All Too Late Chapter 133

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All Too Late Chapter 133

All Too Late Chapter 133

Samuel read the text Remy sent him without any expression on his face.

He had no idea what Remy was talking about.

I’m better off without his help.

Charles was driving as he asked, “Why didn’t you reject the offer?”

“There’s no need for that. I like the director and the script,” came Kathleen’s answer. “But Samuel…”

Ugh, I don’t feel like saying it.

“Kate, have you ever considered this? If you remain single, Samuel will keep pestering you,” Charles said solemnly. “You kept a distance from Christopher, so Samuel thinks he still has a chance.”

“Charles, I can’t really use Christopher to get rid of Samuel, can I? That isn’t fair to Christopher,” Kathleen explained.

Charles knew that Kathleen would never compromise when it concerned her love life. She was not that particular, too.

Forget it. I’ll have to come up with an idea to deal with Samuel.

“Charles, can you pull up at the shopping mall ahead? I need to buy some stuff,” Kathleen said. “Don’t tag along, for I want to shop alone. Find out who the male lead is and what he is like.”

After saying that, Kathleen unbuckled her seatbelt and got off.

Charles could not even stop her in time.

I shouldn’t have said that out loud. It’s obvious that Kathleen doesn’t have any romantic feelings for Christopher. He’s a great guy, but she doesn’t like him. Should I get her eyes checked?

Meanwhile, Kathleen was shopping alone with a cap and mask covering her face.

It was nice to be able to shop alone.

She got herself some stuff and went to pay for her purchases at the counter.

When it was her turn, she belatedly realized she did not bring her purse out.

It was normal to pay using one’s phone nowadays, but she still had not gotten herself a local phone number.

Sh*t, this is embarrassing.

“Let me pay for your purchases.” A woman’s voice rang out behind her.

Kathleen turned at her shoulder in surprise. “Gem!”

Gemma shot her an exasperated look. “Why didn’t you bring your purse out?”

“I forgot. I don’t even have a local phone number,” Kathleen replied, pouting her lips.

“How much?” Gemma asked.

The staff flashed a smile. “The total would be thirteen thousand and eight hundred.”

Gemma was shocked. “What did you buy? I don’t even earn this much in a month!”

A flush crept up Kathleen’s cheeks. “Just some personal items.”

Gemma’s lips twitched. “You owe me a meal!”

“Of course,” Kathleen responded.

Meanwhile, the staff was frowning. “Are you Kathleen Johnson?” he asked.

Kathleen could barely hide her surprise. Did he recognize me even though I’m wearing a cap and mask?

“Hello!” She gave the staff a tiny wave.

The staff’s lips curved. “You’re our VIP. There is ten million in your card, so you don’t have to pay for your purchases.”

Kathleen was confused. “When did I become a VIP?”

“A year ago,” came the staff’s reply. “Ms. Johnson, here are your purchases. Have a nice day!”

Kathleen’s brows snapped together, but Gemma dragged her out of the store.

“This is obviously Samuel’s doing,” Gemma told her firmly. “After you went missing a year ago, he searched high and low for you. You have no idea how many times he showed up at my house.”

Kathleen’s frown deepened. “Did he cause you any trouble?”

Gemma shook her head in response. “Not really. He came to ask if I knew where you were. He showed up practically every day.”

“I’m sorry for that,” Kathleen apologized shyly.

“That’s nothing.” Gemma gave a dismissive wave. “I told him that it’s too late to regret. After I got back to the hospital, he made arrangements for me to be the youngest head nurse in the hospital.”

Kathleen blinked twice.

“Don’t worry. Even if he offered me help, I won’t side with him. He wanted to make it up to me, so I accepted his help,” Gemma revealed cheerfully.

“Mm.” Kathleen nodded before asking worriedly, “Gem, your waist…”

“I’m still wearing my waist support. The doctor said I have to continue recuperating, for the incident only happened a year ago.” Gemma shot her a reassuring smile. “My brother also got promoted, but it wasn’t related to Samuel. He got the promotion himself.”

“Wow, congratulations!” The corners of Kathleen’s eyes crinkled up.

“Should we have dinner together?” Gemma glanced at her. “If Benjamin knows you’re back, he won’t work overtime.”

Kathleen grinned. “Sure. Let’s have some fondue.”

“Sounds great!” Gemma giggled excitedly.

“We should head to another mall.” Kathleen sighed. “I don’t know how Samuel found out I often frequented this mall. Back then, he paid no notice to me and never remembered anything about my preferences.”

“Okay.” Gemma bobbed her head.

They promptly went to another shopping mall.

The same thing happened, and Kathleen was still a VIP. She did not have to spend a cent.

Refusing to give up, Kathleen went to a few other malls, but the same thing happened.

In the end, she collapsed in Gemma’s Audi, utterly exhausted.

Gemma chuckled at the sight of her fatigue look. “Where are we going next?”

“Dinner.” Kathleen was starving.

“No more shopping mall excursions?” Gemma asked, her lips curved into an amused smile.

Kathleen shook her head profusely. “I won’t go to shopping malls, ever!”

Gemma chuckled. “All right.”

She started the engine and drove to the fondue restaurant.

There, she gave Benjamin a call.

After learning that they were going to have dinner with Kathleen, Benjamin immediately got off work and rushed over to the restaurant.

Kathleen sent Charles a text: Charles, I need twenty thousand.

Charles transferred the money to her without hesitation.

Kathleen then transferred thirteen thousand and eight hundred to Samuel.

Samuel sent her a question mark.

Kathleen: I don’t want to owe you a favor.

Actually, Samuel had been informed that Kathleen went to two shopping malls, so he could guess what her reaction would be.

Samuel: Okay. I’ll accept the money.

He then confirmed the transfer.

Seeing that, Kathleen felt much better.

Samuel: I’m famished.

Kathleen belatedly recalled that she promised to cook for Samuel.

Oh, dear. I forgot all about it!

She typed out a reply hastily: I’m sorry, but I totally forgot about it.

Inwardly, she blamed Samuel for doing something unnecessary that caused her to forget about her promise.

Samuel: It’s fine. I’m glad you’re filling your stomach.

Kathleen bit her lip guiltily, for it was her fault.

Casting a hesitant look at Gemma and Benjamin, she asked, “I owe Samuel a meal. Do you mind if he joins us?”

Both shook their heads.

The corner of Kathleen’s mouth quirked up. “Great.”

She proceeded to give Samuel a call.

Samuel answered her call promptly and asked, “What’s wrong?” His voice was calm, and it did not sound like he was upset.

“I’m sorry, but I forgot about it,” Kathleen apologized guiltily.

“It’s fine.” Samuel gave a half-smile. “Enjoy your dinner.”

“I’m having dinner with Gemma and Benjamin. Do you want to join us?” Kathleen inquired.

“No, I won’t disturb you. I need to get back to work,” Samuel told her. “I told Tyson to buy dinner for me, so you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Okay.” After a pause, Kathleen added, “I’ll cook for you tomorrow.”

“Mm,” Samuel hummed in acknowledgment before hanging up.

“What did he say?” Benjamin asked.

“He won’t join us, for Tyson had bought him dinner,” Kathleen explained.

To her surprise, Benjamin said, “I saw Tyson when I was on the way here. He was on a blind date.”

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