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That night, Christopher suddenly called when Kathleen was just about to sleep.

“Chris? Why are you calling so late?” She was a little surprised.

“Can you come out? I have something to tell you.” His voice was hoarse.

“Can’t you just tell me over the phone?” Kathleen asked curiously.

“I’m downstairs of your place.” Christopher looked up at the window of her room. “I won’t take much of your time.”

“Okay,” Kathleen agreed.

Then, she put on a white down jacket and went down.

Standing against the car door, Christopher looked sophisticated in his dark gray coat.

His expression was gloomy, though.

“Chris.” Kathleen walked up to him.

She wrapped herself in a white down jacket and cascaded her hair down to her waist. The sight of her delicate and adorable cheeks would make one feel the urge to hold her in their arms.

“Are you cold? Do you want to get into the car?” Christopher asked in a husky voice.

Kathleen shook her head. “It’s okay. I’m wearing snow boots.”

She had put on a pair of snow boots with rabbit ears.

Christopher looked deeply at her before saying, “I’ve received the test result from the police.”

Stunned, Kathleen did not understand his words for a moment, but soon, realization dawned on her.

“Nothing had happened between her and me. In truth, she had prepared the blood on the bedsheets in advance,” Christopher explained.

Anyhow, he had proved his innocence.

“My gosh, how bold of her!” Kathleen said in disbelief.

“She wouldn’t dare to do so if she didn’t have her grandpa’s tacit approval,” said Christopher coldly. “Of course, she couldn’t have planned this matter alone. They probably did not expect I would go to the police when planning this.”

“Did you just say ‘they’? Who else was involved in this?” Kathleen asked faintly.

“Will you believe my words if I tell you?” Christopher shot a meaningful look at her.

“Then tell me about it. I’ll analyze it first and decide whether to believe it,” Kathleen answered solemnly.

Christopher knew that Kathleen had always been calm and wise.

She rarely got emotional.

“Do you have any idea how Astrid came back?” Christopher shot Kathleen a look.

Kathleen shook her head.

“It was Samuel. He had a deal with Astrid’s grandfather. The reason he asked her to come back was to break us apart,” Christopher continued coldly.

Kathleen pursed her scarlet lips.

“Samuel also planned the incident yesterday with Astrid. If not, why would he rush over?” Christopher’s words implied a deeper meaning as he looked at her.

Kathleen frowned deeply upon hearing that. Does this have something to do with Samuel?

“If that’s the case, we can go and ask him,” she said coldly.

“Do you think he will admit it if you ask?” Christopher questioned in a deep voice.

However, Kathleen said, “Whether he’s going to admit it or not, we should at least convey our stance regarding this matter to him. If he continues being obstinate, we still have other options.”

Christopher was silent.

“Christopher, I still don’t believe in Astrid. Of course, it doesn’t mean what she said was false.” Kathleen looked at Christopher as she spoke. “You witnessed how Astrid treated me during the filming that day. Did she learn all those, including every single word, from Samuel as well? What if she was trying to shove the blame on Samuel so that she could get away from it?”

Christopher pursed his thin lips in silence.

“This matter has already alerted the police. They will naturally interrogate Astrid and Samuel. We’d better do nothing but wait for the outcome,” Kathleen said indifferently.

“Are you thinking that I’ve lost my sense of judgment now?” Christopher asked in a deep voice.

Kathleen shook his head. “No, but the onlooker sees most of the game. You are the victim, Chris. It’s normal for you to suspect someone, and I don’t think you’re wrong. Similarly, as a bystander, I have my own opinion.”

Christopher stepped forward and took her hands. He asked in a deep voice, “Kate, do you like me? Even a little bit will do.”

Kathleen looked at him quietly.

She did not know why the feeling of Christopher getting close to her was completely different from the feeling Samuel gave her.

When Christopher came close to her, she could remain calm and composed.

Yet, when Samuel approached her, she would get very nervous and flustered.

While Kathleen was lost in her thoughts, Christopher suddenly pulled her into his embrace.

He hugged her hard and tight in his arms.

“Chris, let go of me first. I can’t breathe.” Kathleen struggled to get out of his grip.

“Astrid and I really didn’t do anything.” Christopher’s voice was husky.

“Yes, I know. I trust you.” Kathleen felt a little uneasy.

Unlike his usual self, Christophers was a little emotional that night.

Kathleen found it understandable, though.

After all, he had been wronged and had not recovered emotionally.

Nonetheless, Christopher knew that the little good impression Kathleen had for him had been extinguished after what had happened earlier that day.

“Chris, you—” Kathleen struggled incessantly.

Right at that moment, she felt a force exerted on her waist, pulling her backward.

She then fell into a relatively warm and refreshing embrace and abruptly raised her head.


It was indeed Samuel, who had appeared in a pair of light trousers and a casual shirt.

“Samuel.” Christopher stared at him coldly.

“Christopher.” Samuel cast Christopher an icy gaze. “Kate always said you are a gentleman and will not make things difficult for others. She obviously didn’t want you to hug her just now. Couldn’t you feel it?”

Christopher let out a chuckle out of frustration. “How shameless you are, Samuel. Were you the one who summoned Astrid back?”

In a composed manner, Samuel replied, “Her grandfather and I just happened to have a collaboration. As for her return to the country, it was her grandfather’s arrangements and had nothing to do with me.”

“Astrid told me personally that you asked her to come back and approach me so that she could separate Kate and me!” Christopher bellowed as he grabbed Samuel’s collar. “And this morning’s incident was obviously planned by you and her. How dare you deny it now!”

“Don’t you find your words ridiculous, Christopher? If I had set you and Astrid up, it would have been more than just sleeping pills for you.” Samuel’s voice turned icy.

“How do you know I was given sleeping pills, then?” Christopher scoffed.

“Not only you have people in the police station. As soon as the investigation results were out, someone informed me.” Samuel’s expression was still cold as he continued, “Listen, Christopher. If I were to plan this kind of thing, I would make sure everything was impeccable. I would’ve drugged you, taken detailed pictures of you and Astrid, and posted them on the Internet. I would do more than just give you sleeping pills to annihilate you.”

Seeing that, Kathleen quickly walked up to the men and tried to smoothen things up. “Chris, Samuel has already explained to you. Now, let go of him.”

Christopher cast a sideways glance at her. “And you believe him?”

Stumped by Christopher’s words, Kathleen turned to Samuel. “Do you dare to swear on it?”

Samuel immediately lifted his three fingers. “If any of what I just said was false, I’ll never get to marry Kathleen in this life!”

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

Staring at Samuel coldly, Christopher suddenly gave the former a punch when he was about to loosen his grip.

Samuel had quick reflexes, but Christopher still managed to sweep his fist across the former’s cheek.

After being beaten up, Samuel naturally fought back.

He also grabbed Christopher’s collar and punched him.

Kathleen stared at them wordlessly. “Must you two fight in front of me like this?”

She was infuriated.

“Listen carefully! I won’t even feel bad if either of you gets hurt!” Kathleen was exasperated. “I really don’t know what the point is to fight over this matter. Couldn’t it be Astrid trying to sow discord between you guys?”

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