All Too Late Chapter 17

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All Too Late Chapter 17

All Too Late Chapter 17

Since the day she lost her parents, she was like a weed without roots.

Drifting around aimlessly was her fate.

A relationship with Samuel was impossible. It was all her wishful thinking.

“I had another checkup yesterday and showed the report to Samuel.” Kathleen avoided the dish that made her nauseous and ate something else.

Mila frowned.

Samuel wouldn’t be so calm if he knew that Kathleen was pregnant. Maybe we really misunderstood.

“In any case, don’t worry, Katie. We are on your side.” Wynnie patted Kathleen’s head. “It’s getting late. Mila and I will leave now. I’ll come and pick you up when you get discharged tomorrow.”

“You don’t have to, Wynnie. I can get discharged by myself tomorrow.” Kathleen did not want to trouble Wynnie.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll bring you back to the Macari residence for a few days to help you recuperate your stomach,” Wynnie answered. “I’ll call Maria and tell her to pack some things for you and send them over.”

Kathleen pursed her lips with a helpless expression.

Samuel will be even more angry with me now.

Not long after Wynnie and Mila left, Samuel arrived with supper.

He frowned when he saw the dishes on Kathleen’s table. “Did Mdm. Hunt make these?”

Kathleen nodded.

“How did she know that you were hospitalized?” Samuel was unhappy.

“Not just Mrs. Hunt, but even Mom knows too,” Kathleen said calmly. “Mom also said she will bring me to stay at the Macari residence for a while.”

She thought Samuel would be furious, but unexpectedly, he was calm. “Okay.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Will you be coming?”

“The Macari residence is a little far from the company. I may not stay there,” Samuel replied indifferently.

Kathleen smiled bitterly. “You can say that staying at the Macari residence will prevent you from taking care of Nicolette. No need for such excuses. Before we were married, you traveled to the company from the Macari residence, right?”

Samuel knew that she was being sarcastic. “I’m glad you know that.”

Kathleen’s heart ached.

“I’ve investigated the incident. Nicolette did not send that person to attack you,” Samuel explained. “Benjamin provoked someone, and the other party thought you were his girlfriend. That’s why they attacked you.”

Kathleen did not believe what he said.

It was not even twenty-four hours since she and Benjamin reunited.

There was no romance or intimacy between them.

The other party couldn’t have believed that she was his girlfriend.

They were just excuses and reasons Samuel came up with to defend Nicolette.

“Have you contacted your uncle?” Samuel asked coldly.

“Samuel, I’ve said it’s useless for you to threaten me with my uncle.” Kathleen’s soft voice was cold. “I almost got killed. Who else can I save? If Benjamin died, it would be all my fault. I’m just a human. I cannot decide who lives or dies. Do whatever you want. You can kill my uncle to threaten me or force me to my death. It’s your choice.”

Samuel’s face darkened. “You think that I’m threatening you?”

“What else could it be? Are you showing me concern?” Kathleen asked sarcastically. “I didn’t expect Mr. Macari’s way of showing concern to be so special. I understand now.”

“Kathleen, stop being sarcastic.” Samuel was displeased.

“Was I doing that?” Kathleen looked at him coldly.

In the past, her eyes were always sparkling like a clear spring.

Now, the light in her eyes had vanished without a trace.

Samuel was infuriated.

“Don’t force me, Samuel.” Kathleen’s thick and long eyelashes covered the light in her eyes. “I’m ready to go all out, so let’s get divorced as soon as possible.”

Samuel retorted coldly, “And if I disagree?”

“Did you fall in love with me?” Kathleen looked at him indifferently. “If you admit it, I’ll reconsider getting a divorce.”

Samuel’s voice was ice cold when he replied, “I don’t like you. I never have, and never will.”

Kathleen’s face paled.

Samuel turned around and left.


Kathleen’s tears fell on the table.

She wiped them away with her hand.

Drip. Drip.

However, her tears kept falling.

Her face was wet with tears no matter how many times she wiped them away.

In the end, Kathleen lay on the table and sobbed as her heart ached.

She really wanted to know what Samuel wanted from her.

He wanted a divorce, and she agreed.

Why is he rejecting it now?

Samuel did not know what had gotten into him.

Kathleen had agreed to the divorce, but he was unwilling to go through with it.

He knew that she was sensible and obedient and that she loved him deeply.

Hence, he thought that Kathleen would struggle and become hysterical.

However, in the end, she was not hysterical about begging him to not get divorced.

Instead, she wished that they would get divorced quickly.

He did not understand why this was happening.

The next day, Kathleen was ready to get discharged.

After a short wait, Christopher arrived instead of Wynnie.

Christopher looked at her with a gentle gaze. “Something urgent came up for Aunt Wynnie, so she sent me here.”

“Actually, I can handle this alone.” Kathleen was embarrassed. “Thank you, Christopher.”

Christopher hesitated for a moment. “Kathleen, can you do me a favor?”

“Sure.” Kathleen paused for a moment. “As long as it is not too much.”

Christopher chuckled. “I don’t know if my request is too much. Can you stop calling me Christopher?”

Kathleen was surprised. “Then what should I call you?”

“Samuel and I are cousins. You can just call me Chris.”

“No, I don’t think that’s suitable.” Kathleen refused.

“It’s fine. I really hope that you will address me as Chris.” Christopher persuaded. “Do you feel that this request is too much?”

“Well, if you’re fine with it.” Kathleen shook her head. “Then I’ll call you Chris from now on.”

“Great!” Christopher was satisfied.

“Chris, before we leave, I want to see Benjamin,” Kathleen said.

“You should. He saved you, after all.” Christopher explained, “Aunt Wynnie told me to inform the hospital that Benjamin’s medical expenses will be covered by the Macari family.”

Kathleen nodded. “I’ll think of a way to repay the Macari family in the future.”

Christopher paused. “What are you talking about? What belongs to the Macari family is yours too.”

Kathleen shook her head. “What belongs to the Macari family is not mine.”

Christopher looked at her seriously. “Kathleen, is something wrong with your marriage with Samuel?”

Kathleen squirmed under Christopher’s sharp gaze.

“I thought something was wrong during dinner that day,” Christopher said in a low voice. “Did you two quarrel or have a misunderstanding? Can you tell me about it?”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “There’s only one problem between us. You know what it is.”

Christopher’s face darkened. “Nicolette?”

Kathleen nodded. “She’s back and is staying in this hospital. Also, she has leukemia.”

Christopher frowned. “Leukemia?”

“Yes. What’s even worse is my bone marrow is a match with hers.” Kathleen’s lips quivered. “Samuel wants to divorce me and told me to donate my bone marrow to her.”

“What?” Christopher’s face changed as his warm eyes sharpened. “I will not let him hurt you like this!”

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