All Too Late Chapter 167

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All Too Late Chapter 167

All Too Late Chapter 167

“You’re mocking me!” Kathleen gasped.

How dare he doubt my intelligence!

“Fine, I’m the foolish one then.” Samuel relented reluctantly.

Kathleen replied smugly, “Rightfully so, too. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.”

“Before I forget, thanks for the medicine. Though they might be one of the most bitter ones I’ve ever tasted,” said Samuel as he fixed his gaze at the back of Kathleen’s willowy figure.

“That was intentional. You’re most welcome.”

Samuel was dumbstruck by her imprudence.

Kathleen continued on her way, leaving behind a resigned Samuel.

“I’ll finish it up regardless!” Samuel called out, sounding like he had been wronged.

A smile tugged on the corner of Kathleen’s cherry red lips as she entered her room and shut the door to her balcony.

Samuel lingered on his balcony till Kathleen’s curtains were drawn.

He had just reached his room when his phone began to ring.

The caller ID displayed was that of Nicolette.

Samuel had lost count of the number of times his phone had been bombarded by her.

He had never picked up any of her calls accept for that first time.

Nevertheless, he had to put a stop to this.

“Do you plain on explaining yourself, Mr. Macari?” Nicolette mocked over the phone.

Samuel couldn’t help his rising feelings of disgust. “I owe you nothing.”

Nicolette curled her lips. “I wonder what Kathleen thinks of you right now. She must be beside herself, blaming you for everything that transpired?”

“Don’t compare her to the likes of yourself.”

Nicolette gritted her teeth. “You’ll never have her!”

“It was you who sent her that fabricated audio recording a year ago,” Samuel uttered harshly.

Nicolette was stunned to hear this but quickly regained her composure. “What are you going to do about it?”

Samuel’s eyes were two endless chasms of swirling wrath. “Enough of your games, Nicolette.”

Nicolette was the reason all along for the rift between him and Kathleen.

“It’s too late, Samuel. Kathleen would never believe that we’ve never slept together before,” Nicolette taunted.

Samuel remained silent.

“We’re all grown adults now. Who’d actually care about an occasional dalliance or two? Unfortunately for you, you can’t prove your innocence like a woman can.”

There was ice running through Samuel’s veins. “You repulse me.”

It was unthinkable that Nicolette would exploit him as a tool for bragging.

Me? Repulsive?

Nicolette’s face formed into a snarl. “You only have yourself to blame! This wouldn’t have happened at all if you had married me in the first place.”

Samuel was indifferent to Nicolette’s paroxysm of anger.

“You should have questioned the reason behind it instead.”

“Why then? Tell me!” Nicolette cried.

“I’ve never loved you, and I never will,” Samuel delivered coolly.

It felt as if someone had landed several blows to Nicolette’s gut.

She had known this all along but had refused to acknowledge the truth of it.

If Samuel had truly loved her, he would have gone against his family for her sake.

She supposed that she simply wasn’t important enough.

Nicolette attempted to cling to a string of hope. “You’re saying this because Kathleen’s around, right?”

“She’s not.” Samuel inclined his gaze toward the opposite balcony.

The lights had dimmed.

“Don’t ever try calling me again. We’re over and done with,” Samuel warned as he swiftly hung up.

“Samuel, wait!” Nicolette screamed into the void that was the empty ringing tone.

She gripped her phone tightly till her knuckles turned bone white.

It had still come to this in the end.

Samuel did not love her.

He had never belonged to her, not in the truest sense.

What more was the point in her pretending to be his savior?

Nonetheless, she would carry the secret of his savior’s identity to her grave.

It was the day after Nicolette’s phone call.

Kathleen was getting into her car when she spotted Samuel headed her way.

He was dressed impeccably in a white dress shirt, dark sweater, and suit with peaked lapels that accentuated his elegance.

“Good morning,” Samuel greeted.

“Are you going to work this early? It’s only seven o’clock,” Kathleen bemused.

Samuel signaled toward his car. “Hop on. We’ve got important matters to discuss.”

“Are you saying that there are trivial matters too?” Kathleen joked.

“Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not the case today.”

Kathleen huffed indignantly.

“Get in. It’s too cold to stay out for long,” Samuel urged.

The snow-white cardigan and down jacket Kathleen was engulfed in made her resemble a fluffy furball all the more.

Kathleen scanned Samuel from head to toe. “I’m dressed in more layers than you are.”

Winters in Jadeborough were not to be trifled with.

The corner of Samuel’s lips lifted in amusement. “Is your heart aching out of sympathy for me?”

“You can freeze to death for all I care.”

Samuel’s eyes lit with a feral glint. “My car’s over there.”

“Rumors will be flying all over town if others catch sight of me. You should get in my car instead,” Kathleen refused profusely.

“Would you still make it in time after sending me to work?”

Kathleen pursed her lips in thought. “Can’t whatever it is be discussed over the phone?”

“It’s crucial that we discuss this face to face. Besides, I have a flight to catch at nine o’clock.”

Kathleen was caught off guard by his statement.

“I’ll be traveling outstation for two days due to work,” explained Samuel.

Kathleen strode toward Samuel’s car. “That’s none of my business.”

What an interesting reaction.

Samuel followed closely behind.

He had left the heater on, so the car was perfectly warm and toasty.

Kathleen brought along a thermal flask of coffee to keep her functioning throughout the day.

Samuel took his place at the driver’s seat and fastened his seatbelt.

The sunlight reflecting off Samuel’s wedding band caught Kathleen’s attention as Samuel rested his hands on the steering wheel.

She felt her skull thrumming with a portent migraine.

Kathleen couldn’t bear the silence any longer and forged on. “So, what is this all about?”

“It’s regarding the launch of Flobury in three days. As the company’s partner, you should attend the opening ceremony as well.”

Kathleen was taken aback. “Are you sure?”

“Don’t underestimate your importance, dear partner,” Samuel said with a half-smile flirting his lips.

The morning sunlight illuminated his coal-black eyes to a sparkling sheen.

“You may set a date with Charles. He’ll make the arrangements.”

“Considering how much animosity he bears toward me, I doubt he’d even give me the time of day to voice my request.” Samuel shrugged.

“I’m surprised you’ve still got some degree of self-awareness.”

Samuel continued to sulk.

“It’s fine then. I’ll personally convey it to him instead once we’re done with the discussion.”

Samuel nodded in agreement.

Now that everything was settled so breezily, Kathleen felt as if she’d just walked into a trap.

This elaborate set-up must have simply been a ploy for her to get into his car. She should have smelled it from a mile away.

Just then, a bag of medicinal herbs in the storage compartment snagged her attention.

Samuel saw her reaching for it. “I’ll drink it later once I’ve reached the airport.”

“Remember to heat it up first.”

“It’s okay,” said Samuel impassively.

“You’ve always had a weak stomach. Drinking it lukewarm would simply defeat it’s medicinal purpose in the first place.” Kathleen was furious that Samuel placed his health in such low regard. “What would the doctor say if he knew of this?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m really running short on time,” Samuel responded gently.

Kathleen brows knitted worrisomely. “You should have hired a domestic helper then.”

She retrieved the medicinal herbs and warmed it with her heat pack.

Problem solved.

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