All Too Late Chapter 142

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All Too Late Chapter 142

All Too Late Chapter 142

Samuel and Christopher had an intense fight.

In the meantime, Kathleen’s expression went darker and darker.

D*mn! These men are really stupid!

From the corner of her eye, she caught sight of the water gun used to water the flowers beside the flower bed. She immediately walked over to pick it up and pointed it at the two men.

The men immediately stopped their fight and soon became entirely drenched.

It was then that Kathleen threw the water gun onto the floor.

“Maria, please prepare bath towels for them,” she instructed.

Maria quickly ran into the house to prepare them.

Meanwhile, Kathleen shot the men an icy gaze imposingly. “Don’t you ever do such things in front of me again. What I resent the most are those who fight without making things clear. Are you two beasts?”

The two grown men were being lectured like they were dogs, standing in place with their hands hanging naturally at their bodies’ sides while lowering their heads.

Christopher then looked at Samuel. The white shirt the latter was wearing clung to his lean figure, showing his abs clearly.

The scar from his heart that stretched all the way to his abdomen was now even more noticeable.

Shortly after, Maria returned with the bath towels, handing one to each of them.

“Maria, please take Christopher inside to take a shower,” Kathleen instructed expressionlessly.

“Okay.” Maria then led Christopher inside.

Looking at Samuel, Kathleen said, “Hurry back home. You just got discharged from the hospital.”

“Why can he take a shower at your place while I can’t? Am I not worthy?” Samuel’s tone sounded pitiful.

“Your house is only next door.” Kathleen was speechless.

What’s the point of fighting against this?

“You said I’m like a relative to you, but I can feel that you treat a stranger way better than me.” Samuel’s face turned pale. “I’m living alone. If I fainted, who’s going to save me?”

Kathleen was at a loss for words upon hearing that.

In the end, Samuel managed to step into the Johnson residence.

Kathleen went to Charles’ room and found two sets of clothes for the two men.

Since Christopher went to take a shower first, he used the bathroom on the first floor, and Samuel used the one on the second floor.

After asking Maria to send the clothes to Christopher, Kathleen went to pass Samuel the other garments.

“Samuel, I’ll leave the clothes at the door.” said Kathleen from behind the door.


The bathroom door was pushed open.

Kathleen was startled.

Oh, my! Will, will he… Although we used to be husband and wife, we have already divorced. How inappropriate for him to come out naked like that.

Needless to say, she thought too much.

“Give it to me,” Samuel said in a hoarse voice while stretching out his slender, fair arm.

After putting the clothes in his hand, Kathleen turned around to leave.

“Wait.” Samuel’s voice trailed off.

“What else do you need?” Kathleen asked, puzzled.

Samuel then opened the bathroom door.

Kathleen was so shocked that she covered her eyes.

Her reaction amused Samuel. “I’m not a pervert. Look. I have my bathrobe on.”

Kathleen blinked her eyes upon hearing that.

“Can you lend me your hairdryer?” The man’s voice was clear and deep.

“Follow me.” Kathleen led him to her room.

She took out the hairdryer from the drawer and handed it to him.

When Samuel received it, his slender, cold hand touched the back of her hand.

Kathleen instantly felt a tingling sensation over her body.

While blowing his hair, Samuel said, “I did call Astrid’s grandfather again.”

Kathleen was startled.

“And I did ask him to send someone over.” Samuel’s voice was icy. “But that person was not Astrid.”

Kathleen blinked her eyes, asking, “What do you mean?”

Samuel turned off the hair dryer, his hair was half dry by then. He explained, “Morris Group is bidding for the construction project of Horington. In fact, this project has been postponed for two years and has only been resumed now. Morris Group is determined to secure this project. Thus, I asked Astrid’s grandfather to help me find Olivia, the woman who had stopped this project two years ago. By the way, I admit that I was jealous when I learned you and Christopher were in a relationship.”

The mention of Olivia surprised Kathleen.

“I’ve heard of her. She’s a geologist and is always out of the country,” Kathleen quietly responded. “She proposed to end the Horington project because the land structure where the building resided was unstable.”

“You actually know about that?” Samuel was a little surprised.

Kathleen rolled her eyes. “I was still your wife at that time. There was once I overheard your video conference with someone and learned all that. It’s not confidential and doesn’t matter if I listened in, right?”

“Of course.” Samuel smiled faintly. “Even if it’s confidential, so what? You can listen to it if you want.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “So Astrid was sent here by Old Mr. Holloway on his own initiative?”

Samuel stared at her with his arms crossed. “I won’t believe it if you haven’t run a background check on Astrid.”

“So what if I did?” Kathleen was displeased. “Couldn’t I investigate her?”

Samuel chuckled. “Don’t you try to shove that blame on me. Let’s get down to business. Astrid already signed with an entertainment company six months ago. Her so-called war correspondent job was fake.”

Kathleen frowned. “Isn’t she afraid of being exposed?”

“Generally speaking, there’re very few war correspondents out there. Thus, it’s not easy to expose her, not to mention she had indeed spent two months in several war-torn countries. But she didn’t really go to the camps. It was others who took the photos and sent them to her. She only published the photos after that,” Samuel explained.

Of course, Kathleen was unaware of that.

“I’ve already explained it to you.” Samuel cast her a meaningful look. “If I said I wouldn’t lie to you, I won’t.”

Kathleen flushed at his words. “I also didn’t say that what you said was false, but you… shouldn’t have made a move.”

“He was the one who hit me first.” Samuel pursed his sharp thin lips. “You saw it yourself.”

“Of course I did. I’m not blind,” Kathleen quietly responded. “But no matter what, you’re now planning to deal with the Morris family.”

“I won’t deny it,” Samuel admitted.

“You don’t even feel embarrassed?” Kathleen knitted her eyebrows. “Even if you don’t pay Christopher any respect, you should still think about Aunt Emily who married into the Morris family.”

“How do you know that Christopher hasn’t secretly dealt with me, then?” Samuel raised his brows.

“He won’t,” Kathleen said with certainty.

“How can you be sure of that? Just because he’s good to you, you think he’s good when doing everything?” Samuel questioned coldly.

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

She felt like she was going to start quarreling with Samuel at any minute.

“You’d better get changed now and go downstairs.” Kathleen didn’t want to continue the subject any longer.

When she reached the door, Samuel asked casually, “Am I that evil in your heart?”

Kathleen bit her lip for a moment and walked off.

Is he evil? Not really. It’s just… Argh! I can’t tell what kind of feeling that is. It’s something like… Even if he’s not a bad guy, he will not be a good guy either.

Meanwhile, Samuel’s dark eyes were cold and deep-set.

It seems that it’s hard to patch things up once the person has lost trust in you. But this time, I really didn’t lie to her. I really didn’t.

When Kathleen arrived downstairs, Christopher was already sitting in the living room, sipping coffee.

Charles happened to have returned home and asked curiously, “What happened to the yard? It’s a complete mess.”

“Two dogs came and had a fight,” Kathleen explained indifferently.


Charles frowned at her words. He was a little surprised when he saw Christopher. “You came!”

Christopher nodded in response.

Charles frowned. What’s happening here?

While Charles was pondering the situation, Samuel came down from the second floor.

Charles was even more shocked by then. “What is this guy doing here?”

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