All Too Late Chapter 203

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All Too Late Chapter 203

All Too Late Chapter 203

Fancied Him

Charles showed her an impatient look. “Me, fancying him? Even if I were a woman, I’d do better than a sc*mb*g like this!”

“On a more serious note,” Kathleen said sternly, “Samuel will be staying here, with nobody to take care of him. If you’re not busy, you should stay home and help out.”

“What?” Charles vehemently disagreed. “We have a housekeeper, so why do you need me?”

“Wasn’t it you who brought up the notion of men and women not being allowed close contact or something?” Kathleen simpered.

Charles was about to retort but was forced to keep quiet.

“If you don’t want to, then you can help me get a week’s leave. I will take care of him myself,” Kathleen said coldly.

“No!” Charles objected.

Kathleen frowned at him.

Charles was very angry. “I will take care of him. You’re not allowed to leave work!”

“Then I’m leaving him in your capable hands.” Kathleen smiled faintly. “Wait, I will write down a schedule for you. With that, you’ll know when to give him his medicine and when he needs a soak.”

Charles was full of anger.

“Charles, you are the best!” Kathleen took his hand.

Charles could then feel his anger dissipate slightly.

“By the way, how is Vivian?” Charles looked at Kathleen, his expression mild.

Kathleen hesitated for a moment. “Both good and bad, I suppose.”

“How can I cure her?” Charles asked with concern. “Tell me, I’ll find a way.”

“Charles, Vivian’s situation is quite complicated.” Kathleen said quietly, “She has suffered from quite a shock.”

“Apart from Finn abandoning her, is there another reason?” Charles asked coldly.

Kathleen hesitated for a moment, then murmured, “Yes.”

Charles snapped, “What is it, then? Answer me!”

Kathleen didn’t know how to tell him.

“It’s fine, you can tell me.” Charles had prepared himself mentally for this.

Kathleen hesitated and said, “She was violated.”

Charles was shocked.

“It wasn’t just one person.” Kathleen looked desolate. “She doesn’t even know who the child in her womb belongs to.”

Charles’s face turned pale. “Really?”

“Vivian was not in the right mind, but I managed to deduce that much from her rambling. Caleb was with her at the time, but he did not say anything.” Kathleen fiddled with her sleeve before continuing, “Of course, Caleb had every intention of finding out who hurt Vivian, but maybe he’s also testing me.”

Charles frowned. “Testing you?”

“Wait, surely you don’t think that Caleb and I are truly dating?” said Kathleen sardonically.

Charles blinked.

“He approached me to find out who hurt Vivian.”

“What?” Charles was dumbfounded at the revelation.

Kathleen thought it was funny. “You don’t really think I like Caleb, do you?”

“He… Why does he need to figure this out?” Charles frowned. “Could it be that it’s someone she knows?”

“I think so.” There was a chill in Kathleen’s voice. “If it were anyone else, Caleb would have done whatever he could for revenge long ago. He probably didn’t know who or where this happened, so he thought of using me to his advantage. Or rather, he combed through a list of men that Vivian got along with well. Since you are a known acquaintance, he decided to make a move on me.”

Charles looked at Kathleen pointedly. “You know this, and you’re still dealing with him?”

“I just wanted to use Caleb to get rid of Samuel,” Kathleen replied. “But I didn’t expect Samuel to become like this.”

“But why not use Christopher?” Charles asked, his tone thoughtful. “Are you reluctant to hurt Christopher, or do you think he’s not even qualified?”

Kathleen was flustered.

Charles sighed. “I’m guessing that deep down, you think that Samuel is much better, don’t you?”

“Don’t you think so?” Kathleen was quiet.

Charles smiled faintly. “I mean, it’s only through my understanding of someone like Samuel. I think this man is not only unfathomable but also very shrewd. You can’t tell his temper, and you don’t know what can set him off. His heart is bottomless, but I understand your fear of Samuel’s feelings.”

Although after Kathleen came back, Samuel had been behaving very well.

He was gentle, considerate, and patient with Kathleen.

However, he remained just as domineering at everyone else.

However, he could not be blamed fully for this. After all, what Samuel had experienced was different from everyone else.

That was also how he ended up that way.

Because she could not read his emotions well, Kathleen was afraid.

Samuel could see through others, but others could never do the same with him.

That was the most terrifying part of him.

“But since Caleb is approaching you with a purpose, no matter how good you are, you can’t want this kind of man.” Charles was most worried about Kathleen.

“Charles, I only want to get to the bottom of this situation involving Vivian. I also don’t want you to end up in trouble,” explained Kathleen.

Charles paused. “I will ask him to make it clear. I think he shouldn’t need to hide his intentions.”

“Can I listen in on this when you speak to Caleb?” murmured Kathleen. “I’m also curious about you and what kind of life you lived back then.”

Charles was also very secretive about his past.

Kathleen had always wanted to know, but Charles revealed very little.

He said that his secrecy was also to help his friends.

If he was willing to reveal that to Caleb, she wanted to know too.

Charles nodded. “Very well.”

“Then let’s ask him to come over tomorrow. We should do this as soon as possible to avoid dragging this out. It’s no good for all of us,” Kathleen suggested.

Charles nodded lightly. “Okay.”

“But would you be betraying their trust by doing this?” Kathleen was still a little worried.

“No, because he didn’t keep his promise,” Charles said coldly. “You don’t have to worry.”

A promise? I bet there’s a whole story to that.

At that moment, Kathleen yawned.

“It’s getting late. Hurry up and go to bed.” Charles looked at Kathleen distressedly. “I’ll take care of Samuel.”

“Can you manage?” Kathleen yawned again and again. “You need to give him medicine every three hours.”

“Don’t worry.” Charles frowned. “Go to bed now. You have to film tomorrow.”

“Fortunately, there are not too many scenes these days,” Kathleen explained. “If you can’t manage, you can call me.”

“Yeah.” Charles nodded.

Only then did Kathleen walk out, making her way to the guest room for the night.

Charles walked toward the bed, grabbed Samuel’s collar, and said angrily, “If you really have a conscience, you should stop pestering my sister, or treat her better! Otherwise, I’ll beat you to death!”

Charles hissed. This man was truly infuriated.

He was aware that Kathleen liked Samuel, but things could not continue this way. Samuel’s behavior had led to Kathleen feeling somewhat fearful.

He took Kathleen away and did not let them meet again.

In fact, he promised Kathleen to come back.

After all, he did have selfish motives himself.

He wanted to undo the knot in Kathleen’s heart so she could move on.

However, he thought that even she could not undo it on her own.

Perhaps it had to do with Samuel.

Perhaps Samuel could undo the knot for her.

Charles sat beside the bed and sighed. “Samuel, what do you want Kate to do? She gave you everything. Is Christopher bad? Caleb too? Are they not good enough? She doesn’t even like them, and it’s all because she loves you still.”

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