All Too Late Chapter 190

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All Too Late Chapter 190

All Too Late Chapter 190

I Forbid Your Remarriage

Kathleen furrowed her brows. “So, Old Mrs. Yoeger and the other two are sisters?”

“That’s right. Furthermore, Old Mrs. Yoeger and her elder sister are twins,” Samuel revealed.

“Twins!” Kathleen exclaimed in astonishment.

“That also explains why you resemble Nicolette,” he added.

Kathleen remained silent.

She didn’t expect to find so many secrets in the Yoeger family.

A wave of mixed emotions surged within her when she heard Samuel’s explanation.

Frowning at her thoughts, Kathleen said, “Judging by what Zachary had said just now, maybe he doesn’t know the truth himself. Well, it seems like we can only wait for Ms. Schott to return with you.”

“Well, don’t do anything rash for the coming days. Wait for my return. Do I make myself clear?” Samuel instructed sternly.

“Even if you didn’t warn me, I wouldn’t put myself in danger,” Kathleen retorted.

Samuel remained silent.

In truth, he was worried about Kathleen’s well-being at that moment.

Samuel didn’t expect to see her mature so much over the past year.

At the same time, he was furious that Charles didn’t care about Kathleen’s current situation.

All he could think of is Vivian!

“Okay. I’m going back to the hospital. I’m hanging up.” Kathleen was ready to take off the earphones.

Samuel swallowed hard but coolly kept his composure.

Knowing that he couldn’t ask much from Kathleen, he whispered, “Let me know when you’ve arrived at the hospital.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

Only then did Samuel feel at ease.

After turning off the earphones, Kathleen sighed in relief.

Then, Samuel sent her the app for monitoring the surveillance camera.

After installing the app onto her phone, Kathleen drove back to the hospital.

As soon as she arrived at her destination, she entered the ward and saw Charles.

The latter frowned at her and asked, “You went to that place?”

She nodded in response.

“I’m sorry. I have forgotten about it. Are you all right?” Charles uttered apologetically.

However, Kathleen didn’t blame Charles. “I’m fine. I can handle these things on my own.”

“I went out to calm myself down. I didn’t expect it would take so much time,” Charles admitted.

Looking at her brother seriously, Kathleen said, “Charles, can I ask you something?”

“You want to ask me about Vivian, right? Go ahead.” His voice sounded hoarse.

Kathleen said solemnly, “Charles, I won’t force you to answer my question. You can refuse if you don’t want to answer it.”

She had an inkling that this matter might involve Charles’ personal feelings.

Nevertheless, she would never interfere with his personal life.

Kathleen wasn’t someone who would force others to do things against their wishes.

Charles’ lips twitched. “Okay.”

After all, he knew Kathleen’s personality well.

“Charles, you have known Vivian for a long time, right?” Kathleen asked curiously.

“Yes, I’ve known her for a long time. I think she went to Pollerton when she was around 17 years old. She was in tenth grade while I was a freshman in university at that time. We had a common social circle. We got to know each other during a Christmas party,” Charles explained.

Nodding, Kathleen said, “Oh, I see.”

“Well, she’s pretty and has a good personality. Many guys like her,” Charles added.

He was also one of them.

“Charles…” After hesitating for a moment, Kathleen continued, “Caleb told me that Vivian’s mental condition was caused by a guy. Are you that person?”

Charles’ heart skipped a beat.

Then, he said dejectedly, “If I had a girlfriend like her, I would wake up laughing from my dreams.”

“So, it wasn’t you who knocked her up?” Kathleen probed.

“What? She was pregnant? How did she— What has Caleb been doing all these years?” Charles was shocked.

“Calm down, Charles. I’ve kind of guessed that Vivian’s condition has something to do with the loss of her child,” Kathleen said awkwardly.

Charles took a deep breath.

“I also want to help her after seeing how pitiful she is. That’s why I need to clarify this matter with you. Charles, we need to take care of the root of the problem. To cure Vivian, we have to start from her mental state,” Kathleen advised solemnly.

“What can I do?” Looking at Kathleen deeply, Charles asked, “What can I do for her?”

Kathleen pursed her lips and said, “Charles, I need to tell you something. I suspect that Caleb thought you were the sc*mbag who hurt Vivian.”

Charles was rendered speechless.

“So, you understand why Caleb would do something that might mislead other people, right?” Kathleen asked.

“He didn’t really want to pursue you. He thought I was the one who ruined Vivian. That’s why he wanted to win you over and then hurt you as a way to take revenge on me. Am I right?” Charles’ handsome face was full of rage.

Kathleen nodded. “Yes.”

“What a b*stard!” Charles stood up immediately.

“Please calm down, Charles! We’ve already seen through his plan. He can’t hurt me anymore,” Kathleen comforted.

Charles furrowed his brows. “As if I would allow him to harm you!”

“He can’t hurt me. Besides, I don’t like him,” Kathleen said with disdain. “However, I think we can take advantage of the situation.”

“What’s the plan?” Charles was curious to find out.

Kathleen said with a sullen face, “Charles, Samuel still hasn’t given up on pursuing me. Regardless of his excuses, he still wants to be with me again.”

“That guy is delusional!” Charles fumed.

These two wicked men have no pure intentions toward my younger sister!

“That’s why I want to capitalize on the situation. I want to use Caleb so that Samuel would give up on me completely,” Kathleen said with a sly smile.

Frowning deeply, Charles probed, “Do you want to date Caleb?”

Kathleen shook her head. “No. Since Caleb wants to get closer to me, I’ll grant him the wish. I don’t really want to be with him. I’m only doing this to get rid of Samuel.”

“Do you think it’s fine to mess with Caleb?” Charles was concerned about her plan.

However, Kathleen reassured him. “What’s so great about him? The person I fear most in this world is Samuel. Caleb’s no match for him.”

“Ha! Samuel will be thrilled if he hears that. On the other hand, Caleb won’t be impressed by your remarks,” Charles teased.

“Who cares if they’re happy or not? In short, Samuel’s much scarier than Caleb. I’d rather deal with the latter,” Kathleen admitted seriously.

Nevertheless, Charles was still feeling anxious. “I think it’s better to forget about the plan.”

Shaking her head, Kathleen said, “No. Think about it, Charles. Caleb wanted to use me as his pawn without investigating the matter properly. Do you think I can let him off like that?”

Charles frowned at her.

Kathleen isn’t afraid of anyone in this world apart from Samuel. For some reason, she’s so fearful of that guy. Furthermore, it seems like it’s difficult for her to overcome this fear.

Charles furrowed his brows and said, “Let me think about it.”

“What’s there to think about? You didn’t hesitate when it was Christopher back then. So, why are you hesitating now?” Kathleen was displeased.

Charles looked askance at her. “Are these two the same? Christopher would never hurt you. The same can’t be said for Caleb.”

“Yes, Christopher wouldn’t hurt me. What about his grandpa, then? Huh? If that’s the case, I should just remarry Samuel since everyone in the Macari family has treated me so well, apart from Samuel himself.” Kathleen scoffed.

“Hell no!” Charles barked. He refused to let Samuel become his brother-in-law again.

Left with no better alternative, Charles had no choice but to yield to Kathleen’s plan.

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