All Too Late Chapter 139

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All Too Late Chapter 139

All Too Late Chapter 139

Kathleen bit her lip and said, “I’m not nervous. Samuel, I don’t want to look back.”

In truth, there was no way she could turn things back to how they used to be.

Samuel looked at her delicate and flushed cheeks. He wanted to kiss her but he held himself back.

“I know. I’m not forcing you to go back.” His voice was slightly hoarse.

Kathleen secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Samuel turned around and got in the car.

“What would you like to eat?” Samuel asked.

Kathleen glanced at the time. It was already one o’clock.

“Just find a restaurant.” She thought for a while and continued, “It seems like the two of us haven’t eaten out together before.”

Samuel nodded. “That’s true.”

“Back then, you were always afraid that we would get caught on camera by the media. Were you afraid that Nicolette would get mad after she found out and choose not to come back?” Kathleen asked curiously.

Samuel looked at her deeply and asked, “Do you want to hear the truth?”

Kathleen nodded and replied, “Why would I ask if I don’t want to hear the truth?”

Samuel looked straight into her eyes. “Well, it’s not entirely right. You know my identity. It’d cause you trouble if you got exposed. Of course, it’s true that I neglected your feelings. As for Nicolette, I didn’t think about it that much.”

He had not thought about it at all.

and he just felt there was a need to protect his privacy.

However, Samuel finally understood it now.

There was no need to sacrifice someone for the sake of his privacy.

If he had just admitted it openly, the media would not have probed further on that matter.

Blinking, Kathleen said bitterly, “It seems like we don’t know each other well enough, so it’s normal for us to part way from one another. Maybe we would break up too even without Nicolette.”

“Not necessarily,” Samuel replied in a deep voice.

In actuality, he had thought about it.

He might not divorce her, as he had never thought of letting her go when he began to realize his affection for Kathleen.

It was just that Kathleen had opted for the extreme ways.

If she had not threatened him, Samuel would not have broken up with her.

Whether she resented or hated him, he would never leave her.

However, all of that had become the past.

And Kathleen had left the past behind.

Nonetheless, that was not the case for him.

Maybe he would dwell on the past for his whole life.

Samuel took Kathleen back to the city center and found a restaurant.

The weather was too cold, so Samuel ordered hot stew for Kathleen.

Kathleen ate something warm, and her pale face immediately turned rosy.

She looked as adorable as a peach.

Samuel gazed intently at her.

He felt inexplicably satisfied just by watching her.

During their meal, Kathleen received a call from Emily.

She quickly placed her cutlery aside and answered the call.

“Hello, Mrs. Morris,” replied Kathleen, feeling bad.

Emily sounded resigned. “Kate, I’ve heard about everything. I’m very sorry. In truth, I’m aware of what kind of a person my father-in-law is, but I forgot to give you a heads-up. Last time, he and my mother-in-law tried to stop Aaron from getting together with me. I didn’t expect them to meddle in Christopher’s marriage now!”

Kathleen replied calmly, “It doesn’t matter. If I were to think from Old Mr. Morris’ point of view, he’s not wrong too. It’s just that Christopher and I have been faking our relationship all this while, and we lied to you.”

“Is that true that you two have been faking it?” asked Emily in a soft voice.

Nodding, Kathleen replied, “Yes. Chris and I are just friends.”

Emily was disappointed.

Everything seemed to be over now.

Kathleen was clearly aware of the situation.

She had even bumped into Christopher and Astrid, who came out of the room in a disheveled state.

Hence, it was apparent that Kathleen would not even have the thought of getting together with Christopher anymore.

Emily sighed. “Kate, I understand how you feel, but Christopher is truly fond of you.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “I’m very sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter. I can’t force you to like someone,” said Emily with a faint smile.

“Mrs. Morris, please help me to persuade Christopher more.” That was all Kathleen could say.

“Christopher has been insisting that he has done nothing to Astrid. He also called the police and asked them to do a test for himself and her. I believe there will be results tomorrow,” said Emily.

“Okay.” Kathleen merely nodded.

“Have a good rest then.” Emily hung up the phone.

Only then did Kathleen let out a sigh of relief.

Samuel merely looked at her impassively and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Kathleen shot him a meaningful look and said, “It seems like guys have to protect themselves well when they’re out now.”

Samuel was baffled.

In the meantime, Kathleen sipped on her coffee.

“My family isn’t that shady. I guess why Felix doesn’t like you is most likely due to the reason that he had once lost to my grandpa. Besides, he used to like my grandma.”

Cough! Cough!

Kathleen was slightly agitated to learn about the shocking fact.

Samuel stared at her and continued, “It was merely a one-sided love. Grandma and Grandpa are each other’s first love, and you know that.”

Kathleen nodded lightly. “Of course, I know that.”

“So, Felix hates you mostly because of this reason. It’s not because you’re getting married for the second time,” Samuel said meaningfully.

Kathleen pondered for a while before asking in doubt, “You didn’t make up a story just to comfort me, right?”

Samuel looked at her and replied, “No. If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask Grandma.”

Kathleen felt embarrassed and said, “I’m not going. What if things get awkward?”

Samuel lowered his head and smiled dotingly. “Relax, I won’t lie to you.”

There was no need for him to lie about that.

Kathleen then picked up the fork and continued eating. She stuffed both her cheeks full. A look of happiness appeared on her face.

Samuel stared at her with an unfathomable gaze.

If only I can make her happier than now, then she will never leave me.

Every time Samuel thought about that, he just could not wait to give her everything.

What can I do to make her fall in love with me again?

After their meal, Kathleen said to Samuel, “You can go back to the company. I’ll return home on my own.”

“I’ll send you there.” Samuel put on his coat.

Kathleen raised her head and looked at the handsome and noble man in front of her. “Your phone screen lit up a few times. It must be Tyson looking for you. You don’t have to waste your time on me when you should be working and making money.”

Samuel gulped and stated, “Money is nothing but a set of numbers to me.”

“Haha! Stop bragging in front of me. If money is a set of numbers to you, then why are you working overtime?” Kathleen sneered.

“Because I feel bored at home,” Samuel explained in a low voice.

Kathleen froze. She then looked at Samuel with a serious expression. “Samuel, you can always look for another woman other than Nicolette. I’m sure there are people who’re fond of you. Why would you choose to be alone?”

Samuel looked at her soft face, and his handsome face darkened. “So what if they’re fond of me? It’s pointless if I don’t feel the same. Could you accept someone who loves you but you don’t have any feelings for him?”

Kathleen was stumped by his question.

I can’t.

“I’m sorry. I was wrong to put things that way. I just wanted to persuade you…” said Kathleen.

Samuel grabbed her chin and said with a solemn look on his face, “Everyone has a bottom line that even their family member shouldn’t cross. Do you get what I mean?”

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