All Too Late Chapter 129

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All Too Late Chapter 129

All Too Late Chapter 129

Someone liked Kathleen’s post on Instagram less than half a minute after she posted it.

When she tapped on the notification, she noticed it was Samuel who liked it.

It seems like he’s very free. Wasn’t he very busy earlier?

Sitting on the couch in the living room, Samuel looked at the post that Kathleen had posted on Instagram, and a smile formed on his lips.

This little glutton. She’s so easily won over.

After pondering for some time, Kathleen decided to block Samuel on Instagram.

When Samuel launched the app to look at her pictures again, he realized her account had become inaccessible.

Samuel texted: Did you block me?

Kathleen replied: It’s my Instagram account, so it’s up to me what I want to do with it.

Samuel sent another text: Are you hiding something on your Instagram account?

Kathleen responded: They’re all pictures of me and Christopher showing off our affection for each other. Want to have a look?

Samuel was rendered speechless.

Meanwhile, Kathleen felt pleased with his delayed response.

Finally, Samuel replied: Fine! Show it to me!

Kathleen was at a loss for words, and she ignored him.

Meanwhile, she continued to indulge in the cake. When she was done with it, she had a light dinner.

In the end, she ate too much.

She rubbed her round belly. This won’t do. I have to exercise for a bit. Otherwise, it’ll be embarrassing to audition with a round belly tomorrow.

She stood up and said to Maria, “I’m going for a walk.”

Maria walked out of the kitchen and said worriedly, “Ms. Johnson, it’s not safe for you to go alone.”

“Don’t worry, Maria. The security system here is quite strict. It’ll be fine. I’ll be back soon.” With that, Kathleen put on her white jacket and walked out of the house.

Meanwhile, Samuel stood by the window, watching a white figure exiting the house.

Upon seeing that, he frowned, put on a black coat, and strode out of the house.

Meanwhile, Kathleen strolled around casually.

The residential area had a high occupancy rate, yet there were very few people around.

Perhaps the garden in the residential area was too big that there were not many people around.

Even so, Kathleen liked it there.

The scenery should be quite beautiful if I come here during the day.

After taking a few steps, she suddenly felt someone was following behind her.

She turned around abruptly and was stunned by what she saw. “Samuel?”

Why is he here?

“What are you doing here alone at night?” Samuel frowned. His expression was extremely stern.

“I ate too much, so I’m taking a walk,” Kathleen explained bewilderedly. Her brows were tightly knitted as she asked, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m taking a walk,” Samuel answered indifferently.

“Why would you take a walk in our residential area?” Kathleen did not believe him.

“Why not?” Samuel stared at her.

Kathleen scoffed inwardly and continued walking forward.

Samuel followed behind her.

As they walked, his long, slender shadow overlapped with hers.

His gaze darkened as he fell into deep thought.

After taking a few steps, Kathleen realized Samuel was still following her. She stopped and questioned, “Samuel, why are you following me?”

“I’m just going the same way.” Samuel’s handsome and elegant face still had a look of indifference. “What? Is this road yours?”

Kathleen snorted lightly. She ignored him and continued with her walk.

Right then, she recalled he had just recovered from an illness.

She stopped in her tracks again, frowning. “Were you discharged from the hospital?”

Samuel smirked. “Are you worried about me?”

“I was just asking. It’s fine if you don’t want to answer me.” Kathleen turned around and continued walking.

Seeing that, Samuel quickly walked to her side.

Kathleen merely snorted in response.

Samuel grinned. “Was the cake delicious?”

“Yes,” Kathleen replied honestly. “Oh, even a neighbor knows what I like. I don’t understand why some people aren’t the same.”

Samuel’s expression turned grim. “It’s okay. Just scold me. I’ll accept it humbly.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

“Do you know who Yareli Yoeger is?” Samuel asked.

Kathleen looked sidelong at him. “Yes, I do. She’s the eldest daughter of the Yoeger family and Vanessa’s daughter. What about her?”

