All Too Late Chapter 157

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All Too Late Chapter 157

“Samuel, you—” Nicolette opened her eyes.

However, to her surprise, the one standing before her was Kathleen.

The latter was wearing a blue and white striped hospital gown. Although her delicate and beautiful face looked pale, she was still exuding an imposing air.

The one that hit her was Kathleen.

“It was my first time hearing someone make such a request, so I naturally had to comply,” Kathleen answered maliciously as she looked down at Nicolette from above.

This was the first meeting they had after a year.

Nicolette gritted her teeth in anger. “Kathleen!”

“I merely fulfilled your request,” Kathleen said coldly and raised her eyebrow. “If you ask me to hit you like an idiot, then you can’t blame me when it hurts. You deserved it, though.”

Nicolette’s face and ears reddened with fury.

“Hmm? Is your mask stuck on your face?” Kathleen sneered. “Why aren’t you taking it off?”

When Nicolette recalled how her face looked now, her eyes blazed like two torches. “It’s all because of you!”

“Me?” Kathleen faked ignorance. “What does this have to do with me?”

“Did you forget?” Nicolette ground her teeth in resentment. “You’re the one who did this to my face! Don’t you think you can worm out of this if you pretend you forgot!”

“Oh. In that case, you deserved it. Can’t blame me.” Kathleen shrugged.

“Kathleen, if Samuel hadn’t illegally imprisoned me, I would have sued you! I’ll make sure you get thrown in jail!” Nicolette roared.

“You’re going to sue me?” Kathleen stared at her expressionlessly. “Who gave you the gall to do that?”

“I have evidence!” Nicolette gnashed her teeth before yelling furiously, “And witnesses too! Those who attended the wedding are my witnesses! They saw it all!”

“Try me then,” warned Samuel, his low voice tinged with frost. “Let’s see who will dare to bring out the evidence and who will testify for you.”

“Nicolette, don’t think you didn’t leave any evidence of what you have done all these years!” Kathleen said mockingly while looking coldly at her.

Nicolette smirked. “Back then, Samuel got rid of all those people in a fit of anger.”

In other words, Kathleen did not have the evidence or witnesses.

“Are you sure about that?” Kathleen said indifferently.

Nicolette scoffed. “I know Gemma is your friend. She would be more than happy to fake evidence for you.”

“It seems like you have done your research. My bad for underestimating you,” Kathleen replied icily.

“You’ll never win against me!” Nicolette glared at Kathleen in a threatening manner.

Coldly, Kathleen said, “Bring it on!”

After that, she turned and left.

Nicolette gave Samuel a knowing smile. “You know, I have to thank you, Samuel. You got rid of all the witnesses of that incident only because I saved your life.”

Samuel’s dark eyes were cold as ice.

“If you dare to lay a hand on Kathleen, you’re dead!” Samuel warned Nicolette, his eyes giving her a forbidding glare.

Although Nicolette’s heart skipped a beat in fear, she faked her composure and smiled. “Samuel, don’t forget that I once saved your life.”

“I told you long ago that we no longer owed each other anything,” Samuel retorted, his aura getting colder by the minute.

“You’re so heartless,” Nicolette muttered and looked at him wistfully.

Samuel ignored her and left.

Nicolette’s eyes glinted as she watched Samuel disappear.

I still love him. To me, Samuel is dazzling. If I can’t have him, I’d rather destroy him. I will never let Kathleen have him!

Kathleen returned to the ward.

Whenever she saw Nicolette, other than a deep hatred, she also felt a tightness in her chest.

That’s right. Whenever I see her, I feel suffocated.

For every day she failed to get her revenge on Nicolette for killing her children, that was one more day she could not be at ease.

Samuel entered the ward.

As he walked gracefully toward Kathleen, the gaze he fixed on her was complicated and unfathomable.

“You should leave,” Kathleen said expressionlessly.

Samuel’s sharp jawline tensed. “Kate, Nicolette and I have nothing between us anymore.”

Slowly, Kathleen raised her head. Looking at the cold yet charming man in front of her, she said, “Samuel, there’s another important reason I don’t want to be with you.”

“What is it?” Samuel frowned.

“You slept with Nicolette, didn’t you?” Kathleen gritted her teeth hard. “To me, she is the killer of my unborn sons, but you had sex with her. I can’t—”

Samuel grabbed her wrist before replying irritably, “I know you hate me and resent me. I can take that. However, you shouldn’t slander me for something I didn’t do!”

Kathleen frowned and retorted, “I didn’t slander you!”

“The only woman I have ever slept with was you!” he declared solemnly.

“Haha!” Beads of tears started to appear at the corners of Kathleen’s eyes. “Samuel, you said that you’ll never deceive me. But now, you’re lying straight to my face.”

However, Samuel was firm in this statement, and the whites of his eyes gradually reddened. “I didn’t lie.”

Eventually, the tears rolled down her face. “I heard it.”

“What?” Samuel’s brows creased.

“I heard the voice recording Nicolette sent me. It was you having sex with her.” Kathleen smiled dejectedly, her tears beading on her curled, long lashes.

The hand that had been holding her wrist tightly slowly loosened.

Gradually, his eyes filled with disappointment. “Why don’t you believe me? I told you I would not lie to you.”

Kathleen pursed her lips tightly.

Grabbing his jacket, Samuel turned and left.

Kathleen’s expression was miserable. With both hands covering her face, she sobbed lightly.

Why am I crying again? I thought I had moved on.

After that, Kathleen did not see Samuel for several days.

It appeared like he would never bother her ever again.

Meanwhile, Kathleen resumed her daily routine of going to the filming set and returning home. She never went anywhere else.

Although her life was simple, it was exciting too.

On this day, Charles was the one fetching her back from work.

In the car, Charles asked, “Since your workload at the set isn’t that heavy for the time being, can you help me with something?”

“Sure. What do you need me to do?” Kathleen put down her script.

Tomorrow was the scene that involved the court, so Kathleen had nothing to do.

“It’s like this. A boy band in our company has participated in an idol competition. They were scheduled to record their live performance this Thursday, but the female idol they were supposed to work with refused to go. That female idol was from another company. After an artiste from our company snatched a movie role from said idol, she refused to participate in this idol competition anymore,” Charles explained, rubbing his temples.

“You want me to stand in as a dancer for them?” Kathleen asked curiously.

“Yes.” Charles nodded. “This live performance is important because it is also an elimination round.”

“Didn’t you spend money on it?” Kathleen raised an eyebrow.

“We shouldn’t stand out too much and win it now that money has been spent on it, if you know what I mean,” Charles hinted.

“Oh, I get it.” Kathleen immediately understood her brother’s plan. “You deliberately didn’t compromise and let our company artiste snatch the female idol’s movie role so that you will get the chance to ask me to fill in for the boy band and make them famous. Am I right?”

“Ahem, it’s not snatching,” Charles righteously corrected her. “It’s just a standard business tactic. Moreover, if she wanted to participate, I would have let her.”

Kathleen was speechless.

This is the day I finally got to see my brother’s calculative side!

“Okay, I’ll do what I can,” Kathleen said in exasperation.

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