All Too Late Chapter 131

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All Too Late Chapter 131

All Too Late Chapter 131

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When Kathleen woke up, she found that it was already the next morning.

She pinched between her eyebrows lightly.

There was a bottle of sleeping pills on the bedside table.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, followed by Charles’ voice. “Kate, are you awake? Can I go in?”

“Come in.” Kathleen let out a yawn as she sat up on the bed.

Charles pushed open the door and came into the room. “There’s an audition today.”

“Okay.” Kathleen hugged the pillow while she was in a daze.

Charles glanced at the bottle of sleeping pills on the bedside table. He asked anxiously, “Did you have a headache again?”

“Yes. I couldn’t fall asleep last night, so I took two pills.” Kathleen nodded lazily.

Charles clenched his fists. “You’ve already taken two?”

“The doctor said that there wouldn’t be a problem for me to increase the dose. Don’t worry,” replied Kathleen in a lazy voice.

“Is it because of Samuel? This is why I want him to stay away from you!” said Charles solemnly.

Kathleen put on a faint smile. “Charles, it’s no use running away from him. The doctor has said that it’s a psychological issue. I’ll have to get over it.”

Charles let out a sigh. “However, it’s him who has caused you the trauma.”

“I’m the one who doesn’t have a strong mentality. It’s not his fault. Charles, you shouldn’t overthink it. Samuel and I are even now. Just think of him as a normal person,” said Kathleen calmly.

“Okay, I promise you.” Charles nodded.

“I’m awake now. Wait for me downstairs.” As Kathleen had just yawned, her eyes looked gentle and misty.

“Okay.” Charles got up and left.

Kathleen stretched her arms.

She walked toward the window, wanting to draw the curtains and let the sunlight shine in.

However, she immediately closed the curtains the moment she opened them.

No! Samuel’s living on the opposite. I have to be aware of that pervert!


Suddenly, her phone rang.

She picked it up and found that it was Samuel who had messaged her.

Samuel: “When will you be free to cook for me?”

Kathleen was stunned as she had completely forgotten about this matter.

Samuel: “Did you forget about it?”

Kathleen felt guilty.

Kathleen: “I have an audition to attend today. I’ll cook for you in the afternoon.”

Samuel: “Do you need me to prepare any ingredients?”

Kathleen: “It’s fine. I’ll bring them from home.”

Samuel: “The access code is your birthday. If I’m not around, you can go in first.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

She decided not to reply to Samuel further and went to take a bath instead.

Charles drove Kathleen to the casting location in his Bentley.

They arrived at the Macari Group building.

Kathleen looked at Charles and said, “Charles, are you sure this is the right location?”

“Yes. Kathleen, he’s stuck on you like a piece of gum,” answered Charles as he unfastened his seatbelt.

Kathleen was speechless.

They got out of the car together.

Dressing in a black suit with a dark grey color coat, Charles looked elegant and handsome.

Kathleen was in a pale yellow cashmere coat and a pair of white wide-legged pants, looking adorable and charming.

When she smiled, her eyes crinkled up, and her adorable teeth were shown. Looking particularly joyous, she was a likable lady at first glance.

She was sweet and delicate.

They entered the lobby.

Tyson walked over and said, “Mr. Johnson, Ms. Johnson, I’ve waited for a long time for both of you.”

Charles let out a light snort.

Kathleen tugged at his sleeves.

Charles looked at Tyson and explained, “I’m not targeting you. It’s your CEO who’s being inhumane.”

Tyson kept quiet. He has a point. I can’t argue with that.

“Please follow me,” said Tyson while flushing.

Kathleen and Charles followed him.

The three of them took the elevator and arrived at the top floor.

Kathleen couldn’t help but ask, “Mr. Hackney, where’s the audition?”

“It’s in the CEO’s office,” answered Tyson.

Kathleen pursed her lips.

Charles’ voice was cold as he said quietly, “You see?”

Isn’t Samuel such a jerk?

Kathleen took a deep breath and said, “I owe it to him.”

Just then, they arrived at the CEO’s office.

Tyson opened the door and guided them in.

There were three people sitting on the couch in the office.

One of them was Samuel, while the other two people were Spencer, the director, and Remy, the screenwriter.

All of them were looking at Kathleen.

She wore very light makeup that day. It was evident that she had a good complexion.

This movie required the actress to be barefaced in many scenes. Hence, her appearance and skin had to be in good condition.

Kathleen didn’t undergo any plastic surgery, so her natural beauty was even more suitable for the role.

“Please have a seat.” Samuel grinned as he looked at her.

She looks so cute today.

Kathleen ignored him. She sat down and greeted Remy and Spencer.

Both of them thought that she looked shockingly beautiful at first glance.

As for acting skills, they had confidence in her.

After all, she had won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Even though the movie was a big production, it was hard to say who would be leeching off the popularity.

“Ms. Johnson, if there isn’t any problem, should we start the audition?” asked Spencer.

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded. Feeling confused, she asked, “Right here?”

Spencer nodded and answered, “Yes.”

Remy passed her the script. “Try acting this part.”

Kathleen took over the script. After looking through it, she was surprised. “So I have to perform without any props?”

Remy smiled. “Of course not. It’s too awkward for me and Cain to do it, so we have asked Samuel to help you.”

Kathleen was momentarily stunned. “But this is a kissing scene. Even though the main actor is ill, there are quite a lot of kissing scenes.”

Charles frowned.

“This isn’t really an intimate scene. All you have to do is to kiss the main actor’s nose and lips. Ms. Johnson, you’re an actress.” Remy showed her a meaningful smile.

Kathleen was speechless.

Charles was about to lose his temper.

Of course, he wasn’t angry at Remy or Spencer but at Samuel.

However, Samuel only furrowed his brows slightly as he didn’t know about it.

He didn’t say anything either.

“Fine. Then, can I have you cooperate with me, Mr. Macari?” Kathleen stood up.

“It’s my pleasure.” Samuel’s lips curled upward.

“Lie down. Remember, you’re an unconscious man who has severe injuries,” said Kathleen coldly.

“Okay.” Samuel lay down. He was 1.9 meters tall, so the couch wasn’t enough for his long and slender legs.

He lay down with his eyes closed, looking like a painting.

He was so elegant and reserved as if he was a deity.

Kathleen sat beside him. She inhaled a deep breath as she held his hand.

“Why are you still unconscious?” Kathleen’s voice was cold, carrying a sense of interrogation.

In the scene, she was an assassin who had lost her memory. However, she was still slow in realizing her feelings.

She fell in love with a scholar but was unaware of it.

“People told me to kiss you if you’re still unconscious. I’ve never heard about this kind of healing method. Have you heard of it before?”

The scholar didn’t reply.

“I’ll give it a try, then.” Kathleen approached him.

Samuel’s elegant face was impeccable. His nose was sharp, and his lips were sexy and tempting.

Kathleen pursed her lips. Then, her cherry red lips fell gently on his well-defined nose.

Samuel’s heart was fluttering. It’s ticklish!

Immediately after, he felt something soft on his lips, followed by a hint of pain.

Kathleen was biting him.

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