All Too Late Chapter 205

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All Too Late Chapter 205

All Too Late Chapter 205

Why Do You Pursue My Sister

Caleb thought that Kathleen was not angry anymore as he followed her home.

Even though he knew she was not a loose woman, he thought she might want to take their relationship one step further since she had invited him to her place.

Kathleen didn’t head there with his car.

He wanted her to ride in his car, but she did not agree to it.

Caleb was unfazed.

They reached the Johnson residence one after another.

Caleb went over to her and asked, “Is your brother at home?”

There was an aloof look in her clear eyes. “Are you hoping for him to be at home?”

Her reply caught him by surprise. “No.”

Kathleen blinked. “Why?”

“I thought it’s just the two of us. We won’t have privacy if he’s around.”

“Haha.” She chuckled lightly. “I thought you’re more interested in him than me.”

“How so?”

“You know why.” She cast him a side glance.

He narrowed his eyes.

As she opened the door and entered the house, Caleb followed after her.

Charles was carrying a cup of coffee as he walked out of the kitchen. “You’re back?”

“Mm.” Kathleen nodded.

Caleb eyed Charles. Is he really at home?

Charles shot Caleb a cold look. “Have a seat.”

Caleb’s handsome face remained aloof.

“Charles, are you not going to eat?” Kathleen piped up.

“In a second.” Charles nodded.

“Then I’ll go to change my clothes first.” Kathleen walked up the stairs while Charles invited Caleb to have a seat in the living room.

When Kathleen reached her room, she put down the things in her hand and went to check on Samuel first.

Good. The potency of the poison has reduced, but his hands are still cold.

She put Samuel’s hand back under the cover before adjusting the temperature so that the room would be warm.

As she looked at his well-defined facial features, she reached out and poked his cheek.

Why have I not noticed that it feels good to poke his cheek before this?

After that, she stood up to get changed.

Samuel was unconscious, so she did not avoid him as she changed her clothes.

After changing into a snow-white sweater and a pair of jeans, she went downstairs.

The atmosphere in the living room was tense.

There was zero communication between Charles and Caleb.

Only when Kathleen reached downstairs did Caleb say, “Mr. Johnson, I haven’t thanked you for helping my sister.”

Charles took a sip of his coffee and replied in a cold voice, “You want to thank me?”

Caleb narrowed his eyes in response.

“I assumed you thought that was what I should do, Mr. Lewis,” Charles added coldly.

“Mr. Johnson, what are you trying to say?” Caleb stared at Charles meaningfully. “Shouldn’t I thank you?”

“I don’t need you to thank me if that’s insincere,” Charles said slowly. “I can’t afford to accept it anyway.”

“Mr. Johnson, maybe you should stop beating around the bush.” Caleb finally realized what Charles was getting at.

Charles asked solemnly, “Mr. Lewis, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“You can speak your mind, Mr. Johnson.”

Kathleen sat down. Looks like they’re not in a hurry to eat, but I’m hungry.

She then decided to get herself a mandarin and started peeling it.

“Good.” There was a cold expression on Charles’ face. “Mr. Lewis, why do you pursue my sister?”

“Because I like her.” Caleb was looking at Kathleen as he answered the question.

Kathleen, who was eating the mandarin, was unbothered.

Charles’ gaze darkened. “Is that the truth?”

“Yes,” Caleb replied firmly.

Charles huffed. “Caleb, stop lying.”

Caleb narrowed his eyes slightly.

Charles questioned as he added, “Are you not getting closer to Kate to use her to investigate me?”

Caleb was stumped.

“You think that I was behind Vivian’s mental condition. Am I right?” A cold glint flashed across Charles’ eyes. “You don’t dare to confront me directly because you think I won’t admit it. Knowing that I dote on my sister, you plan to wait until your relationship with her turns stable before you ask me about it, and because I don’t want to hurt my sister, you figure I will definitely come clean. Right?”

Caleb furrowed his brows. “Who told you that?”

“Hmph!” Charles was exasperated. “No one is stupid! Right from the moment you started planning this, Kate has seen through your ploy!”


Caleb looked toward Kathleen, explaining, “I didn’t.”

She gazed at him with a calm look. “Caleb, someone told my brother and me that you took a very worn picture to have my brother investigated, and in that picture, only my brother’s face was clear.”

Caleb was dumbfounded.

She continued, “You knew Vivian was violated by several men, so you surmised my brother was surely one of them. That was why you wanted to get close to me.”

Charles pursed his lips.

Strangely, he was a tad nervous.

Kathleen knew all of that, but she was not angry at all.

He felt inexplicably uneasy in his heart, as he thought that she should not have been so calm and collected.

She should have been angry or upset.

Her expressionless face felt like mockery to him.

It was as though she was making fun of him. After all, he was the one who set up the plan, but he fell for her first.

Yes, that was the plan. The one who falls in love first will be the one who’s going to be controlled.

Kathleen did not fall in love, but he did.

In a way, he had sort of submitted to her.

Charles added, “Caleb, when I left Pollerton back then, your sister was still fine.”

Caleb looked at him in silence.

“There’s no need for me to lie to you,” Charles continued somberly. “I know I need to have evidence.”

“Do you have any proof?” Caleb asked gravely.

Charles sighed. “I do.”

Caleb frowned, staring at Charles.

“But before that, I want to make things clear.” Charles looked back at Caleb meaningfully. “Besides the four people in the picture you gave them, there were actually five of us including the one who took the picture.”


“Back then, we were studying abroad in Pollerton. We knew each other since high school, so we often hung out together,” Charles continued. “Three of us are guys, and the other two are female.”

Caleb frowned. “I had checked before, but why can’t I find any information about all of you? Even my sister’s information was not available.”

“That’s because out of five of us, there were three people who needed to have their identities concealed,” Charles answered coldly. “The girl who took that picture was an illegitimate child of a Spaunia’s royalty. After she graduated, she went back to her home country to get married. For safety purposes, her father deleted all her information, so our information was deleted as well.”

Caleb narrowed his eyes in silence.

“Another guy was the crown prince of Bera.” Charles continued to explain. “For safety purposes, his information was deleted as well. Therefore, besides the information you can get from the university’s system, you can’t find any other personal information.”

“So my sister’s information was not deleted deliberately?” Caleb was dubious.

Charles sighed. “Someone took advantage of that to tamper with her information.”

“Is that the third person?” Kathleen asked curiously.

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