All Too Late Chapter 171

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All Too Late Chapter 171

All Too Late Chapter 171

Samuel: I’ll come back tonight.

Kathleen: Are you done with work?

Samuel: I miss you.

He badly wanted to return to her side and protect her.

Before he could even deal with Christopher, Caleb showed up.

Samuel was not even close to dying, yet there were already so many people lining up to take his place.

Kathleen: You don’t have to worry about me.

Samuel: It’s fine. It’s all settled.

Kathleen: I’m going to wash up now.

Samuel: Okay.

Although he believed that she was not a woman of easy virtue, he was still worried that she might have feelings for Caleb.

Perhaps, Kathleen had been more reserved when it came to Christopher because of Samuel.

However, Caleb was different.

He was totally unrelated to Samuel. There was no blood relationship between them, and they were not competing against each other in their respective businesses.

Kathleen would not need to worry about anything. There was even a chance that she might actually consider Caleb as a potential partner.

As such, Samuel was incredibly tormented by that thought.

He wanted to go back as quickly as possible, but he still had to finish his tasks on hand.

At noon, there was a business luncheon organized by his business partner.

Samuel attended the event in a black suit, looking refined yet aloof. There seemed to be a cold aura radiating off his body.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Macari,” a sexy lady greeted him as she approached. She was seductively dressed in a long, red dress with spaghetti straps.

Her hair cascaded over her shoulders, and her lips matched the fiery red color of her dress. She looked incredibly alluring and enchanting.

Samuel stared at her impassively.

“Have you forgotten who I am?” she asked, her attractive lips quirking up.

“Should I know who you are?” he questioned back frowningly.

“I’m Scarlett Harrison, Kathleen’s friend from high school.” She smiled faintly. “We met when I visited the Macari residence.”

“Doesn’t ring a bell.” The man was still as distant as ever.

“I wonder if you’ve taken a look at this morning’s trending news, Mr. Macari. I never imagined that Kathleen would turn out this way,” Scarlett remarked with a meaningful smile.

“This way?”

“That’s right.” She knitted her brows. “She’s such a promiscuous woman, seducing so many men. Is that what a proper lady should be doing?”

Samuel wanted to drink, but Kathleen had instructed him not to.

Therefore, he was only holding a glass just for show.

He would listen to Kathleen, even if she were not with him.

“Mr. Macari, I know you want to reconcile with Kathleen, but you have to think it through. She’s merely using you.” Scarlett scrutinized his handsome countenance.

I must say Kathleen’s really lucky to have shared a bed with such a good-looking man for three years. I wonder how enjoyable it is for her in bed every night.

She had been pining after Samuel ever since the first time they met.

Unfortunately, there were so many obstacles in her way of interacting with him, such as Kathleen.

Moreover, she was not that close to Kathleen, so there was next to no chance of chancing upon Samuel.

Now that she had finally met the man, there was no way she would let this opportunity slip.

“Mr. Macari, Kathleen told me once that she was only clinging onto you because your family is rich and powerful. She’s a greedy woman who wants to covet your family’s wealth. She doesn’t even love you.” Scarlett began sowing discord. ”Otherwise, she would not have gotten into ambiguous relationships with so many men right after coming back. She’s simply trying to boost her fame.”

A cold glint flashed across Samuel’s eyes. “Why don’t you tell that to Kathleen’s face?”

She instantly stiffened.

“Do you dare to confront her?” he asked frostily.

Right then, everyone started looking at them.

“Do you have a death wish? How dare you insult her in front of me?” Samuel’s deep voice was chilly and ominous.

Scarlett blanched.

“She is not tied to anyone and has the freedom to be with whomever she wants. I love her and will continue to protect her regardless of who she chooses. This isn’t something people like you can use to drive a wedge between us. If I ever hear you insulting her again, I’ll make sure that you won’t have a place in this industry,” he threatened.

The woman was rooted to the ground, unable to move an inch.

“Tyson!” Samuel shouted sternly.

“Yes, Mr. Macari.” Tyson walked over.

“Tell Mr. Simmons I won’t hesitate to terminate our partnership if he dares to pull such a thing again.”

“Yes!” Tyson nodded.

Samuel then left in long strides while Tyson immediately went to look for Elijah Simmons.

Once Elijah heard what had happened, he instantly broke into a cold sweat.

“It really wasn’t me who arranged for Scarlett to attend the luncheon, Mr. Hackney!” he hurriedly explained.

“Mr. Simmons, Scarlett Harrison is your employee. Do you think I won’t be able to see right through your decision of selecting her to attend this event?” Tyson rebuked.

They were merely devils trying to pretend to be angels.

It was apparent that they had wanted to make use of Scarlett’s beauty.

At that, Elijah became utterly awkward.

“Handle the rest of the matter on your own,” Tyson added before turning around to leave.

“Yes, yes.” Elijah wiped the sweat off his forehead.

He then called for Scarlett and gave her a harsh slap. “Useless! Didn’t you say that everything will go just fine?”

She held her face in silence.

“You even said you knew Samuel and told me he would show you respect!” Elijah berated. “In the end, you’re nothing but a liar!”

Scarlett gritted her teeth in rage, not reflecting on her mistakes at all.

Instead, she placed all the blame on Kathleen.

It was during the afternoon break when Kathleen saw the trending news.

Samuel Macari Caught Scolding Someone

Is Kathleen Johnson Worth It?

Samuel Macari Bullying A Woman

She turned to Charles when she read the headlines. “Can you get someone to remove these?”

“Let him settle it himself.” The latter was in the middle of playing a game.

“But Samuel did this to protect me,” she replied with furrowed brows.

“That is what he should have done,” he said sternly. “He never protected you when you were with him. Are you moved just because he defended you publicly once? Get a grip!”

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

“Don’t worry. The news only just started trending. It’ll definitely be gone once you refresh the page,” he continued.

Just as her brother said, the news had disappeared when she refreshed it.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

At that moment, Christopher called.

“Aren’t you going to get that?” Charles glanced at his sister, who was hesitating to pick up.

After a brief moment of contemplation, she answered the call. “Hello, Chris.”

“Did you really go to the Lewis residence yesterday?” Christopher asked in a vague voice.

“Yes.” Kathleen nodded.

There was a brief pause on the other end of the line. “Caleb does not seem to have any scandals so far. There was never any news of his girlfriend or partner. If you choose to be with him—”

“Chris,” she interrupted him. “You have friends of the opposite gender too, right?”

“Mm,” he replied after a moment.

“I’m only platonic friends with Caleb,” she stated. “Just like what he explained, I only went to his house to get something. It’s that simple.”

“I understand,” he responded softly.

“Good. Thank you for your concern.”

Christopher felt like Kathleen was trying to distance herself from him.

Ever since Felix got in the way, she had become especially polite toward him.

In the beginning, he was confident that there could be something between them.

However, it would now be difficult to go back to how things were previously.

Christopher was worried, afraid, and at a loss for what to do next.

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