All Too Late Chapter 134

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All Too Late Chapter 134

All Too Late Chapter 134

Kathleen pursed her lips silently.

Why did Samuel lie to me? Did he lie to me so I can eat in peace? I don’t remember him being this nice.

“Eat up,” Gemma told her. “You can buy some takeaway food and deliver it to him later.”

Kathleen inclined her head.

“The quinoa salad from this restaurant is the bomb. You can buy that for him,” Gemma suggested.

“Sure thing.” Kathleen did not want Samuel to starve and wait for her, as he could end up in the hospital.

After dinner, Gemma drove Kathleen back to Macari Group.

Kathleen walked into the building with the food in her hand.

Gemma turned to look at her brother. “Benjamin, you’re growing more and more apart from Kathleen.”

Benjamin remained unperturbed. “Nothing matters more than her happiness.”

Bitterness rose in Gemma’s heart. “If those things hadn’t happened, you’d still be Kate’s childhood sweetheart, and—”

“It has already happened. Let’s go.” Benjamin had accepted reality.

Gemma’s lips thinned.

Such was life, and everything was set in stone.

They just were not meant to be.

“Who do you think Kate will end up with?” Gemma queried. “Samuel or Christopher?”

Benjamin gave her a sidelong glance. “Kate’s choice matters the most, right?”

“Benjamin, Kate won’t pick Christopher.” Gemma seemed sure of it. “I can’t tell if she still loves Samuel, but did you hear her talking about Christopher during dinner?”

Benjamin stiffened.

“A woman’s intuition is highly accurate.” Gemma started the engine. “You don’t know us well.”

With that said, she sped away.

Meanwhile, Kathleen walked into Macari Group.

Upon spotting her, the security guard greeted her warmly, “Ms. Johnson! Are you here to meet Mr. Macari?”

Kathleen shot him a nod. “Is he still here?”

“Of course. Mr. Macari works overtime every day,” replied the security guard.

Kathleen felt embarrassed. “I’ll head up now.”

“Ms. Johnson, you can take the CEO’s private elevator,” the security guard told her cheerfully.

Wearing an awkward expression, Kathleen replied, “Got it.”

Despite saying that, she chose to take the normal elevator.

The elevator reached the top floor, and she stepped out.

The floor was brightly lit.

Kathleen went straight to Samuel’s office. The door was slightly ajar, and she saw a sliver of light through the gap.

Gently, she pushed the door open and glanced around.

Samuel was resting in his chair with his eyes shut.

She went over and gazed at him.

The man’s features were still sharp and dangerous. His thin lips told tales of how cruel and heartless he could be. Nevertheless, she had to admit that he was handsome and elegant even though he could be merciless and decisive.

“Samuel?” Kathleen broke the silence.

Her brows snapped together.

I’m practically mere inches away from him. Why isn’t he responding? Is he suffering from a relapse?

She immediately placed the stuff she was holding down and hurried over to him. Bending down, she prodded his shoulder. “Wake up, Samuel.”

Samuel did not even stir.

Kathleen was startled.

He must’ve fainted!

She pulled out her phone, about to call the ambulance.

Right then, a slender but huge hand grabbed her wrist and gave her a forceful tug. She ended up tumbling into a seducing embrace.

“Did you put up an act?” Kathleen blurted out.

Samuel’s arms were wrapped around her. He rested his chin on her shoulder and smiled. “No.”

“Liar!” Kathleen fumed. “Let me go!”

Hearing her, Samuel released his grip on her obediently.

Kathleen jolted to her feet furiously. “I was kind enough to come to visit you! How dare you take advantage of me?”

Samuel shot her a lopsided grin. “Weren’t you the one who stood me up?”

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

Indeed, she had given her word earlier but forgotten all about it.

“Besides, my gastric was acting up. I just took the medicine and was about to take a nap when you showed up,” Samuel explained. He pushed the bottle of pills on his desk to Kathleen.

He was not lying to her.

Kathleen’s lips thinned. “I brought some food for you. You can eat it now. I’ll take my leave.”

With that said, she spun on her heels and stalked toward the door.

Suddenly, Samuel started coughing violently. “Thank you,” he managed in between coughs.

Kathleen halted in her tracks at once.

Reluctantly, she went back to him.

After coming to a stop beside him, she patted his back gently. “How are you feeling?”

“It’s an old problem,” Samuel grunted. “I’m fine, so you can leave now. It isn’t safe to travel late at night.”

“Are you going to continue working?” Kathleen was surprised.

“I don’t have anything to do back at home. I’m used to working overtime, anyway.” Samuel shot her a smile. “You should get back home.”

Kathleen pressed her lips together. “Won’t you take care of yourself? Do you want Grandma to host your funeral?”

“Ha! That won’t happen. If I die, there’s still Christopher,” Samuel replied nonchalantly. “Christopher’s a great guy, so he’ll take care of them.”

“Stop being sarcastic,” Kathleen snapped. Her brows knitted, she said, “You insisted on marrying Nicolette, so you can’t blame them for getting mad at you.”

Samuel shot her a look. “They’ll like any man who marries you.”

Kathleen paused before retorting, “Stop talking nonsense. No parents would hate their own child. Now that Nicolette wants to sue you, I believe Mrs. Macari and the rest won’t blame you anymore.”

Samuel’s gaze was scorching. “Kate, if I die, will you take care of my family?”

Kathleen’s frown deepened. “Of course. I think of Grandma and Mrs. Macari as my own family. It doesn’t matter if you’re here or not, for I’ll treat them well.”

Samuel gazed at her without a word.

Actually, he wanted to ask if she would cry at his funeral.

However, he knew he would get humiliated if he were to ask that question out loud.

“What about me?” Samuel’s voice was raspy. “If I have a long life, and my grandma and parents die before me, will you take care of me?”

Kathleen frowned in confusion.

“I mean…” Samuel corrected himself. “Will you visit me occasionally?”

“Samuel, you’ll have your own family, complete with a wife and kids.” Kathleen asked, “Can I think of you as a family?”

Samuel’s gaze grew as dark as thunder. “You mean you want to revert things back to when we weren’t married to each other?”

“If you’re willing, of course.” Kathleen explained, “Samuel, let bygones be bygones. We can never return to the past. I don’t want to hold a grudge against you and put your grandma and mother in a tight spot. Can we be relatives and nothing else?”

Samuel asked forlornly, “Will we be relatives forever?”

Kathleen nodded gently.

“You won’t stay away from me or hate me anymore?” Samuel added.

Kathleen’s reply was vague. “As long as you don’t force me to go against my wishes.”

Samuel stared at her intently.

“As long as you stay put instead of crossing the line, we can get along well. I promise,” Kathleen gave him her word.

After dealing with her business, she was going to leave. It would be annoying if he kept coming after her.

“Kate, can you hug me?” Samuel asked hoarsely. “We shall say goodbye to our past. You left in a hurry one year ago, and we didn’t get to say goodbye to each other.”

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