All Too Late Chapter 189

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All Too Late Chapter 189

All Too Late Chapter 189

They Are Inhumane

Two of them fell into a long silence amidst the tension in the air.

Samuel knew that Kathleen would never forgive him for what he did to her in the past.

It wasn’t just a single mistake. It was the accumulation of small matters throughout the years.

Kathleen had completely lost hope in him.

What can I ask of her after everything I’ve done?

Snapping back to reality, Samuel reminded, “It’s almost time.”

“Okay.” Nodding, Kathleen got out of the car.

She couldn’t drive the car too close to the house lest she would be easily discovered.

Following the same method as yesterday, Kathleen sneaked into Frances’ room again.

Similar to last time, there was only one nightlight in the room.

Kathleen walked over and took out the silver needle.

Frances opened her eyes and looked straight at Kathleen.

Kathleen looked at her and greeted, “Old Mrs. Yoeger, we meet again.”

Frances frowned at her in confusion.

Kathleen felt embarrassed by her reaction.

Okay. It seems like Old Mrs. Yoeger has forgotten me again.

Kathleen let out a sigh of frustration.

Suddenly, Frances grabbed Kathleen’s wrist and asked in a hoarse voice, “Are you my youngest daughter?”

Upon hearing that, Kathleen was stunned momentarily.

She did resemble her biological mother.

“Old Mrs. Yoeger, do you remember something?” Kathleen inquired earnestly.

Frances was in a daze. “Gloria? Where’s my little Gloria?”

“Who’s Gloria?” Kathleen had never heard of the name before.

“Sh-She’s my youngest daughter. She’s gone. Do you know where she is?” Frances asked anxiously.

Her voice rang out through the room.

Kathleen was afraid that the noise might alert other people in the house.

Raising her hand, she knocked Frances unconscious at once.

I’m so sorry, Old Mrs. Yoeger. I have no choice but to do it. Otherwise, I’ll be in huge trouble.

After Frances had passed out, Kathleen began her treatment.

The situation was the same as last time, with the needle still turning black.

Taking this opportunity, Kathleen installed a hidden camera in Frances’ room.

“You’re way too familiar with the setup of the Yoeger residence. Did you come here often?” she asked through the earphones.

“It isn’t that hard to find out,” Samuel answered.

“Oh, I had forgotten that you liked Nicolette in the past. You almost became the Yoeger family’s son-in-law,” Kathleen teased.

Samuel remained quiet.

“It’s done!” Kathleen clapped her hands. “Tell me, how do I link it to my phone?”

“I’ll send you an app later. You only have to install it,” Samuel explained.

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

“Someone’s coming! You need to find a place to hide now,” Samuel urged.

Someone’s coming?

Kathleen was ready to jump out of the window.

To her dismay, she couldn’t open the window no matter how hard she tried.

“Hide under the bed,” Samuel instructed.

Upon hearing that, Kathleen immediately crawled underneath the bed.

At that moment, the door to Frances’ room was gently pushed open.

Instead of footsteps, Kathleen heard a strange sound.

Then, the wheels of a wheelchair appeared before her eyes.

Is it Nicolette? No way. Isn’t she still at the police station?

“It seems that Vanessa’s drug is quite potent. Look, Mom. This is what Vanessa did,” a man muttered to himself.

Kathleen furrowed her brows.

Is this man Zachary? He knew Vanessa had drugged Old Mrs. Yoeger, yet he did nothing to help her. What is he trying to do here?

“Mom, you’re too biased. I’ll never allow you to hand over the Yoeger family to Vanessa. It’ll be mine once I’ve recovered. However, her mere existence is a threat to me. Therefore, I’ve asked someone to collect evidence of all her evil deeds. Then, I’ll expose her in public so that she’ll lose her right as the successor. The whole Yoeger family will be mine soon. Do you hear that? Mine!” Zachary uttered in a chilling voice.

Gosh, he’s crazy!

Kathleen gnashed her teeth with anger.

These people are so cruel!

“Mom, stop looking for Gloria. You’ll never find her. For once, Vanessa and I are on the same page about this. With one more person, we’ll get one less share of the family fortune. So, we can only condemn her to a life of wandering alone somewhere else.” Zachary sneered.

He paused and looked at Frances meaningfully. “By the way, there’s no need to wait for her return because she’s dead. Both she and her husband are dead! Haha!”

Kathleen wanted to rush out from her hiding spot and slap Zachary hard.

Nevertheless, she knew that she couldn’t afford to lose her cool at that moment.

“Mom, I’m here to see you. It makes me feel better seeing you in this state. I finally feel more at ease.” After finishing whining, Zachary left the room.

He looked like a believer who had committed a grave sin and went to a priest for confession. After confessing to all his sins, he felt at ease.

He couldn’t care less about the feelings of the people he hurt in the past.

After Zachary had left, Kathleen finally got up from under the bed.

She went to check the window. “Someone has reinforced the window,” she uttered in a deep voice.

That was the reason why she failed to open it earlier.

“I heard it was Vanessa’s idea to seal the window due to the cold weather,” Samuel explained.

“Did she notice something? Or perhaps she has also installed a surveillance camera here?” Kathleen scanned the room.

“No, she didn’t,” Samuel replied firmly.

“Why are you so sure about it?” Kathleen couldn’t help frowning.

“The earphones I gave you have a function of detecting surveillance cameras. It’ll send an alarm if there’s a problem,” Samuel explained.

“Is it so high-tech? Then how did you know that someone was coming earlier? Is it because of the earphones too?” Kathleen probed.

“These earphones also have the function of thermal imaging. It can detect anything within the range of three hundred meters.”

So, that’s how it is.

“I’ll go out through the front door.” After carefully stepping out of Frances’ room, Kathleen left through the main entrance.

Kathleen was in a gloomy mood after departing the house. She walked outside without saying a word.

“Were you riled up by what Zachary said earlier?” Samuel asked impassively.

“Zachary and Vanessa know everything, don’t they?” After getting into the car, Kathleen put her hands on the steering wheel. “They know that my mom is their sister. Nicolette also knows my family background. That’s why she was trying so hard to prevent me from meeting with Old Mrs. Yoeger back then.”

“That’s quite possible,” Samuel responded.

“Possible?” Kathleen snorted. “They certainly knew the truth. Just look at Old Mrs. Yoeger’s state right now. Yet, they’re still hiding her and giving her drugs. Should they treat their mom like this? Do they even see my mom as their sister?”

Why are they so ruthless?

Samuel’s face darkened. “Kate, there’s something you must know.”

“What is it?” she asked in a low voice.

“Zachary, Vanessa, and your mom have some complicated bloodlines. In fact, Zachary’s the child of Old Mrs. Yoeger’s elder sister,” Samuel said coldly.

“Wh-What did you just say?” Kathleen was flummoxed by his explanation.

“Vanessa and Old Mrs. Yoeger have no blood relationship. Zachary’s biological mother is actually Old Mrs. Yoeger’s elder sister. I heard this from Yasmine,” Samuel explained monotonously.

Kathleen felt that she was suffocating at that moment.

Then, she came to a realization as to why Zachary and Vanessa wanted to hide the truth from Frances.

If my mom were found, they would lose their rights to become the heir of the Yoeger family. My mom was the rightful successor. That was the reason why they wanted to conceal the truth.

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