All Too Late Chapter 197

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All Too Late Chapter 197

All Too Late Chapter 197

I Will Change For You

Seeing there was no response from Caleb, Kathleen unlocked the door by herself and opened it.

After getting off the car, there was a faint smile on her delicate face, which made it hard to see if she was mad or happy. “Caleb, I’m not a little girl anymore. Your domineering acts might be effective on young girls, but not on me. I’m not the slightest bit attracted by it.”

Caleb scoffed. “So, you’re saying I’m pursuing a difficult woman?”

“Well, not exactly. At least, it’ll be difficult to pursue me. Those romantic tricks you learned from someone else are useless to me,” Kathleen said seriously. “You should go home and think about it.”

Caleb was silent for a moment before asking, “What kind of man do you like?”

“I don’t know, either,” Kathleen said plainly. “Perhaps someone who likes to take it slow. My previous relationship was too tiring. I was always sacrificing myself back then. Now, I don’t have the ability to continue doing that. And I think that’s rather unfair for you.”

Hearing that, Caleb alighted the car.

He stood before Kathleen, leaned against the car, and crossed his arms.

“Kathleen, to me, you’re only a woman. It doesn’t matter if you were married or not.” He looked at her intently. “No matter what kind of person I am, I only want to give you the best in life. Though you don’t like domineering men, that’s how I am. Even if you don’t like me viewing you as a little girl, I’m still older than you. To me, you’re still a young lady.”

Kathleen was speechless.

So, everything I said earlier was useless?

“Couples shouldn’t be hiding things from each other.” Caleb narrowed his eyes. “At most, I’ll change for you.”

Change for me?

Kathleen didn’t know how to respond.

Caleb flashed her a cunning smile. “It’s too cold today. Let’s continue our conversation on WhatsApp, okay? Or do you plan to invite me in?”

Kathleen frowned. “No.”

Caleb snorted. “Go on in then.”

With that, Kathleen turned around and left.

Caleb smiled as he watched her retreating figure, who was putting up a fearless appearance.

After that, he entered the car and drove off.

Returning to her room, Kathleen stood by the window and looked down.

When she saw Caleb had left, she finally let out a sigh of relief.

She sat beside the bed and fell deep into her thoughts.

Is it really a good idea to use Caleb like this? On second thought, he’s also using me! There’s nothing bad about it.

When the next day arrived, Kathleen heard a commotion outside.

As she looked out of the window, she noticed the sounds were coming from the house next door.

It looks like the things are getting moved out of the house. Is Samuel moving out?

At that thought, she quickly put on her coat and went downstairs.

As soon as she walked out of the house, she saw a black Maybach pulled over by the side of the road.

Samuel should be in there. Has he been discharged already?

Kathleen pondered for a while.

She wanted to go over, but she hesitated.

Right then, Tyson walked out of the mansion and was surprised to see Kathleen. “Hello, Ms. Johnson.”

Kathleen nodded in response. “Is he moving out?”

Tyson cast the Maybach a subconscious glance before nodding. “Mr. Macari says he won’t be disturbing you in the future.”


Kathleen felt a little strange. “Where’s he moving to?”

“He’s returning to Florinia Manor,” Tyson answered.

“Please tell him I’ll continue to regulate his health. That’s what I promised him back then,” Kathleen said calmly. “I’ll send him the medicine regularly. I’ll also give him a monthly examination.”

After a short pause, Tyson said, “Please hold on.”

He stepped over to the car, opened the door, and said something to Samuel, who was in the car.

Shortly after, Tyson returned.

He scratched his head. “Ms. Johnson, Mr. Macari says there’s no need for that. He’ll take good care of himself from now on. So, you don’t have to worry about him.”

Kathleen was stunned, and she pursed her lips. “Okay. I understand.”

“By the way, Mr. Macari also asked me to tell you he’ll stay far away from you in the future. He won’t bother you anymore,” Tyson said helplessly.

Kathleen nodded. “All right.”

With that, she turned around and left.

Tyson felt helpless.

She doesn’t understand the situation at all!

Samuel’s current condition was far from great.

In fact, his eyes were red when he was telling Tyson all that.

He didn’t dare to say it to her face for fear of losing control over his emotions.

The truth was that he could’ve chosen not to come.

However, he wanted to take a look at Kathleen.

Though Tyson knew Kathleen was definitely not heartbroken, the same couldn’t be said for him.

After all, Kathleen and Samuel were so close to being together.

Yet, Kathleen chose Caleb.

It was an unexpected turn of events.

Tyson lowered his head and returned to the car.

Samuel’s handsome and pale face was exceptionally grim. “What did she say?”

“Sh-She…” Tyson stammered.

Samuel was unfazed by his reaction.

“She said she understood,” Tyson informed, feeling helpless. “Actually, I don’t think you should’ve said that. It’ll only push her further away.”

Samuel mocked himself. “She’ll still distance herself from me, even if I didn’t say that.”

Tyson was at a loss for words and could only sigh.

Samuel coughed a few times. “Let’s go.”

“Mr. Macari, let’s go to the hospital,” Tyson said concernedly. “The weather’s cold, and your body’s wounded.”

Thump! Thump!

Suddenly, a series of knocks sounded from the outside of the car windows.

Samuel looked out and noticed Kathleen standing outside.

Tyson rejoiced inwardly.

He quickly got out of the car and opened the door to the back seat. “Ms. Johnson, let’s not talk outside. It’s too cold.”

Kathleen frowned.

It was indeed quite windy that day.

The car was exceptionally warm; she could feel the warm air brushing her face.

Kathleen glanced at Samuel.

He was dressed in a three-piece suit, looking rather elegant.

However, his handsome face was unusually pale.

Seeing that, she got into the car.

Kathleen had a fresh, flowery scent on her.

She had just woken up. Thus, her face was bare yet fair and clean. She looked absolutely tempting.

As Samuel studied her, he gulped uncontrollably.

Seeing her again made him realize how much he wanted to hug her.

He had the urge to keep her in captivity, not allowing her to go anywhere.

The picture he received last night triggered his emotions.

He never expected how miserable it would feel seeing Kathleen being with another man.

“This is a prescription. Since you said you’re not letting me take care of you, this is the last thing I can do.” Kathleen handed Samuel a piece of paper with the prescription on it. “Follow whatever’s written on it and get the medical practitioners to prepare it for you. You’ve got to consume it every day until around the beginning of summer. If your body’s fine, then you can stop taking it in the future. But if you still have any problems, you can come and see me. Then again, it’s fine if you don’t.”

Samuel merely gazed at her calmly, without saying anything.

Kathleen then studied the wound on his nose.

Caleb has the same wound. Don’t they understand the rule of not hitting someone’s face during fights?

“Thanks.” Samuel’s voice was extremely hoarse.

Kathleen frowned upon hearing that.

Samuel coughed lightly, covering his mouth with the back of his hand.

He swallowed hard.

Seeing that, Kathleen frowned even more.

She reached out and grabbed Samuel’s wrist, causing the latter to frown.

Kathleen was shocked. “Why is your hand so cold?”

“It’s nothing.” Samuel started coughing again.

As if he couldn’t suppress it anymore, he immediately took out his handkerchief and covered his mouth.

Kathleen quickly patted him on the back.

When he finally stopped coughing and wanted to put away his handkerchief, Kathleen grabbed his hand and opened the piece of fabric. The moment she saw the blood on it, she froze.

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