All Too Late Chapter 16

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All Too Late Chapter 16

All Too Late Chapter 16


Just as Wynnie was about to push the door open to enter the place, Kathleen held her hand.

She had also heard what Samuel had said.

He claimed to be able to have her donate her bone marrow in three days.

What does he plan on doing? Will he tie her on a sickbed and force her to donate her bone marrow?

Wynnie gave Kathleen a side glance, noting that the latter already had tears rolling in her eyes but had willed herself not to cry even though she was feeling aggrieved as it was.

Wynnie heaved a sigh before leading Kathleen away.

Sensing that someone was outside the room, Samuel came out to check, only to find no one behind the door.

Was it an illusion?

Meanwhile, Wynnie led Kathleen back into the ward.

After closing the door, she said coldly, “Don’t you worry. Samuel would never be able to force you as long as you do not agree to this. How dare he act like a dictator!”

“Thank you, Wynnie.” Kathleen pulled her lips into a thin line.

Although Wynnie was Samuel’s biological mother, she had always been protective over Kathleen.

Wynnie lamented, “Kathleen, you have an overly tolerant personality. Don’t you know only by playing weak that you will be tended to? Samuel won’t care for you if you keep on being such a doormat.”

“But I won’t be able to stay at his side if I don’t tolerate him.” Kathleen bit her lip with her teeth.

“Why did you go to City Hall today?” Wynnie studied Kathleen.

Kathleen was a bad liar, so Wynnie knew what was going on upon laying eyes on her.

“I…” Kathleen was hesitant to speak.

If she told Wynnie the truth, the entire Macari family would know about it.

“Were you planning to file for divorce?” Wynnie gave her a side glance. “Are you and Samuel planning to go through with the divorce before informing anybody else?”

Kathleen lowered her head sheepishly.

“You two are such a bother.” Wynnie was furious. “Don’t you know you’ll be in big trouble if your grandmother-in-law knows about this?”

What Wynnie meant was that Diana would be angry if she knew that Samuel and Kathleen were filing for divorce.

Diana was in poor health, so she would fall ill if she ever flew into a rage.

It would be disastrous if that happened by any chance and something bad befell Diana.

Kathleen bit her lip. “Wynnie, she won’t know if nobody tells her.”

“Do you think that b*tch Nicolette can possibly hold her tongue?” Wynnie asked in exasperation. “She might even make a public announcement immediately. If that’s the case, Old Mrs. Macari will still hear about it.”

It was impossible to keep things under wraps forever.

Even if Diana never left home, she lived in a modern era.

She would go online with her phone, so it would be impossible to keep things from her.

Kathleen fell silent.

What should I do? Should I continue this stalemate with Samuel?


Kathleen’s stomach growled without warning, startling Wynnie.

Kathleen felt a little awkward. She hadn’t eaten anything the whole day.

“Samuel, this bastard! Did he not even buy you a meal?” Wynnie was fuming.

All of his attention is on that mistress even though his wife is in the hospital. He isn’t even aware that she’s hungry here! No wonder Kathleen is adamant about filing for divorce.

“Wynnie, I can just buy myself bread later on.” Kathleen wanted to quell Wynnie’s anger.

Wynnie stared at her knowingly. “Hold on for a moment.”

After that, Wynnie reached for her phone to dial a number. “Hello, are you still at work? Prepare a meal and send it to the hospital. My daughter-in-law is hospitalized. Yeah. I need something tasty and nutritious.”

Wynnie turned to look at Kathleen after hanging up. “I ordered a lavish meal from Mila. She’ll be here in a moment.”

The woman who Wynnie mentioned was her close friend and a five-star chef capable of cooking delicious meals.

Those who wanted to get a taste of her food would have to book an appointment, and the waiting list had reached as far into the future as next year.

However, Wynnie was able to settle everything with just a phone call.

In a sense, she was the dominant one.

Mila Hunter arrived twenty minutes later with a bunch of stuff.

Wynnie took the things from her while saying, “Thanks for your hard work, Babe.”

“You don’t need to be so formal with me.” Mila turned to look at Kathleen. “Why were you hospitalized, Katie?”

“I…” Kathleen wasn’t sure how she should explain.

“Oh, it’s infuriating! Someone tried to plot against Katie, but a policeman rescued her. That policeman suffered grave injuries and is still in the intensive care unit,” Wynnie explained.

“What?” Mila was shocked.

She walked over to the sickbed and checked on Kathleen. While cupping Kathleen’s soft cheeks with both her hands, she inquired, “Are you all right?”

“It’s nothing.” Kathleen shook her head.

“Great. If something happened to you, your mother-in-law would bawl her eyes out,” joked Mila.

Wynnie took out all of the dishes that Mila brought with her. “You bet.”

“Your mother-in-law wanted a daughter, but your father-in-law thought that childbirth was too painful. In the end, they only had Samuel, their only son,” said Mila. “That’s why she had been treating you as if you were her daughter.”

“Yeah, I know that.” Kathleen was aware that Wynnie was very nice to her and loved her like how a mother would, while she also loved and respected Wynnie.

Mila also doted on Kathleen due to her relationship with Wynnie.

In fact, everyone in and related to the Macari family was nice to her, with Samuel being the only exception.

Sometimes, Kathleen couldn’t help but think that the reason she couldn’t make up her mind to divorce Samuel and leave him once and forever was perhaps that she had all those amicable people around her.

“Come on. Have something to eat.” Wynnie placed the food in front of Kathleen.

Mila looked around. “By the way, where is Samuel?”

Wynnie sighed impatiently. “He’s upstairs.”

Mila grasped the situation immediately. With a frown, she muttered, “Samuel had gone overboard! I’ll go get him.”

“Don’t do that, Mdm. Hunt.” Kathleen held Mila back. “Let him be. I’m fine and no longer care.”

It was true that she no longer cared.

Mila looked at her apologetically. “Samuel will regret this.”

Wynnie nodded. “Definitely! It would be best if he regrets this so much that he kneels in front of Katie while bawling his eyes out.”

“Yeah!” Mila didn’t feel that was enough. “Kate, you’d better not forgive him that easily by then!”

Kathleen didn’t know what to say. Aren’t you two supposed to be Samuel’s mother and close associate?

All of a sudden, Kathleen retched as she felt her stomach churning, so she hopped off the bed to run into the washroom.

Wynnie and Mila exchanged glances.

After a while, Kathleen returned with a pale face.

“What’s wrong, Katie?” Mila stared at her in puzzlement. “Are you feeling sick?”

“I’m sorry to have worried you, Mdm. Hunt. My stomach had been feeling uncomfortable. I had seen a doctor yesterday,” she explained.

She was determined to hide the fact that she was pregnant.

If it was uncovered, the Macari family would never agree to her divorce and would want her to give birth to the baby.

However, she knew that wouldn’t matter, for Samuel would never change his mind, nor had she ever planned to tie him down with her child.

Children were people, not tools.

She would love and care for her children on her own, so she needed nobody else.

Thus, she was ready to leave the place that had too many people and incidents that had hurt her.

Even though Diana, Wynnie, and Mila were all nice to her, she still felt like leaving.

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