All Too Late Chapter 151

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All Too Late Chapter 151

Clement grinned. “Ms. Johnson, I haven’t finish my words.”

Kathleen stared at him calmly. “Then what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and talk.”

Clement gritted his teeth in anger and stared at her. “Kathleen, how dare you talk to me like that?”

“Clement, if you have the nerves, raise your hand to me. Let’s see if you can continue staying in Jadeborough,” Kathleen sneered.

“Don’t ever think that the Macari family will support you! You’ve already divorced Samuel. The Macari family will not mess with me because of you,” Clement uttered disdainfully.

Kathleen laughed. “Clement, I’ve been Mrs. Macari for at least three years. What’s more, I’ve been living in the Macari residence for almost ten years. Do you think I will be afraid of you?”

In response to her words, he frowned.

“You are the one who wouldn’t dare to mess with the Macari family instead,” Kathleen said mockingly, “Don’t overestimate yourself. Even though you’re older than Samuel, you’re nothing compared to him.”

Clement glared at her furiously.

Kathleen smirked. “Do you think I’m oppressing you with the Macari family? My brother will not let the Corbyn family off the hook, either. Do you think he’s just a big shot in the entertainment industry? Do you really think that he gains his wealth and force through the show business?”

If they purely took Charles as the boss of the entertainment industry, that would be hilarious.

Clement narrowed his eyes and asked, “What other identity does your brother have?”

Kathleen smiled. “Do you want to know?”

Clement remained silent, but his gaze turned glacial.

“You can find it out yourself. Or you’ll think that I’m fooling you.” Kathleen’s pretty eyes turned frosty.

Anger flashed across the man’s eyes. He grabbed Kathleen’s neck and exclaimed, “Everything you just said was to frighten me. Do you think that I’ll believe you?”

There was no fear in her eyes. She uttered mockingly, “Then do it! What are you waiting for?”

Clement gritted his teeth. “Did my mother ever give you other things? Not the house or the money! Something else!”

“She did!” Kathleen smirked. “She gave me her hatred. She wanted me to avenge her. The most unbearable thing in her lifetime was that she had done nothing wrong, but she was cast out of the Corbyn family. On top of that, her own children treated her cold-heartedly like a stranger!”

“You b*tch!” Clement knew that Kathleen was fooling him. His hand was clenching hard around her neck.

Kathleen was out of breath, and her face began to turn pale. Even so, she didn’t struggle nor retaliate and let Clement strangle her neck.

At that moment, a man was running in from outside, reporting, “Mr. Corbyn, Samuel and Charles are here.”

Clement sneered, “That’s fast.” No wonder she is not afraid or retaliates. She knows that they will be showing up just in time to rescue her.

“Tell the boys to hold them off for some time!” Clement ordered coldly.

“Yes, Mr. Corbyn.” The man went out again.

Clement grabbed Kathleen’s jaw. “I know your lips are sealed. But, let’s see how stubborn you are then!”

He roughly prised Kathleen’s mouth open and stuffed a pill inside. After that, he let go of her.

Kathleen rubbed her neck and stared at him. “What did you feed me?”

“A poisonous pill. If you don’t give me what I want in three days, you will be poisoned to death.” Clement glared at her wickedly. “Trust me; I’m not lying to you. Not only that, but I am also the only one who has the antidote to this poison.”

Right after he finished his words, Samuel and Charles dashed in with several men.

“Kate!” they voiced out at the same time.

Charles reacted faster than Samuel. He quickly took a good look at Kathleen. “Are you okay?”

The latter answered sullenly, “He made me swallow a poisonous pill and asked me for something. I don’t actually know what he wants.”

Clement frowned. Did she just say it out loud? Shouldn’t she silently carry all of this without troubling anyone else? Then, after a moment of struggling with her thoughts, she will give me what I asked for in exchange for the antidote.

“Clement, you made me do this. Do you think I will be a dimwit, silently solving the problem by myself? Well, I won’t. If I can’t deal with it, why don’t I just tell my brother?” Kathleen mocked.

Upon hearing her words, Clement gritted his teeth.

She is such a pain in the a*s.

“I think the antidote is on him,” Kathleen uttered coldly while staring at Clement.

Is he trying to escape? Not a chance! Samuel promptly rushed toward him. His big, slender hand grabbed Clement’s collar from the back. He then dragged the latter forward and smashed him onto the coffee table.


The coffee table shattered into pieces. Everything on the table fell to the ground.

Charles shielded Kathleen to prevent the pieces from hurting her.

Samuel walked toward Clement, stepped on the latter’s chest, and loomed over him. “Where’s the antidote?”

Clement was so infuriated. “What are you waiting for? Get him!”

However, no matter how hard he raged, no one was coming to save him.

Nobody entered either.

Samuel coldly said, “Your men have been subdued by my people. They are all dead meat.”

Charles walked over, searched Clement’s body, and found a pill.

He handed it to Kathleen. She did not take it eagerly but stared at Clement. “Next time, use your brain first before you make a move. Investigate my family background clearly before kidnapping me.”

Upon finishing her words, she swallowed the pill.

Clement glared at her furiously.

Kathleen then looked at Samuel. “Samuel, about the mines…”

“I know.” The man gazed at her meaningfully.

“I’ll sell them to you. Can you take them all?” Kathleen said indifferently.

“Of course.” Samuel nodded and then continued, “But are you sure you want to hand them to me?”

“As long as it’s not him,” Kathleen scoffed and gave a sidelong glance at Clement.

The latter smirked. “You don’t want to give me? That’s your business. But why would you hand them to your ex-husband instead of Christopher? It seems like you still have feelings for him.”

“Do you want to hear the truth?” Kathleen stood up.

Meanwhile, Clement glared at her.

“Even if I give them to Christopher, you will think of a way to take them from him. It’s not that I don’t trust him, but he is oppressed by his family. I will only stress him out.” Kathleen paused for a second and continued, “However, Samuel is in a totally different situation. He can take them all without seeking any approval from anyone. Furthermore, he will never allow the Corbyn family’s wish to come true. That’ll be enough.”

Clement gritted his teeth. This woman is clearly not the type of person who plays by the rules.

Kathleen mocked, “Clement, I’m the one who has the upper hand in this. If you try to take away the things by threatening me, you’re just too naive.”

“Let’s go.” Charles’ heart ached when he saw the bruise on Kathleen’s neck.

Samuel walked over and lifted Kathleen into his arms. With that, he strode out of the place.

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