All Too Late Chapter 198

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All Too Late Chapter 198

All Too Late Chapter 198

You Are Tormenting Yourself

“Samuel, you…” Kathleen hadn’t even realized that her voice was shaky.

The man’s big hands clutched tight to the handkerchief and said, “It’s nothing.”

Kathleen bit her lip and asked, “Why didn’t you just stay in the hospital?”

“Does it have anything to do with you?” Samuel asked as he threw a frigid look at the woman, stumping her.

“Haven’t you chosen to be together with Caleb?” Samuel mocked. “He’s better than me anyway. I mean, you’re his first love. Since you guys were practically intertwined with each other, I reckon that you’ve already kissed him at this point. So, why do you care so much about me?”

“You!” Kathleen was so furious that her hand shook violently.

His eyes darkened as he peered at the woman’s porcelain fair skin. “I didn’t mess with you.”

I did try to steer clear of you.

Kathleen slowly loosened her grip.

“I shouldn’t have come to find you.” Kathleen let go of her handkerchief and got out of the car.

Samuel’s eyes turned red as he looked at her silhouette, tears brimming in his eyes.

“Let’s go,” he said in a hoarse voice.

Tyson felt terrible.

He closed the car door and chauffeured Samuel away.

Kathleen went back to the mansion and curled up on the couch.

Charles came down from the second floor and said, “I saw Samuel moving out. That’s great.”

Charles was taken aback after noticing his sister’s devastating looks and tear-stricken eyes.

“My dear, what’s the matter?” Charles went over and asked in a concerned tone.

“Charles, Samuel’s condition is worsening,” she said in a shaky voice.

Charles patted her head and said, “You guys are already divorced. Why do you still care about him?”

“Yes, we’re divorced. But why do I still feel such a strong urge to cry?” Kathleen muttered.

Charles was stumped.

“Shouldn’t I be loathing that man and be happy about his condition instead?” Kathleen sniffled. “Why do I feel so miserable about this?”

Charles circled his sister in his embrace to coax her gently. “Because you’re a kind lady, Katie. No matter how much Samuel hurts you, you would still care about him. This just means that you’re a kind person. It doesn’t have to do with anything else.”

“Will he… die?” Kathleen sobbed.

“I’m not a doctor. So, I can’t answer that question. But, the Macari family is loaded. They can afford to hire the best doctors money can get. He’s not really that sick anyway. It’s going to be all right,” Charles said in an attempt to soothe her.

“No, that’s not it.” Kathleen’s eyes were red. “He’s severely injured from his previous attempts of hurting himself. I realized that when I checked his pulse last time. Normal doctors won’t be able to treat him. He needs a combination of different treatments, but he…”

“Katie!” Charles pressed his hands down on her shoulders and said in a clipped tone, “Don’t overthink this. The fact that he can be discharged from the hospital means that his condition isn’t that serious. Don’t worry about him too much. He’s young, powerful, handsome, and rich. There’s no way he’s going to give up such a perfect life. I bet that he hasn’t had enough fun in his life yet. This could be a ploy to fish for your sympathy. Do you understand?”

Kathleen stared at Charles blankly. “A ploy to fish for my sympathy?”

“Yes. So, please don’t think about him anymore,” Charles said as he leveled a stare at his sister.

Kathleen sniffled.

“You’re on leave today. Just take a good rest at home. I’m heading to the office,” he said grimly.

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

Charles got up and headed toward the door.

He paused in his tracks and turned around before saying to Maria, “Take good care of Ms. Johnson.”

“Yes, sir.”

Charles then turned around to leave.

Kathleen went back to her room.

She reached into her pocket and felt a piece of note in there.

Tyson had handed that to her the day before.

He asked her to head to the place written on the note.

She thought for a moment and hurriedly changed into an all-black attire before leaving the Johnson residence.

After an hour, she arrived at a mountainside.

Cars weren’t allowed to drive into the mountainside.

Hence, she got out of the car and walked.

After walking for about ten minutes, she saw a cemetery.

Is this the place?

She walked inside the cemetery.

An old man guarding the entrance asked, “Who are you looking for?”

“Tyson asked me to come here,” Kathleen said blankly. “I don’t know who I’m looking for.”

The old man eyed her from head to toe and uttered, “Oh, so it’s Mrs. Macari.”

Kathleen was stumped.

“This is the cemetery of the Macari family,” the old man explained. “I know why Tyson asked you to come here. Please follow me, Mrs. Macari.”

“Sir, actually, Samuel Macari and I are already divorced,” she said quietly.

“Oh,” the man uttered in a hoarse voice.

Then, he said nothing else.

Kathleen followed him to the most corner spot of the cemetery.

“It’s right here.” The old man pointed at a grave not far from them.

“Thank you,” Kathleen muttered and headed there.

She was taken aback at the sight of the epitaph on the tombstone.

My dear children.

Father: Samuel Macari.

Kathleen then wondered if it was the tombstone that Samuel had put up for his two children.

Her agitated heart calmed down right away.

“It’s been a year. Mr. Macari would come over every other day and just stand right here as he looks at the tombstone,” the old man said.

“Does he come here very often?” Kathleen asked softly.

“Every other day.” The old man let out a sigh. “Tyson said that he must be missing you so badly that he made an effort to come here even after he was just discharged from the hospital and despite his illness.”

“What good does it do though?” said Kathleen as she mused.

“Mrs. Macari, no one can be sure that they won’t commit a single mistake throughout their whole life. Mr. Macari must be feeling miserable as well. How could he be so vicious to harm or even murder his own children?”

Kathleen crouched to take a better look at the inscription on the tombstone. “Sir, I’ve forgiven him before. I asked him to help me break Nicolette’s leg. But he didn’t do it, and he lied to me. That’s why I left. I just wanted him to do our children justice.”

“Mrs. Macari, of course, Mr. Macari has his faults too. As an outsider, I can’t make further comments on this. But if you really think that way, please also consider what he’s said and done after that. He did make Nicolette pay, and he hurt himself too. He’s atoning for his mistakes.”

Kathleen kept quiet.

“Mrs. Macari, Mr. Macari would’ve been gone if he hadn’t been able to receive treatment in time.” The old man sighed. “You may want to consider asking yourself if you really want him to be gone, Mrs. Macari.”

“No, never,” Kathleen denied it outright. “That thought has never crossed my mind. He’s the one insisting that I do.”

“Mrs. Macari, since he’s already atoning for his mistakes, why are you still feeling so miserable? Do you still have feelings for Mr. Macari? Is it because you can’t accept the fact that you have feelings for him? He has hurt you and your children, so you think that you shouldn’t just let him off the hook that easily and forgive him. Yet, you can’t stop yourself from harboring feelings for him. Instead of blaming him, you’re actually feeling guilty about your own feelings, right?”

Tears rolled down Kathleen’s face immediately.

The old man let out a sigh. “You’re a silly girl. You think that you’re tormenting Mr. Macari, but you’re actually tormenting yourself.”

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