All Too Late Chapter 208

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All Too Late Chapter 208

All Too Late Chapter 208

I Cannot Sit With You

Tyson did not know why he was so nervous.

Perhaps he was feeling that way because the press release that day was too important.

In the past, no matter how major the event was, all he had to do was make the arrangements.

There was nothing to worry about as long as Samuel was around.

“Ms. Johnson, I don’t want to feel this way, either,” explained Tyson. “I just realized Mr. Macari’s existence is extremely crucial to me and the entire Macari Group. It’s as if with him here, nothing will go wrong.”

Kathleen replied quietly, “He does give others that feeling.”

Although she feared Samuel, his powers were evident.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let the company collapse,” promised Kathleen.

Tyson nodded. “Everything will be fine as long as today’s press conference carries out according to the usual plan. As for the higher-ups, they’ll just have to show up. That’s all.”

He expected nothing more.

Kathleen glanced at him solemnly but said nothing.

“Kate?” Christopher walked over.

Kathleen looked at him impassively. “Chris?”

“Why are you here?” Christopher furrowed his brows. “Where’s Samuel?”

“He’s still on the way. He might not make it for the press conference,” Kathleen breathed.

Hearing that, Christopher stared into Kathleen’s eyes.

In his recollection, Kathleen would never lie.

However, Kathleen was an excellent actress.

As expected, Christopher did not notice any problems with her words. Softly, he said, “Tell Samuel to hurry. How could he be late for an event like today’s?”

“He doesn’t want to be late, either,” Kathleen answered sheepishly.

It was the truth.

Samuel never expected to be poisoned and pass out from it.

“Since you’re here, why don’t you sit here with me later?” Christopher whispered.

Kathleen shook her head. “I’m sorry, Chris. I can’t sit with you later.”

Christopher paused for a moment before saying, “Oh, I forgot. You and Caleb—”

“No,” Kathleen cut him off.

Her sudden interruption caught Christopher by surprise.

Kathleen said gently, “I’m not going to look for Caleb.”

Christopher tilted his head in confusion.

“I need to host the press conference on Samuel’s behalf.” Kathleen’s red lips curled into a smile.

Christopher stared at her in surprise.

“See you later at the press conference.” Kathleen flashed him a warm smile before leaving with Tyson.

A shocked Christopher was left to his own thoughts.

Kathleen’s hosting the press conference on Samuel’s behalf? Is she joking? Then again, she doesn’t look like she’s joking.

Christopher frowned and followed them.

The press conference was starting in five minutes.

Tyson went to the front to steal a glance.

To his surprise, there were many people seated below the stage. Even some of the higher-ups had shown up.

On top of that, all of them had solemn expressions.

When he was done studying the people in the hall, he backed down and went off to look for Kathleen.

She was busy studying the script when he appeared before her. With a calm expression, she asked, “What’s wrong, Tyson?”

“Nothing. It’s just that I saw some of the higher-ups there, and they look very serious,” Tyson said, feeling uneasy. “They’re literally expressionless. Are they unhappy because Mr. Macari isn’t here?”

“People who held high positions usually have no expression on their faces. They don’t like people to see through them,” Kathleen said nonchalantly. “If we want to figure out what’s on their minds, we’ll have to wait until the press conference is over.”

Tyson asked in a deep voice, “Mrs. Macari… I mean, Ms. Johnson, have you finished reading the script?”

Kathleen glanced at him and nodded.

“Let’s go. The event will start in three minutes,” said Tyson.

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

They walked to the entrance together and arrived right on time.

Tyson walked up to the stage and started speaking. “Thank you for attending Macari Group’s press conference for Flobury today. I’m Mr. Macari’s assistant, Tyson Hackney. Due to certain reasons, Mr. Macari isn’t able to attend today’s event on time. Hence, we’ll be inviting our boss to speak on Mr. Macari’s behalf.”

Shocked expressions appeared on the faces of the guests below the stage.

Macari Group has another boss?

Right then, Kathleen walked up the stage.

She wore a slim-fitting suit, which gave her a charming yet powerful presence.

She looked drastically different from her usual gentle and obedient self.

“First, I’d like to explain the situation to all of you.” Kathleen smiled. “A year ago, Samuel and I were divorced. During that time, he felt bad and decided to transfer all his shares to me.”

Looks of astonishment appeared on the audience’s faces.

“Samuel is hired by me to manage the company.” A faint smile remained on Kathleen’s face. “Hence, I’m the biggest shareholder of Macari Group, also known as the ‘Boss’ Tyson mentioned.”

In other words, she was hinting that she had all the rights to be standing on the stage.

That said, naturally, no one dared to raise any doubts.

Kathleen was well aware that the objective of those people was to let the higher-ups see how little Samuel cared for Flobury.

They wanted to ruin the higher-ups’ impression of Samuel.

Most importantly, he was absent from the press conference, and many people would be curious about the reason.

If the news about Samuel being poisoned and falling unconscious was released, someone might seize the opportunity to stir trouble.

Thus, it would calm everyone’s hearts with her standing up to speak.

It gave them reassurance that no matter what happened to Samuel, Macari Group would never end up in a state of chaos.

Kathleen silently scanned the crowd. Sure enough, she had gotten control over them.

Next, she started introducing Flobury’s launch and its construction plan.

She had the script for all that.

All she had to do was repeat what was printed on it.

In fact, she memorized it so well that she made no mistakes.

Soon, the first stage was over.

The next item on the schedule, the business lunch, was the most stressful part.

If Kathleen failed to communicate with the higher-ups, it would give others the opportunity to interrupt.

Especially Jacob, who had been coveting Macari Group.

As soon as Kathleen finished her speech, she was pulled over to meet the mayor, Aydin Lopez.

Unexpectedly, Jacob beat them to it.

“Mr. Lopez!” Tyson interrupted the conversation forcibly. “Mr. Lopez, let me introduce you to someone. This is the boss of Macari Group, Ms. Johnson. Ms. Johnson, this is Mr. Lopez.”

Aydin eyed Kathleen with a frown.

Jacob interjected, “Mr. Hackney, didn’t you see me talking to Mr. Lopez just now?”

“I did,” Tyson replied calmly.

So what?

Jacob snorted. “Don’t you find yourself rude, interrupting us like that?”

Tyson could not help but curse at Jacob inwardly.

Tyson could not be bothered about being polite.

At most, he would take full responsibility if something happened.

However, he would never let Jacob get the chance to talk to Aydin, let alone talk about the land reclamation project.

“Mr. Lopez, as you can see, Samuel’s employee is an arrogant person. In fact, Samuel is even worse. How could he not turn up for such an important event?” Jacob narrowed his eyes at Kathleen. “They even created a so-called boss. Huh, what a joke.”

“Mr. Stewart, are you saying that I’m not qualified enough?” Kathleen asked coldly. “Back then, didn’t your father step down to work behind the scenes because he had health issues and couldn’t manage the company? Didn’t your mother take over? They did the same thing like us. How is it that we become a joke for doing it? What does that make your family, then?”

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