All Too Late Chapter 188

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All Too Late Chapter 188

All Too Late Chapter 188

Not Too Late To Pursue

“There’s nothing I’m keeping from you.” Finn Morris uttered coldly, “We broke up like any normal couple.”

“How would she become like that if it was as you said?” Charles roared, “ I shouldn’t have given up on her in the first place!”

Finn replied placidly, “If you still like her, it’s not too late for you to pursue her now.”

When Charles heard that, he snorted coldly.

In a deep voice, Finn continued, “Charles, I have no other choice. You are well aware that I am an illegitimate child. I had to do it this way in order to get my share of the family fortune. Otherwise, my mother would not be able to rest in peace.”

“Don’t you feel ashamed for using a deceased person as an excuse?” Charles snapped, “I don’t care about your identity or what you’re trying to achieve. It’s none of my business, but you can’t simply hurt Vivian’s feelings for the sake of your own selfish desire.”

“Charles, you don’t know anything,” Finn responded, as if he was in a quandary.

“Of course, I don’t know,” Charles grumbled. “I’ll never trust you again, Finn!”

After a brief pause, Finn stated, “Charles, I’ll be heading to Jadeborough in a few days, and I need your assistance.”

“In your dreams!” Charles responded sarcastically and hung up the phone.

Meanwhile, Finn put his phone down.

Behind the lenses of his glasses, a cold gleam flashed across his eyes.

Is she currently in Jadeborough? That’s great news. I’m finally able to see her again.

Kathleen was about to leave for the Yoeger residence when midnight rolled around.

Just as she was about to leave, she heard a noise behind the door.

She quickly hid herself once more beneath her cover.

Then, there was a knock on the door.

“Ms. Johnson, I’m Mr. Macari’s subordinate. He told me to bring you something,” the man outside explained.


“Come in,” Kathleen replied.

When the man walked in, he was holding a box.

He placed the box in front of her. “This is what Mr. Macari asked me to deliver to you, Ms. Johnson. Mr. Macari will call you later and give you further instructions on how to use it and what to use it for.”

When Kathleen heard that, she was rendered speechless.

What is Samuel trying to do? Why does he have to act in such a mysterious manner?

“All right. I understand,” she said coldly.

After he heard that, he nodded and turned around to leave.

Kathleen frowned as she checked the box. What a pleasant surprise. Samuel actually has manners.

Just then, Samuel video called her, and she accepted it, showing a sour face to him.

Upon seeing that, Samuel narrowed his eyes. “You’re not supposed to sleep tonight. Why do you look as if I’m bothering you?”

“How do you know I won’t be sleeping tonight?” Kathleen inquired.

“My intuition,” Samuel replied.

Bullsh*t intuition!

“Can you tell me what you sent to me?” Kathleen was curious.

“It’s a miniature camera. After successfully placing it in Old Mrs. Yoeger’s room, you must connect it to your phone. You can try monitoring it once you’ve connected.” Samuel explained further, “With it, there’s no need for you to keep worrying about her safety until I return.”

She had no idea he would prepare something like that for her.

“How am I supposed to hide it?” Kathleen frowned “That’s the Yoeger residence, and I don’t live there.”

She was unfamiliar with that place, and it would be inconvenient if she was discovered.

Samuel replied indifferently, “Once you reach Old Mrs. Yoeger’s room, you’ll notice that her room’s interior design is classic-style. A cabinet with a lot of stuff on it is on the wall opposite her bed. You’re going to hide the miniature camera in a high place where no one can find it. I’ll send someone to retrieve it a few days later after Old Mrs. Yoeger is brought out.”

Kathleen was speechless, not knowing what to say.

“When are you going to return?” she asked casually.

“Did you miss me?” Samuel cracked a grin.

Hearing that, she frowned. “Aren’t you my brother?”

“What? Don’t you miss me anymore now that I’m your brother? If you keep acting like this, how will we ever be closer than real siblings?” he asked, his face solemn.

Kathleen chuckled, her lips pursed.

At that moment, he liked the expression on her face.

Samuel stated flatly, “As I said, I’ve given up on it. And you’re heading there at half past two in the early morning.”

“What made you pick that time?” She looked perplexed.

He explained, “Vanessa is leaving for a private party at one o’clock in the morning, and she won’t return until dawn. Aside from her, no one else at the Yoeger residence poses a threat to you.”

“I see.” Kathleen remained silent after that.

“You don’t have to worry about it because a trusted aide of mine will meet you there later.” Samuel had given it careful consideration.

Kathleen raised her eyebrows. “Do you believe something bad will happen to me? But I got away unscathed yesterday.”

He remained composed. “I know. If I were by your side, I would never have allowed you to take such a risk.”

Kathleen was taken aback when she heard that.

“I should get to Jadeborough at the latest the morning after tomorrow. You can wait until then if you need my assistance with anything else,” he added solemnly.

“Why should I wait around for you? You do realize that I have a brother by blood?” She scowled.

Samuel replied with slightly narrowed eyes, “But Vivian is all he can think about right now. The only person who is concerned about you is me.”

Kathleen bit her lip in response and ended the video call.

Stubborn girl.

Shortly afterward, Samuel sent her a message. He wrote: A Bluetooth headset is contained in the box. We can speak directly once you put it on because it has the Polaris Navigation Satellite and Communication System installed.

The fact that he had everything ready surprised Kathleen.

After she checked the time, she decided to take a nap before heading there.

It was one o’clock in the morning when Kathleen drove her car to a location near the Yoeger residence.

Then, she turned off the lights and hid in the darkness.

After everything was ready, she put on the headset and turned it on.

Over the device, Samuel’s deep and cold voice could be heard. “You arrived?”

“Yes.” Kathleen nodded.

Vanessa’s car passed hers at that precise moment.

Fortunately, Vanessa did not notice her.

Vanessa was the passenger, not the driver.

She appeared to be on the phone as she sat in the car.

“She left.” Kathleen paused for a moment before continuing, “I’m ready to make my move too.”

“Did you feel much more at ease when you heard my voice?” Samuel teased smilingly.

“Not at all,” she replied indifferently.

Following that, he remained silent.

“Actually, every time I come out alone at night, I remember the night you abandoned me and left me on the side of a deserted street,” Kathleen continued softly.

Samuel clenched his jaw. Deep down, he knew that was the reason Kathleen would never forgive him.

He believed that he deserved to die for his sins.

With a hoarse voice, she added, “After that, I arrived at Moranta, and I learned all kinds of combat techniques to prevent that kind of incident from happening again. Samuel, I can protect myself now. I don’t need you anymore.”

He was devastated to learn that she no longer needed him.

When she needed him the most, he abandoned her to see another woman.

“Our relationship is beyond repair. I’ve completely given up on you, Samuel,” she continued coldly.

When she spoke to him, her heart no longer skipped a beat.

Despite the fact that everyone assumed she still loved Samuel, she no longer did.

More precisely, she could not bring herself to love him any longer.

She had been deeply hurt in the past, so she was never going to let herself be hurt again.

Unfortunately, she was unable to avoid his persistent pestering.

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