All Too Late Chapter 180

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All Too Late Chapter 180

All Too Late Chapter 180

Do Not Trust Samuel

Nicolette was dumbstruck.

“Why did she have to make herself soaked?” Samuel stared at Nicolette, putting her in a tight spot.

Nicolette could barely handle the situation, as she did not know how to react to it when Samuel went against her.

After all, it was too easy for Samuel to deal with her if he wished to do that.

With a disdainful look, he asked, “Don’t you have anything to say now? Weren’t you spouting a mouthful of nonsense just now?”

“Haha!” Nicolette looked at him in despair and said, “We were in love, Samuel. How can you—”

“No, I never did. I was only reciprocating your kindness,” responded Samuel haughtily.

Nicolette’s face turned ashen. She was so shocked that her body was trembling in disbelief.

Reciprocating my kindness? He is so cruel!

Staring into his dark eyes, she yelled, “How can you do this to me? All you want is to pursue Kathleen!”

Samuel responded calmly, “No, I’m not. I’ve decided to give up on that. She will be my sister from now on. I’m only protecting her. Is it wrong?”

His words stumped her once again.

Kathleen flushed upon hearing his words.

She was supposed to feel peaceful to hear his words.

However, for some reason, she was conflicted. Instead, a gloomy feeling descended upon her.

Seeing how the tables had turned, Vanessa chimed in coldly, “Old Mrs. Macari, your family has gone overboard! You’re all bullying her!”

“Why didn’t you utter a word when Nicolette was bullying Kathleen?” Displeased, Diana continued, “Why? Are you anxious because we’ve finally revealed her true colors? Are you scared that it might bring shame to your family?”

Vanessa was rooted to the spot upon hearing Diana’s words.

“I need to ask you something, Nicolette.” Kathleen took a step forward. “Why did you choose the hospital where my parents used to work instead of other hospitals that treat leukemia? Also, why did you choose the hospital that has my bone marrow tissue type on record?”

Nicolette remained silent.

“Did you already know about something beforehand?” Kathleen added, glaring at Nicolette.

Nicolette did not dare to look at Kathleen’s eyes. “I don’t know what you’re trying to say.”

Kathleen turned to Vanessa and said, “We’ve got witnesses now. Can we now leave Nicolette’s case of intentional assault to the court?”

Vanessa bit her lip and fell silent.

Kathleen shot Nicolette a cold glance. “Well, since you’ve nothing to say, I’ll see you in court then.”

Nicolette’s face turned pale as she looked at Kathleen.

“Don’t blame me for doing this. I’m only avenging my two children,” Kathleen continued coldly.

“Let’s leave now!” Vanessa wanted to take Nicolette to leave with her.

Kathleen said calmly, “Vanessa, Grandma and I will go to the Yoeger residence and visit Old Mrs. Yoeger. I think what happened between Nicolette and I should not trouble the elders in our families. Therefore, I need to explain it properly to her.”

Vanessa turned to look at Kathleen coldly before letting out a scoff and turning around to leave.

Seeing this, Kathleen did not say a word.

After the Yoeger family left, Samuel asked someone to bring Sarah and the doctor out.

Afterward, the charity auction continued.

“I have something else to attend to. I’ll leave first,” said Samuel to Diana before turning around and leaving the mansion.

Kathleen followed him.

“Samuel,” she called out his name.

He turned around. “Call me Sam.”

She was at a loss for words.

“What’s the matter?” He smiled faintly.

Confused, Kathleen asked, “What’s happened to Sarah and the others?”

She saw someone drag Sarah and the doctor into a vehicle.

“What ways of torturing people can you think of?” A tinge of evilness flashed past Samuel’s eyes as he looked at her.

She pursed her red lips. “Like the way you treated Nicolette?”

“That’s one.” He grinned. “Have you ever heard of a story in which there was a group of evil people who were sent to heaven? They were happy in heaven with sufficient food and drinks, and they did not have to suffer all day in fire like those in hell. All they had to do was to eat and drink. However, they would gradually realize they could not stand it anymore because their only task was to eat. As time went by, they felt that it was actually a kind of torture.”

Kathleen fell silent for a moment. “I know this story. In reality, there’s no heaven but only hell.”

Samuel nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. So, I’m putting Sarah and the others in the living hell. They can only be fed on a bed like pigs in a sty. They can’t go down from their beds nor do other activities. Do you think they will be happy living in such a state?”

It was a mental suffering for them.

Realization soon struck Kathleen as she looked at Samuel intently.

Ah! How can he even come up with something like that?

Kathleen bit her lip. “Judging from Nicolette’s expression, I think she must have thought that you have already gotten rid of Sarah and the doctor. I also thought—”

“I’ll never let them off the hook,” Samuel interrupted unsympathetically.

“All right. Anyway, thank you,” said Kathleen in a low voice.

He looked at her meaningfully before saying, “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

She shook her head. “No.”

Samuel glanced at Kathleen, who had been behaving polite and obedient. “Good. Go in then. It’s cold outside.”

Kathleen nodded in response.

“I told you just now that I wouldn’t pester you anymore. I’ve given up on pursuing you. Shouldn’t you be happy to hear this?” He flashed a half-smile.

Kathleen pressed her lips into a thin line. “All right.”

With that, he turned around to leave before getting into the car.

Tyson was the driver.

Meanwhile, Samuel looked at Kathleen through the car window.

I’ll definitely win her heart. In reality, I have never thought of stopping pursuing her. It’s simply a way to buy time because I want to include myself in her life. I want her to fall for me again.

Sighing, Kathleen turned around and went to look for Diana.

“Old Mrs. Macari, I’m sorry for deciding to pay a visit to Old Mrs. Yoeger tomorrow without your permission.” Kathleen felt embarrassed, knowing that she was too foolhardy to say that.

Diana replied solemnly, “You’re right. I’m also worried about her. I’ll go with you.”

“Grandma.” Kathleen hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Who do you think Old Mrs. Yoeger will choose to be the next head of the Yoeger family?”

“Definitely not Vanessa,” Diana assured.

Shocked, Kathleen asked, “Why?”

“It’s because Vanessa isn’t Old Mrs. Yoeger’s biological daughter. She is an illegitimate daughter of Old Mr. Yoeger. A woman carrying Vanessa went looking for him at the Yoeger residence when Old Mrs. Yoeger just got married to him.” Diana sighed. “In order not to create a hassle, Old Mrs. Yoeger could only claim that Vanessa is her own daughter.”

Kathleen was shocked to the core.

Ah! I have never thought things would turn out to be like this! Vanessa is an illegitimate child!

“No worries. I’ll go with you tomorrow,” Diana said calmly. “I’d like to know what she’s up to!”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

“By the way, If Samuel bullies you again, don’t spare him anymore!”

“I think you’ve misunderstood him, Grandma. We’ve talked it out, and he’s decided not to pester me anymore!”

Diana fell silent.

Hmph! I will never believe his words! He must be lying to Kathleen! I’m sure he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

After all, Samuel was Diana’s grandson. She could not bear to reveal his true nature in front of Kathleen.

All she could do was to remind Kathleen not to trust Samuel.

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