All Too Late Chapter 13

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All Too Late Chapter 13

All Too Late Chapter 13

Reluctant To Part

“Because I don’t love him.” Kathleen eyes were cold.

You don’t love him?

However, he thought that Kathleen actually loved Samuel.

The previous night, hearing her roaring at Samuel hysterically, he knew that she loved him. Otherwise, she would have given up on the fight from the beginning.

She was devastated and upset only because she was in love with him.

“He must have not known how good you are,” said Benjamin in a raspy voice.

“It doesn’t matter how good I am. He doesn’t love me anyway.” Kathleen took a deep breath, then continued, “Let’s not talk about him anymore. Right, you said that you wanted to be a policeman when you were young. It turns out that you’ve actually become one now.”

Benjamin smiled.

In fact, it wasn’t him that wanted to be a policeman but Kathleen.

There was one time when Gemma and Kathleen were talking about how seductive uniforms were, and he had borne it in mind since then.

He knew that Kathleen liked policemen, so he became one.

After she was adopted by the Macari family, Gemma and he was also adopted by different families respectively.

Even though they didn’t keep in touch as much since then, he remembered everything that Kathleen had said.

“Actually, a policeman is only an occupation,” answered Benjamin.

“I’m jealous of you and Gemma because you guys can do what you like. Samuel doesn’t let me go out and work. Otherwise, I would have already become famous,” said Kathleen in frustration.

Benjamin smiled. “You’re only twenty-three years old. It’s not too late for you to debut now.”

“You’re right.” Kathleen grinned.

However, she didn’t have a chance to debut anymore.

She had to give birth to a baby, so she didn’t have time for it.

There was no hope for her to make a debut in the future too.

If the others found out that she had an illegitimate child, Samuel would definitely know about it too.

For her baby, she could not appear in the public.

She certainly would not do it.

After eating, Kathleen went to pay the bill.

She swiped her card but found that the transaction was unsuccessful.

What’s going on?

Benjamin noticed the situation, so he paid with his card instead.

“I’m sorry about that.” Kathleen was helpless and awkward.

Benjamin stared at the black card in her hand and said, “Kathleen, spending other people’s money means you’re being controlled by them.”

Kathleen pursed her lips.

She agreed with Benjamin’s words.

The black card was given to her by Samuel.

Hence, he could freeze the card whenever he wanted.

This man has gone overboard. I wonder what’s in his mind.

“Let’s go. I’ll send you home,” said Benjamin.

“Benjamin, you can carry on with your work. I still have other stuff to deal with,” said Kathleen gently.

“Are you really going to be fine on your own?” Benjamin frowned.

“I’ll be okay.” Kathleen nodded.

“All right, then.” Benjamin didn’t want to force her.

Kathleen and he walked out of the restaurant together.

When they arrived on the side of the road, Benjamin gathered his courage and said, “Kathleen, I still don’t have your contact number.”

Kathleen blinked several times out of surprise.

“Actually, Gemma wants it.” Benjamin used his sister as an excuse.

“Okay.” Kathleen took out her phone.

At that moment, a black motorcycle drove toward them.

The man who was on the motorcycle suddenly took out a baseball bat from behind.

“Be careful!” Benjamin knew that the man was targeting Kathleen.

He pulled her into his arms to protect her.


The baseball bat landed on the back of Benjamin’s head.

“Benjamin!” Kathleen shouted in shock.

However, Benjamin wrapped Kathleen tightly in his arms.

He was afraid that the man would try to hurt her again.

The man didn’t attack them anymore.

Initially, he had intended to end Kathleen’s life with one hit.

What he never expected was that Benjamin would willingly sacrifice his life to protect her.

He would be caught if he continued attacking.

Hence, the man drove off.

Kathleen held Benjamin in her arms as he was swaying and unable to stand upright. They then staggered backward and slumped onto the ground.

Kathleen immediately pulled out her phone to call the ambulance and the police.

Soon, the ambulance arrived, and the paramedics carried Benjamin into the vehicle.

The policemen and Kathleen went to a hospital nearby.

The hospital was Goodwill Hospital.

The policemen were taking Kathleen’s statement.

She was dumbfounded the entire time.

As she had never experienced something like that in her entire life, she was completely stunned.

The police officer noticed that she was not emotionally stable. Hence, he said, “Ms. Johnson, should I notify your family?”

“I don’t have any family members. My parents are not here anymore.” Kathleen then raised her head. Her eyes reddened as she continued, “Please make sure to catch the culprit.”

“Don’t worry, we will. It’s our colleague who’s injured. We will do our best in finding out the culprit,” answered the police officer.

“Thanks.” Tears streamed from Kathleen’s eyes.

If Benjamin was dead because of her, she didn’t know how she could give Gemma an explanation.

“Kathleen!” Gemma’s voice was heard.

Kathleen raised her head and saw Gemma running over in a nurse uniform.

“You two know each other?” The police officer was surprised.

“The injured person is my brother, and this is my friend. I’m a nurse in this hospital,” replied Gemma.

The police officer understood the situation and said, “We will be going back to investigate the incident now. I will notify you all if we have any updates.”

“Okay. Thanks for your hard work.” Gemma was calm.

The police officer nodded and left.

Looking at the blood on Kathleen’s body, Gemma knew how serious Benjamin’s condition was.

In fact, she was shaking.

Due to her occupation, she had faced many deaths in the past few years. Hence, she forced herself to remain calm in any situation.

“Kathleen.” Gemma reached out her hand and touched Kathleen’s face.

Kathleen was trying to hold her tears in. However, at that moment, she couldn’t help but burst out in tears.

“Gemma, I’m sorry. Benjamin is hurt because he was trying to protect me. I should be the one lying on the sickbed now.”

If she caused Gemma to lose the only family member she had left, she would never forgive herself.

“Don’t be like this, Kathleen. Stop blaming yourself. My brother will certainly not want to see you in this state. To him, the most important thing is to protect you.”

Kathleen was stunned.

“Everything is going to be all right. Benjamin will survive this. He’s reluctant to part with you and leave this world.”

Kathleen burst out in tears after hearing that.

She didn’t want to drag anyone into the mess.

However, Benjamin was still hurt because of her.

Gemma couldn’t help but let her tears fall too.

She lowered her body and touched Kathleen’s forehead with her own. “It’s fine, Kathleen. We will all be okay. Everything will be over soon.”

At that moment, the light above the operating room door was turned off.

A doctor came out from the room.

Kathleen and Gemma walked over.

“Dr. Green, how’s my brother?” Gemma knew Shawn Green, the doctor in charge.

“The patient’s brain is severely injured. If he can survive for these three days, he will be fine. If he can’t…” Shawn looked at Gemma with a meaningful look and continued, “You know what will happen since you’re also a medical personnel.”

“Thanks, Dr. Green.” Gemma’s face turned pale.

“You’re welcome. Don’t worry. We will do our best to treat your brother,” comforted Shawn.

Gemma choked up, “Okay.”

The eyes of Kathleen were reddened.

She turned around and left.

“Kathleen, where are you going?” asked Gemma in surprise.

“I’ll come back soon.” Kathleen gritted her teeth.

She took the elevator upstairs.

Everyone in the elevator was looking at her with odd gazes as they saw that she was covered in blood.

“Miss, are you hurt?” asked a lady with concern.

Kathleen shook her head numbly as she answered, “I’m fine.”

Right then, the elevator arrived at a floor.

Kathleen stepped out of the elevator.

She walked toward a ward, then pushed open the door forcefully.

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