All Too Late Chapter 209

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All Too Late Chapter 209

All Too Late Chapter 209

Life Savior

Jacob narrowed his eyes and shot Kathleen a cold glare. “Ms. Johnson, I know who you are, but you have no right to interrupt during this kind of occasion.”

With a snort, Kathleen said indifferently, “I wasn’t expecting to meet a snob out here today.”

“What did you say?” Jacob eyed her coldly.

“You are a snob,” Kathleen taunted, smirking.

“You!” Jacob gritted his teeth and glared at her furiously.

Tyson was at a loss for words.

Kathleen can really be ruthless when she scolds someone, but I have to admit, it’s really satisfying.

“Ms. Johnson, you look rather familiar.” Aydin raised a brow.

“Mr. Lopez, she’s acted in a movie before. Of course, you’ll find her familiar.” Jacob paused briefly before continuing in a disdainful tone, “Then again, she’s just an actress. There’s nothing impressive about it. If it were in the past, she’ll just be a slave who’s a little more premium.”

Everyone’s expression darkened when they heard his words.

Tyson felt more infuriated.

However, Kathleen merely stared at Jacob icily.

When Jacob was about to continue provoking her, someone spoke up. “Jacob Stewart, watch your words!”

Caleb could be seen walking over with a deathly expression.

“I didn’t say anything wrong,” Jacob argued gloomily. “She just earned a load of money because of a divorce. It’s nothing worth being proud of. She didn’t work for it.”

“Well said.” Kathleen clapped her hands.

Jacob paused, stunned by her response.

The smile on Kathleen’s face was elegant yet icy cold. “You’re right. The fact that the Macari family is so successful today is all thanks to the hard work put in by the different generations, from Old Mr. Macari to Samuel. All three generations were diligent workers. This is a known fact. You, on the other hand, are really something else. In fact, you’re not even worth comparing to them. Though everyone addresses you as the CEO, your mother is the one who has a say in the family. You don’t own a single share. Yet, you have the guts to stand here and insult someone else. Who exactly do you think you are?”

Jacob’s face turned purple with rage.

He wished he could strangle Kathleen to death.

“Ms. Johnson is right!” Tyson nodded vehemently, expressing his agreement. “Apart from being courageous, having a good eye is also a crucial attribute to become a leader of a company. This is what Ms. Johnson has. She chose to let Mr. Macari continue managing the company because she acknowledges his capabilities. Besides, she has also contributed to the construction of Flobury because she gave Mr. Macari the two mines. All of these require good judgment. What about you, Mr. Stewart? What have you done so far? Please enlighten us.”

Jacob’s face was ashen, and he remained silent.

“Oh, I remember it now,” Aydin piped up. “Ms. Johnson, you saved my daughter in Norwal City three months ago, right?”

Kathleen smiled. “I’m glad you remember me, Mr. Lopez?”

“I knew it. No wonder you looked so familiar.” Aydin laughed heartily.

The others were stunned.

“Mr. Lopez, did you two know each other?” Caleb questioned.

“I haven’t seen Ms. Johnson before. But my daughter went to Norwal City for a winter camp three months ago. She stumbled into some foreigners when she was walking on the streets, and they tried to mess with her. Thankfully, a Chanaean lady helped her out. My daughter even took a picture with the lady and sent it to me. It was you, Ms. Johnson. Thank you so much for saving her.” Aydin was overjoyed.

“It’s no trouble at all, Mr. Lopez,” Kathleen responded with a polite smile.

Caleb stared at Kathleen in amazement.

So, she saved Mr. Lopez’s daughter in the past. No wonder she wasn’t worried from the beginning. Looks like she was planning to use this connection long ago. That’s a smart move. She waited for Mr. Lopez to recall the incident instead of bringing it up herself. After all, her motives will be too obvious if she does that, and it’ll make people dislike her. The situation will be different now that Mr. Lopez was the one who mentioned it.

Tyson was all excited.

Is this for real?

The awkward look on Jacob’s face made Tyson extremely pleased.

No wonder Kathleen has been so calm since the beginning. She has a plan all along.

Tyson was so excited that he was at a loss for words.

Wow, we actually depend on Mrs. Macari to salvage the situation.

“Mr. Lopez, I’m truly sorry. Samuel really has something important to deal with. That’s why he’s delayed,” Kathleen explained. “I’ll get him to talk to you about these things once he’s here.”

To her surprise, Aydin said, “You don’t have to address me so formally when it’s just among us. Just Mr. Aydin will do.”

Kathleen grinned and said, “Of course, Mr. Aydin.”

“Actually, Samuel has already told me everything in detail,” Aydin said solemnly. “It doesn’t really matter if he’s not here today.”

Kathleen let out a sigh in her heart.

Samuel has already prepared beforehand.

“Mr. Lopez, actually—” Jacob spoke up.

“Gosh, I wonder who said I was being rude earlier,” Tyson muttered.

Hearing that, Jacob glared at Tyson furiously, only to see traces of mockery on the latter’s face.

Despite Tyson’s mockery, Jacob seized the opportunity and said, “Actually, Mr. Lopez, I’d like to talk to you about the land reclamation project in private.”

Unfortunately, Aydin replied, “Jake, today isn’t the day to talk about such things. Besides, this isn’t something I can decide alone. I’ll still need all of you to make your bids in the future. So, it’s pointless even if you talk to me.”

Jacob froze.

Aydin’s response had destroyed all of his plans.

Kathleen snorted quietly.

What an idiot! These kinds of matters can’t be rushed. The more impatient he gets, the more he’ll get taken advantage of. Only those who can stay calm will get the upper hand. The bidding hasn’t even started, and he’s already trying to get close to Mr. Lopez. He didn’t even bother observing if Mr. Lopez was willing to do the same.

Kathleen was determined to help Samuel regarding that matter.

“Ms. Johnson, it’s time to open the bottle of champagne,” Tyson prompted.

Kathleen smiled politely, saying, “Mr. Aydin, please excuse me.”

“Sure.” Aydin nodded.

Kathleen walked to the stage while Tyson handed her a bottle of champagne that was already unwrapped, saying, “You’ll just have to open it. It’s very easy.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

She held the bottle of champagne and smiled at the crowd, looking extremely gorgeous. “On behalf of Samuel, I’d like to thank all of you for attending today’s event. Thank you!”


She opened the bottle of champagne, and the crowd applauded.

The next thing she had to do was to pour the champagne into the champagne glass tower.

However, the height of the tower was made according to Samuel’s height.

Samuel was one hundred and eighty-eight centimeters tall. Her height, however, was only one hundred and sixty-five centimeters.

On top of that, she was not wearing exceptionally high heels. Thus, it took her a lot of effort to reach the top glass.

Tyson blushed with awkwardness.

He, too, had overlooked that detail.

Meanwhile, Christopher and Caleb had noticed the problem.

They wanted to go over and help when a tall and handsome figure walked past them, which made them stop in their tracks.

When Kathleen was at a loss for what to do, her back fell into a refreshing embrace.

“Let me help you.” Samuel extended both hands to help her raise the bottle.

Kathleen looked as if she was being hugged by him.

Instantly, thunderous applause broke out below the stage.

Samuel lifted the topmost glass, curling the corners of his pale, thin lips. “My apologies for being late, everyone. Thankfully, my boss has already helped me to fulfill my duties. Thank you for your support, everyone. And thank you, too.” At the final sentence, Samuel lowered his gaze to look at Kathleen.

Kathleen was almost pulled into his dark, sparkling eyes when she stared at him.

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