All Too Late Chapter 138

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All Too Late Chapter 138

All Too Late Chapter 138

Samuel dragged Kathleen toward the car.

However, she did not want to get in the car.

Samuel asked coldly, “Do you want Christopher to come down and pester you? At that time, Felix might think that you’re just blowing hot and cold. Will you be able to explain yourself?”

Kathleen bit her lip.

Then, Samuel continued in a low voice, “I really won’t do anything to you. Just get in the car!”

Kathleen gave up struggling and was pulled into the car by Samuel.

He closed the car door and drove away with Kathleen.

When Christopher rushed out, they had already left.

Christopher gave Charles a sidelong glance. “Why didn’t you stop them?”

Charles felt a mix of emotions and replied, “I couldn’t. Christopher, Kate doesn’t like you, indeed. This is the first time I saw her talking back in that way. Your grandpa had gone too far.”

After that, he got into his car.

Christopher gritted his teeth.

Samuel must be behind this!

Meanwhile, Kathleen was sitting in Samuel’s car. She looked out of the window, and her vision turned blurry.

Samuel felt a stab in his heart.

Why does she like Christopher so much?

In fact, Kathleen felt aggrieved.

Argh! I had never gotten scolded so much by an elder in my whole life. What have I done wrong?

Looking at how she was crying miserably, Samuel could only try to make himself appear less hostile and gloomy.

Then, he stopped the car and said in a hoarse voice, “Stop crying.”

Kathleen shot him a sideways glance. The next instant, she grabbed Samuel’s tie and questioned angrily, “Samuel, tell me what’s wrong with a second marriage?”

Samuel was slightly stunned.

Kathleen bellowed in a gentle voice, “So what if I’m a divorcee. Do they think I wanted that divorce? I wouldn’t have opted for a divorce if I hadn’t been forced to the edge! Who did he think he is? What rights does he have to chide me like this?”

Samuel looked at Kathleen who broke down tears. After hesitating for a moment, he took her into his arms.

His voice was extremely hoarse as he apologized, “It’s my fault. I’m sorry. I was the one who made you bear the title of a divorced woman. Blame it all on me.”

Kathleen broke down and asked, “Why are they blaming me? What have I done wrong? I gave you all my love, and I tried my best to maintain the family. Why am I the one to be blamed in the end? They even said that I will never be happy in the future. Why?”

Samuel’s heart ached.

He had never been in such pain.

Kathleen was right.

She was not the one at fault.

“Kate, I’m sorry!” Samuel could only hug her tightly, as he was the one to be blamed.

It was him who made her suffer.

“Ahhh!” Kathleen was torn between sorrow and anger.

She had never thought of getting involved with Christopher.

Yet, she was scolded without any mercy.

Samuel was at a loss for what to do, so he could only hug her without saying a word.

After Kathleen cried for a while, she finally regained her composure.

Then, she let go of Samuel and wiped her tears. “Sorry, I… lost control of my emotions.”

Samuel merely smiled. “It’s good that you can vent it out. I was afraid that you’d keep everything to yourself.”

Kathleen sniffled. She then looked at his crumpled suit and tie. “I’ll compensate you for a new set.”

“Sure.” Samuel nodded.

Kathleen fell silent.

Samuel looked at her calmly. “The suit can still be saved, but not the tie.”

“Then why don’t you just let me pay for your tie?” questioned Kathleen, frowning.

“You’re earning more than one hundred million from the film. Why can’t you buy me a suit?” asked Samuel.

Kathleen snorted in annoyance.

Samuel handed her a tissue and said, “Take this. You’re the one who requested to make everything clear between us. And now, I’m merely following your request, yet you’re unhappy about it.”

Kathleen wiped her nose. “I’ll buy it for you.”

Having been distracted by Samuel, Kathleen did not feel as depressed as before.

Samuel looked out of the window and cast his gaze upon the beach and sea. “I come here often. After you left, I’d come here whenever I missed you. I’d sit in the car alone, listening to the sound of the waves rolling in and out in rhythm and the whistling of the passing breeze. No one was there to disturb me, and I was able to enjoy a moment of serenity.”

Furrowing her brows, Kathleen uttered, “You…”

“I just want to tell you that it’s really quiet here. You can close your eyes and take some rest,” said Samuel as he opened the sunroof.

It was a bright and sunny day.

The sound of waves and whistling of the wind sounded in their ears.

Kathleen sat in the car, and she slowly calmed herself down.

Then, she gradually closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Samuel took off his coat and covered Kathleen.

As Samuel fixed his gaze on the lady’s sleeping face, his heart softened.

She’s not with Christopher now, and she’ll never be with him. That’s great.

Just then, Diana sent him a message: Is Kate with you?

Samuel: Yes.

Diana: Do you possibly think that Kate will have something to do with you just because she has nothing to do with Christopher?

Samuel: Yes.

Diana: If you dare to plot against Kate again, she will not forgive you.

Samuel: Okay.

Diana: Don’t think that I’m joking! If you still treat Kate the way you used to, then you should give up as soon as possible.

Samuel: Sure.

Diana was utterly speechless.

She did not want to bother him anymore.

Suddenly, Wynnie sent Samuel a message that wrote: Are Kate and you dating?

Samuel: Yes.

Wynnie: Wow. You’re dating her right after she had a fallout. Are you a monster?

Samuel was rendered speechless.

Obviously, his mother showed no mercy when it came to educating her own son.

Wynnie: Don’t try to take advantage of her. Kate will never like you!

Samuel lightly pinched between his eyebrows and replied: She wouldn’t like Christopher anyway.

Wynnie: Do you think you have a chance, then?

Samuel did not want to keep the conversation going.

At the same time, he received Calvin’s message on WhatsApp: Good job, Samuel! Although I don’t support you and Kate together, I finally don’t have to see that smug look of Aaron! Haha!

Seemingly annoyed, Samuel massaged his temple and switched off his phone right away.

He diverted his gaze to Kathleen’s sleeping face, and even his thin lips appeared gentler than before.

Samuel got off the car. Then, he leaned against it and lit a cigarette.

After a while, the car window was wound down and Kathleen stuck her head out. With a sleepy look, she said, “Samuel, let’s go back. I’m hungry.”

Samuel asked while holding the cigarette between his slender fingers, “Would you like to eat what I make?”

Kathleen looked up and asked, “Is it edible?”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

Kathleen only flashed him an awkward smile.

“Let me finish this cigarette.” Samuel turned his head away.

Kathleen placed both her fair hands on the window frame and stared at him.

Samuel was undeniably good looking.

He looked attractive even when he smoked.

With a slight frown on her face, Kathleen advised, “Samuel, stop smoking. You’re not in good health, yet you smoke.”

Samuel glanced at her. “I only feel like smoking under two kinds of situations.”

“What kind of situations?” She was curious to know.

“First, it’s when I miss you,” said Samuel in a husky voice.

Kathleen was momentarily stunned. “What about the second one?”

“When I miss you very much.” Samuel threw the cigarette butt away and squashed it with his leather shoes.

Kathleen hesitated for a moment before saying, “But I’m right in front of you.”

Samuel seemed a little sad. “Is there a rule that says one could only miss someone when that person is not around? I merely miss the old you, the one who used to love me so much. I always think if God is willing to give me another chance, I’ll give you everything I have.”

Kathleen was a slightly nervous.

Samuel’s thin lips curled slightly. “Don’t be nervous. I only want to chat with you. That’s all.”

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