“Previously, she had been preparing for a wedding abroad. But she canceled the wedding two days ago and is back in the country.” A sharp glint flashed across Samuel’s eyes. “I’m sure it’s got something to do with the heir of the Yoeger family.”

Kathleen paused for a moment before asking, “Does she want to inherit the Yoeger family too?”

“Well, who doesn’t?” Samuel asked coldly.

Hearing that, Kathleen frowned.

Samuel smiled. “I know you don’t.”

“Thanks for telling me this,” Kathleen said in a distant manner. “My house is right in front. Goodbye, Mr. Macari.”

Samuel smiled faintly. “My house is right in front, too.”

Kathleen was puzzled.

Stretching out his hand, Samuel greeted, “Hello, Ms. Johnson. I’m your new neighbor.”

Kathleen was speechless.

That night, Charles saw Kathleen sitting on the couch while hugging a pillow the moment he returned home.

“What’s wrong?” Charles walked over and poked his sister’s face. “Who offended you this time?”

“Charles, you said you’ve looked into all the neighbors in this residential area, right?” Kathleen glanced at him from the corner of her eyes.

“That’s right.” Charles nodded. “The one on the left is a university professor, while the one on the right is an old couple.”

Kathleen rose to her feet. “Who said our neighbor living on the right is an old couple? He’s clearly a singleton! What’s worse is he’s the kind who’s divorced, likes to harass people and tell lies!”

“What?” Charles stood up. “What happened?”

Kathleen fixed her gaze on him.

“Did he harass you?” Charles frowned.

Kathleen nodded.

“Wait here!” Charles turned around and left.

He went to the house next door and rang the doorbell.

As soon as the door opened, Samuel could be seen standing inside. He looked elegant and handsome in a white fitted shirt and a pair of black pants.

Why is he here?

“Where’s the old couple who lives here?” Charles asked coldly.

“They moved away.” Samuel grinned. “I made arrangements for them to live in Jadeborough’s best old folks’ home.”

Charles was baffled.

This man is really cunning!

“No wonder my sister says you’re a singleton who harasses and lies to her,” Charles fumed. “You’re really despicable, Samuel.”

“I won’t argue with you since you’re Kate’s brother,” Samuel said, acting as if he was a magnanimous person.

“From what I can see, you’re basically asking for a beating!” Charles raged.

“You can beat me up, but I won’t retaliate. After all, it’ll make Kate feel bad.” Samuel stared at him calmly. “It’s not too bad since I can get her concern.”

Charles was speechless.

Samuel flashed a smile. “Is that all? I’m going to close the door, if you have nothing else.”

Charles gritted his teeth and said, “I’m going to move out tomorrow!”

“I’ll look forward to being your new neighbor.” Samuel smirked.

After saying that, he shut the door, leaving Charles at a loss for words.

This is so frustrating!

Left with no choice, Charles returned to his house.

Upon seeing him, Kathleen asked, “So? How did it go?”

“I would’ve beaten him up if it wasn’t for you,” Charles said helplessly.

Feeling embarrassed, Kathleen said, “Beat him up, then. I won’t feel bad for him. It’s just that Old Mrs. Macari treats me really well. Don’t you feel sorry for the old lady if you hit Samuel?”

After giving it some thought, Charles pulled out his phone and gave Diana a call.

Kathleen frowned upon seeing that.

Soon, the call was answered.

“Hello, Charlie!” Diana’s voice sounded rather energetic. That meant the call did not disturb her from her rest.

“Old Mrs. Macari, we have a new neighbor who constantly harasses Kate. Don’t you think I should beat him up?” Charles asked calmly.

“What?” Diana raged. “Why is he harassing Katie? You’re her brother. Just beat him up if you want to!”

“Based on what I know so far, he’s divorced and is even a liar,” Charles said. He was trying to imply something with his words.

“I’ll handle it if you don’t know how to deal with him,” Diana said agitatedly. “I’ll send someone to beat him up.”

Charles said softly, “Old Mrs. Macari, that person is Samuel.”

Diana fell silent.

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