All Too Late Chapter 165

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All Too Late Chapter 165

All Too Late Chapter 165

Three hours later, Kathleen finally knocked off work.

When she returned to the lounge to get changed, Samuel was indeed still there.

She drew the curtains and began to undress.

After a while, Samuel did not hear any movements from the changing room, so he asked, “Kate, are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” she answered in an incredibly soft voice.

“What’s wrong?” he queried worriedly.

“Could you get Valerie here for me?” Kathleen muttered awkwardly.

She had wanted to use her phone, but she could not reach for it as she had left it on the dressing table.

The man furrowed his brows and questioned, “Is it that time of the month?”

She gave no response.

“Wait there,” he said before walking out.

Kathleen waited patiently. Finally, Samuel returned five minutes later.

With a bag in his hand, he reached past the curtains and into the changing room.

She noticed that there were new underwear and sanitary pads in it.

“Thank you.” Her face heated up. “There’s one more thing,” she whispered.

“Do you need painkillers?” Samuel frowned. “I’ll go and get some.”

“No, no!” Kathleen quickly shook her head. “Could you please pass me the bathrobe that’s hung outside? I forgot to grab my clothes earlier, and it will be troublesome if I dirtied the film set’s costume.”

The man noticed a black bathrobe hung outside and took it to pass to her.

“Thank you!” She took the bathrobe and immediately draped it over her body before coming out from behind the curtains.

Her fair, exquisite face was currently as red as an apple.

Carrying the bag, she hurriedly walked toward the restroom.

Samuel smirked at the sight of that. What’s there to be shy about?

After a good five minutes, Kathleen came out of the restroom, her expression looking a lot more relaxed.

She grabbed her clothes and went into the changing room to get changed once more.

In the meantime, Samuel sat quietly on the couch and kept himself busy.

Kathleen could not help but realize that one of Samuel’s greatest merits was his patience.

After she was done, she came out and said, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“I told you, I’ll always have the patience to wait for you.”

The woman fixed her gaze on him. “I was just about to praise you for having such good manners to wait this long patiently.”

“It also depends on whether the person is worthy of my time.” Samuel’s voice was deep with a hint of affection. ”You’re the first.”

“I don’t believe it!” Kathleen refuted firmly. “Have you never waited for Nicolette?”

“She never dared make me wait,” he replied indifferently. “She was always the one trying to please me. Although she had saved my life, what she needs more are the status and identity I can give her. There was always a clear line when it came to our relationship.”

He did not mind telling her everything.

Kathleen pursed her lips, saying nothing.

Samuel then stood up and added coldly, “As for what you said about her and me previously, I can swear I’ve never touched her. If I did, I’d rot in hell.”

Once again, the woman was at a loss for words.

Kathleen followed Samuel as they returned to the Macari residence.

As soon as they entered, Wynnie said, “Samuel, what’s the matter with you?”

The man bent over and handed Kathleen a pair of adorable bunny indoor slippers to change into.

“What is it this time?” he asked blandly.

Wynnie lowered her voice, slightly concerned about Kathleen. “You’re trending online.”

“What for?” Samuel furrowed his brows.

How could he not know about it?

“You went to the convenience store and bought underwear and sanitary pads for some woman! The paparazzo captured everything!” Wynnie grumbled.

“They are truly idle, huh?” he scoffed.

Kathleen blushed upon hearing that. Is such a piece of news even worth the buzz?

“Do you know everyone is suspecting that you have a new lover? Who did you buy those things for!” Wynnie boomed.

Samuel let out a sigh, then said to Kathleen, “Take off your coat. It’s warm in the house.”

“You don’t have to tell me that,” the woman replied and did just that.

She wore a fluffy pink sweater and a black knitted skirt on the inside, making her look both sweet and stunning.

“Mom, get her a painkiller,” Samuel requested calmly.

“It’s fine,” Kathleen answered as her face reddened in embarrassment.

This incident is already trending online. Now, everyone knows I’m on my period. Let’s just hope Samuel doesn’t clarify it.

“Kate, are you not well?” Wynnie asked concernedly.

“Um, my back… hurts.” Kathleen’s delicate countenance flushed exceedingly.

“Your back? Have you seen the doctor?” Wynnie was worried that it was the after-effect of that incident a year ago.

Samuel looked casually at his mother and asked, “Mom, when do you think a woman’s back would hurt?”

“It can hurt anytime!”

Samuel was rendered speechless.


Kathleen couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore.

“Mrs. Macari, Samuel actually bought those things for me,” she stated bashfully.

“Oh.” Wynnie was calm for a moment before realization dawned on her. “What!”

After dinner, Kathleen went to visit Diana and confessed everything.

The latter furrowed her brows. “So, your mother is the daughter of Frances?”

“Mm.” Kathleen nodded.

Diana mulled it over before saying, “Since you’re certain about it, you should go to the Yoeger residence immediately.”

“Charles and I are being cautious because we’re not sure how Old Mrs. Yoeger feels about this. It’s a tricky situation, after all. If Vanessa really played a part in not allowing Old Mrs. Yoeger to look for my mother, I have no choice but to take revenge,” Kathleen explained.

Diana understood Kathleen’s intentions. “If you have evidence, I’m sure Frances won’t play dumb. However, you are right; it is a tricky situation. Furthermore, there are a ton of problems within the Yoegers at present, and Vanessa can be said to be the one leading the family right now. If you really want to avenge your mother, I doubt Frances will let you lay hands on Vanessa.”

Kathleen nodded in agreement. “That’s why I was hoping you’d be able to arrange a meeting for me with Old Mrs. Yoeger. I want to know more about the relationship among the Yoegers first. I initially wanted to wait until Old Mrs. Yoeger’s birthday banquet to do so, but I don’t think I can wait that long anymore.”

“That’ll be a piece of cake,” Diana said solemnly. She then called out to Wynnie.

Wynnie swiftly entered the room. “Did you call for me, Mom?”

“Let’s not host the charity auction I mentioned to you outside anymore. Let’s do it at home,” Diana stated.

“Sure.” Wynnie nodded.

Diana then turned to Kathleen and said, “The few of us have a charity home where we organize a charity auction annually.”

“I’m aware.”

“It happens to be my turn to host it this year. I’d intended to find a suitable venue for the event, but since you wish to meet Frances, I’ll host it here at home.” Diana truly doted on Kathleen.

“Thank you, Old Mrs. Macari,” Kathleen said in appreciation.

Diana grinned. “What’s there to thank me for? You don’t have to be so courteous with me!”

“Old Mrs. Macari, if you ever need my help, feel free to let me know.”

“Just focus on your filming. I’ll help you settle everything else,” Diana reassured.

Kathleen was deeply grateful as she looked at the elder.

Diana held the former’s hand and remarked smilingly, “I’m really delighted you shared this with me and allowed me to help you with it. It shows that you still see us as your family.”

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