All Too Late Chapter 207

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All Too Late Chapter 207

All Too Late Chapter 207

The Big Boss

“You’re right, Ms. Johnson!” said Tyson with sudden realization.

Kathleen said softly, “Though I’m not as good as Samuel in business, I’m not totally ignorant. Tyson, I’ll handle the press conference the day after. Give me all the relevant information.”

“Okay,” replied Tyson excitedly.

“We’ll let Samuel have a good rest,” said Kathleen as she looked at Samuel’s handsome face.

Yesterday he was deathly pale, but he had regained some color in him after one whole night of rest.

“Okay.” Tyson nodded and added, “Shall I come round for you the day after?”

“No,” replied Kathleen impassively. “It’s better that no one knows that Samuel is here with me. I’ll drive there.”

“Sure.” Tyson nodded again.

Kathleen then hung up.

She let out a long sigh.

She was confused and lost.

In fact, she asked herself why she did all that for.

She pursed her lips and convinced herself that it was definitely not for Samuel.

She was doing it for the Macari family.

Diana and the rest of the family had been very good to her.

If something were to happen to the Macari family, it would definitely affect them.

Kathleen reiterated to herself that she did it for the Macari family and not for Samuel.

Definitely not.

No way.

The next day, Kathleen was roused from her sleep by the ring tone of a phone.

At first, she thought it was her phone.

It turned out to be Samuel’s phone, and it displayed the caller ID of Ms. Schott.

Kathleen was instantly wide awake.

Oh, no. How can I forget about her completely?

This is bad!

Ms. Schott was in Jadeborough and wanted to meet Samuel and was looking for him.

It meant that she had to pick up the call.

After a moment of hesitation, Kathleen finally answered the call.

“Hello,” said Kathleen softly.

The caller on the other end, obviously taken aback, asked, “Who are you?”

It could be discerned from the voice at once that the caller was someone elderly but authoritative.

“I’m Kathleen,” replied Kathleen.


Ms. Schott frowned and asked, “Why are you answering Samuel’s phone?”

“Well…” Kathleen was at a loss for words.

“Aren’t the two of you divorced?” Ms. Schott broke in, sounding displeased.

“Yes, but-” Kathleen pursed her lips and continued, “We are together again.”

Ms. Schott said coldly, “I want to speak to Samuel.”

After a little hesitation, Kathleen answered, “Ms. Schott, it’s not convenient for Samuel to talk to you now. You can tell me what it’s all about and I will inform him.”

“Okay. Remind him what he said to me before—if I were to come to Jadeborough and get him and my sister out of the Yoeger family, he will get engaged with my granddaughter. Ask him if this still stands!” Ms. Schott replied angrily.

Kathleen stiffened at what she had just heard.

Samuel is marrying Ms. Schott’s granddaughter? Why has Samuel never told me anything about it? Unless Samuel is trying to help her and has, therefore, agreed to Ms. Schott’s condition.

“I get it,” answered Kathleen, feeling more and more uneasy with every passing minute.

Then, she hung up with a big frown clouding her face.

She found the matter hard to believe but was relieved that Ms. Schott had not insisted on seeing Samuel.

Still in her nightie, Kathleen returned to her room.

She walked up to the bedside and felt for the pulse on Samuel’s wrist.

The pulse felt a lot stronger than it was yesterday.

Perhaps, he would come round in less than seven days.

However, she was sure that he would not recover consciousness by tomorrow.

Hence, it was necessary for her to go to the press conference.

She poked Samuel’s face and said, “Samuel, I have underestimated you. I thought you’d never marry, but it seems you have already made plans.”

She could not understand why she was feeling uneasy. Her heart felt heavy for no particular reason.

Forget it. Maybe Ms. Schott’s granddaughter is a beauty. It’s nothing unusual if Samuel is captivated.

Returning to her soliloquy, she said softly, “Since you have made other plans, why do you bother to look affectionate? You are such a cheater! You should have told me your intention to marry Ms. Schott’s granddaughter and I will never stand in your way. If you have planned a new life with another woman, you should stop seeing me and pay greater attention to your safety. Don’t make your wife a widow right after you two get married.”

Having aired her resentment, Kathleen stood up and prepared to leave.

At that moment, Samuel’s hand flickered.

Kathleen thought he was coming round.

However, he showed no further responses.

Kathleen sighed and turned to leave.

Samuel’s hand moved again, and his eyeballs started to roll, but nothing more happened.

The next day, Kathleen asked Charles to help her apply for leave from the film crew.

She drove to Flobury where the press conference was being held.

Tyson was waiting for her at the entrance of the venue.

She got out of the car to reveal a confident and professional persona, dressed in a light green business suit with a matching yellow silk shirt.

Tyson blinked as he looked at her. “Ms. Johnson, you look every inch the big boss of a company.”

Kathleen replied softly, “I’ve gone through the information that you sent me yesterday. Everything seems to be in order.”

“That’s great.” Tyson was still feeling nervous. “But the most critical thing is to establish a good working relationship with the top brass. You are not familiar with them, so-”

“It’s true that I’m not familiar with them,” cut in Kathleen coldly. “But I don’t see that as something to worry about. Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Tyson nodded in response.

Kathleen led the way, and Tyson followed behind.

The moment they entered, attention was drawn to them.

Kathleen could also hear the murmurs and mutterings among those present.

“Why is Kathleen Johnson here?”

“That must be Samuel’s secretary behind her.”

“There are only Kathleen and Samuel’s secretary, but Samuel is not here. Where is he?”

“It’s rumored that Samuel has disappeared. There has been no news of him for the past two or three days.”

“Has Samuel been kidnapped?”

“Who knows but something must have happened. Otherwise, it’s unlikely that he hasn’t been seen for the last few days.”

“If something happened to Samuel, why is the Macari family taking it so calmly? Stop your wild speculations for he may be coming soon.”

“Let’s not talk about when he’ll come, but don’t you find things rather strange?” The question on everyone’s lips was why Kathleen was there.

“That’s right. Why is she here for the press conference? Can she be a specially invited guest?”

“Do you invite your ex-wife as a guest to your press conference?”

“Of course not. However, isn’t Samuel going after Kathleen? That’s why she’s invited.”

“Even so, Kathleen is already here, but where is he?” “He should know better what kind of an occasion this is. What good can a guest do?”

“Kathleen is not a guest. She’s in partnership with Samuel, so it’s perfectly normal for her to come.”

“Her presence serves no purpose. The key point is whether Samuel will be here. In fact, this press conference is of no importance at all. What counts is how to deal with the top-level leaders so that they can be won over.”

“Spot on. Only if they are convinced will Macari Group get the project for land reclamation and urban development. If Samuel does not come, others will score an advantage.”

Kathleen remained calm in the face of the conjectures flying around her.

Come what may, she was determined to help Samuel make the press conference a success.

Tyson, on the other hand, was very tense and nervous.

Kathleen looked at him coolly and said, “I’m not even afraid. What are you afraid of?”

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