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Samuel placed Kathleen inside the car and buckled her seatbelt. “I’ll ask my men to keep an eye on Clement. After we confirm that you are fine, I’ll release him.”

Kathleen uttered faintly, “He won’t dare to make a fake drug.”

“Just in case.” Samuel’s tone was deep as he shifted his gaze toward Kathleen. “You’ve really grown a lot.”

Kathleen glanced at him helplessly. “Thanks for the compliment. I’ve grown a lot in terms of love as well.”

Samuel cast her a complicated look. “Let’s go to the hospital.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

Taking off his coat, Samuel put it on Kathleen before closing the car door.

Then, he went around the front of the car and came to the driver’s seat. After getting into the car, he drove Kathleen to the hospital.

Charles stayed behind to wrap up the mess.

Seeing Samuel taking Kathleen away, Charles was not pissed this time.

Turning around, he saw Tyson leading his men to tie Clement up.

“Tyson, what are you doing?” Charles furrowed his brows.

“We’re following Mr. Macari’s order. He said that we should wait until Ms. Johnson is fine before letting him go,” Tyson explained.

“He isn’t scared of offending the Corbyn family, is he?” Charles asked meaningfully.

Tyson responded disdainfully, “It’s just the Corbyn family. Mr. Johnson, don’t worry. We will take good care of Mr. Corbyn. We’ve even prepared three beautiful women in case he needs them. We’ll make sure he feels at home, and we won’t torture him.”

Charles was rendered speechless by that.

Does everyone around Samuel talk like this?

Charles waved his hand, gesturing them to handle it themselves.

In any case, Samuel did that for Kathleen.

If the Corbyn family dared to express their dissatisfaction in the future, surely Samuel would help out.

Charles did not want to owe Samuel any favor.

Nonetheless, Kathleen chose to call Samuel at the most critical moment.

Indeed, Charles was upset that Samuel’s existence exceeded his.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kathleen was admitted to the VIP ward again.

Richard personally came to draw her blood.

Kathleen’s face seemed somewhat pale as she asked, “Dr. Zimmer, are there beds available this time?”

Richard was rendered speechless as he immediately shifted his gaze toward Samuel.

Samuel uttered coldly, “She is asking you if there are enough beds in your hospital. I have no idea about that.”

What an ungrateful person he is! I shouldn’t have helped him!

“Ms. Johnson, rest assured. There are enough beds.” Richard gritted his teeth.

“I guess I came at a bad timing last time,” Kathleen responded lazily.

“That’s right,” Richard said faintly. “You had bad luck.”

“Maybe,” Kathleen replied with a complicated look.

Richard narrowed his eyes and stared at Samuel.

The latter did not say anything.

“Samuel, the title deeds for those two mountains are in the box of the apartment, and the code for the safe is…” Kathleen paused momentarily.

Samuel asked coldly, “What is it?”

“Your birthday combined with my birthday,” Kathleen replied faintly.

“Okay, I’ll ask my men to get it.” Samuel sent a message to Tyson, asking him to go take the deeds.

After Richard finished drawing Kathleen’s blood, he let her rest and left the ward.

Kathleen looked at Samuel indifferently. “Samuel, I gave you the title deed for no other reason, just because I think it is the best option. Don’t overthink it.”

Samuel stared at her in an unfathomable way while nodding. “You made this decision after weighing the pros and cons. I know there is no emotion involved.”

Kathleen hesitated for a while. “How could you say so? I didn’t give it to Chris because I didn’t want to trouble him. Plus, I know that if I gave it to him, he would need to cooperate with the Corbyn family. Besides that, Granny Monica has deep grudges against the Corbyn family. Surely she won’t let them have the advantage. Hence, I can only give it to you. Whether I take it for myself or give it to others, I’m afraid I won’t be able to fight against the cooperation between the Corbyn family and the Morris family.”

Samuel asked in a low voice, “Do you think the Morris family and the Corbyn family will work together?”

“Nothing is impossible.” Kathleen bit her lips. “Like I said. Chris is under his dad and grandpa, while Astrid is with Clement. Not to mention, Felix likes Astrid very much. If I give the title deeds to Chris, Clement will definitely extend an olive branch to the Morris family.

Samuel nodded upon hearing that.

Indeed, Kathleen’s analysis was correct.

“Samuel, I have no choice but to trouble you then.” Kathleen pursed her lip. “Maybe in my subconsciousness, I feel that you’re strong enough to handle it.”

Samuel grabbed a chair and sat down casually. “By giving it to me, of course, others might think you have some intentions toward me.”

Kathleen narrowed her eyes, rendered speechless.

Samuel’s cold lips curled into a smile. “How about we work together on Flobury?”

Kathleen blinked a few times. “Work together?”

“Yes, I’ll consider these two mountains as the capital that you brought into the venture. We’ll split the profit in half.” Samuel looked at her seriously.

Split the profit in half?

“Evidently, you contributed more than me. How can we split the profit evenly?” Kathleen was exasperated. “Are you kidding me?”

Samuel smiled. “Four six then?”

Kathleen was left dumbfounded. “Four for me and six for you?”

“Six for you, four for me,” Samuel responded.

Kathleen said, “Can you stop fooling around?”

Noticing her starting to lose her calm, Samuel comforted her, “All right. I will stop. Seven for me and three for you then.”

“That’s more like it.” Kathleen resumed her composure.

Samuel stared at her deeply. “As a partner, do you have any suggestions regarding future developments?”

“I’ve only one condition,” Kathleen uttered coldly. “I don’t want the Corbyn family to be part of it.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t involve them,” Samuel promised.

“The Yoeger family as well!” Kathleen added.

Samuel teased, “Aren’t you one of the Yoeger family?”

Kathleen paused for a short while. “You know what I mean.”

Placing his hand on her head, Samuel smiled deeply. “I will only cooperate with you then. How about that?”

Kathleen snorted in response.

“Please get some rest.” Samuel helped her tuck the blanket.

As a matter of fact, she was indeed a little tired.

The drug turned out to be extremely powerful.

Even though she had consumed the antidote, there were still some side effects.

One of the effects was making her entire body strengthless.

She needed to have a good rest.

All of a sudden, she opened her eyes. “No way. I still need to go and film.”

Samuel pressed her down on her bed. “I’ve applied for sick leave for you.”

Only then was she willing to lie down. “Thanks.”

Samuel stared at her with a complex look. “Get some sleep.”

Nodding slightly, Kathleen dozed off with an easy mind.

By the time she woke up, she noticed it was already sunset.

The sky was getting dark.

Is it already this late? Did Samuel leave?

“Are you awake?” Just then, Christopher’s gentle voice was heard.

Stunned momentarily, she sat upright. “Chris?”

Christopher was sitting on the couch. He stood up and turned on the light. “Are you feeling better?”

Kathleen nodded.

She saw two contracts on the coffee table, and she supposed they were prepared by Samuel.

Did Christopher see it?

In truth, she would not be able to hide such a fact.

“Chris, actually…” Kathleen wanted to explain.

“The mountain is yours. You can handle it the way you like.” Christopher sounded utterly gentle.

Kathleen bit her lip.

“Actually, I understand your concerns. My position in the Morris family is not the same as Samuel’s position in the Macari family. He can run the family all by himself,” Christopher responded bitterly.

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