All Too Late Chapter 144

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All Too Late Chapter 144

All Too Late Chapter 144

Samuel laughed in his deep voice and said, “Was it too old-fashioned?”

Kathleen nodded.

“I’ll try something new next time.” Samuel was being thick-faced.

He took the medicine, then turned around and left.

Charles was annoyed and said, “This man is just a jerk.”

Kathleen asked calmly, “Charles, why are you agitated?”

“This man is playing his tricks, you gotta be alert,” Charles warned her.

Kathleen gave him a side-eye and said, “You’re underestimating me.”

Charles said faintly, “I did not. But weren’t you being too calm with Christopher just now?”

“I treat everyone the same way,” Kathleen said in a soft and steady tone, “Right, do you know who is the guy playing the main character in this show?”

“Yes,” Charles nodded and answered, “Timothy Currah.”

“So it’s him.” Kathleen was a bit surprised to hear that.

“Do you know him?” Charles raised an eyebrow and asked.

“Yes, he graduated from the same college as me. I even presented him with a flower bouquet for his graduation ceremony that year,” Kathleen replied, “but he probably would not remember it.”

“Why were you the one who gave him the bouquet?” Charles was curious.

“Because I’m beautiful, I guess,” Kathleen said.

Charles was curious. “How did Samuel react to that?”

Kathleen answered without giving much thought, “There was no reaction from him. He did not pay much attention to me at that time.”

Charles was speechless.

He cursed in his heart again.

Jerk! Samuel must have been blind to not notice someone as pretty as Kathleen.

The next day, when Charles was heading out to jog, he met Samuel, who was going for a jog too.

Charles gave him a snort and said, “Together?”

Samuel curled his lips and said, “Sure.”

Both of them did some warm-up exercises right there.

“Do you know who’s the guy playing the main character in this show?” Charles asked in a suspenseful way.

“You’re talking about Timothy Currah?” Samuel said without showing much, “I did not keep my eye on the entertainment industry, and this is the first time I’ve heard of him.”

“Then do you know he was Kate’s senior?” Charles shot him a glance.

Samuel shook his head.

“Then do you know Kathleen was the one who presented a flower bouquet to him during his college graduation ceremony?” Charles continued asking.

“It’s him?” Samuel’s face turned sullen.

“Oh, so you do know him?” Charles asked in a quizzical way.

“I do, but I don’t recall his name,” Samuel said without showing much emotion.

Charles smirked and said, “Timothy was the campus hunk then, and Kathleen was the campus belle. If it weren’t because she was already married to you, they might have developed an unforgettable romance in college.”

Samuel snickered coldly in his mind.

That’s just impossible!

Samuel and Charles then started jogging together.

Charles asked during the jog, “Do you know if anyone approached Kathleen in college?”

“Why are you asking me?” Samuel responded and he started to have some unpleasant flashbacks in his mind.

Of course there were people trying to approach Kathleen! She was so beautiful and adorable. What’s more, she was such a gentle and caring girl.

He still recalled when Kathleen was celebrating her eighteen-year-old birthday. There were people telling Diana that they wish to have their son or grandson marry Kathleen in the future.

However, Diana was unwilling to marry her off like that so she did not give her consent.

“Actually, the relationship you had with Kathleen would not have happened if it hadn’t been because of Old Mrs. Macari. There was no way that you two would be together, ever,” said Charles on purpose.

Samuel sped up without saying anything, and Charles followed suit.

Both of them stopped only after they completed one lap.

Charles stood in Samuel’s way and said, “Samuel, I really want to know. You loved Nicolette so much, but why did you get into an intimate relationship with Kathleen after marrying her?”

Samuel gave him a sharp look and said, “Because I love her.”

Charles retorted, “You love her but you still hurt her?” He thought Samuel was ridiculous.

Samuel answered in a steady voice, “Because I did not realize my feelings for her at that time.”

Charles stared at him in an icy way. “And now you know what are your feelings for her? You are now pestering her because you want to get revenge on her, aren’t you? Because she embarrassed you at the wedding?”

“Revenge?” Samuel gave a smirk. “Getting revenge by putting in my heart for the revenge?”

Charles gave him a warning. “Samuel, Kathleen is no longer the old her, and I hope you remember this. Those words you said are now meaningless to her. She is not going to get back together with you. She had loved you for a long time, but you never cared about her.”

Charles walked on after finishing his sentence.

Samuel said in a chilly tone, “Charles, I’m not the old me either.”

Charles did not stop his pace and continued his way back to the Johnson residence.

Samuel’s eyes were dark and seemed to hold a lot of emotions.

He did care about Kathleen, but even he himself did not realize that.

He got jealous because of her long ago.

However, it was too late when he finally realized that.

Kathleen arrived at the filming set, and she met Timothy.

Timothy smiled and said, “We meet again Kathleen.”

Kathleen was somewhat shy. “Hi, Timothy. You still remember me?”

Timothy gave an indicative smile and said, “You were the one who presented me with the flower bouquet during my graduation if I remember correctly?”

Kathleen nodded.

“So you two know each other?” Spencer was surprised.

Timothy explained, “Kathleen presented a bouquet to me at the graduation ceremony, and my coursemates were all envious of me.”

“Why?” Spencer was intrigued.

“What else could it be?” Remy raised his eyebrow and said, “Kathleen was the campus belle at that time, and a bouquet presented by the campus belle herself of course is bound to invite all the jealousy.”

Remy then continued his sentence with a look of dismay on his face. “Why didn’t I get this kind of treatment for my graduation?”

Kathleen explained, “Maybe because we were not from the same course.”

“Possibly.” Remy felt regretful. “If I had known better, I would have taken the performance course. Why did I want to become a screenwriter in the first place?”

“It’s not too late to change now,” said Spencer, holding the script. “Look, there’s a creepy character in this that suits you quite well.”

“Get lost!” Remy said in anger, “You only know how to exploit me and push me to work on the script. I’m forced to work on a new script when the ongoing one is not even done filming yet. You are just inhumane!”

Spencer did not know what to say.

Kathleen chuckled and said, “I didn’t know that you two are this close.”

“No way!” Remy was furious and said, “I am being exploited day by day. I will turn into a mummy someday. Spencer, you are too cruel.”

Spencer could not find the words to defend himself. “Can you stop with those misleading phrases? I would not know how to clarify to others if someone misunderstood us.”

“What was misleading here?” Remy was enraged.

While they were talking, they heard someone call out, “Mr. Macari is here!”

“Well, what is the devil doing here?” Remy was intrigued.

Samuel walked toward them before Remy finished his sentence.

He looked composed and elegant in his black outfit.

Kathleen glanced at him and felt her heartbeat rising just from looking at his face.

He’s just too handsome!

Samuel stared at Kathleen and walked toward her. “I need a few minutes with you.”

“Okay.” Kathleen thought he had some serious business to discuss, so she walked away with him.

The went into an empty room.

Samuel frowned and said, “I want to ask you something.”

“Go ahead.” Kathleen felt a bit uneasy. He had this deadpan face and it made her feel scared.

“Do you remember not long after we got married, and the time I took your first time?” Samuel asked in a serious tone. “You know, our first time.”

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