen happily enjoyed her cake, she took a photo and posted it on Instagram with the caption: Thanks to the new neighbor, I have such delicious cakes to eat!

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