All Too Late Chapter 213

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All Too Late Chapter 213

All Too Late Chapter 213

Do Not Overthink

Kathleen paused for a second before murmuring, “I thought you said that you don’t need it?”

“I regret saying that.” Samuel smirked.

Gazing at his handsome features, Kathleen let out a chilling huff. “You went to see Ms. Schott?”

“Yes.” He nodded as a response.

Then, she pursed her lips and asked, “I heard that you invited Ms. Schott here to agree to date her granddaughter. Is that right?”


Samuel fixed his eyes on her flawless face and said, “Granddaughter? As far as I know, Ms. Schott only has one grandson.”

Hearing his reply, she was at a loss for words.


Samuel let out a chuckle.

“What are you laughing at?” Kathleen looked at him in silence.

“It seems like Ms. Schott was joking with you, but you believed her anyway.” Samuel showed a teasing smile.

His words made Kathleen feel unhappy.

With his lips curled, Samuel asked, “Let’s go together, shall we?”

Kathleen’s face flushed red almost instantly. “No!”

“Let’s go visit Ms. Schott’s granddaughter.” Samuel stared at her intently.

“You told me that Ms. Schott only has one grandson, right?” Kathleen asked grimly.

“Yes.” He curled his lips in amusement before continuing, “If you want to know the truth, you should see it yourself.”

Nonetheless, Kathleen shook her head and rejected him, “No, I don’t want to.”

Ah! This is so embarrassing.

With a faint smile, Samuel replied, “If you refuse to go, I think it will be difficult for Ms. Schott to help you get Old Mrs. Yoeger out of the Yoeger residence.”

Hearing that, Kathleen was caught off guard by his words.

“Kate, Old Mrs. Yoeger is your granny. Are you really intending to leave her alone?” Samuel stared at her.

“I didn’t say that!” After giving it a brief thought, Kathleen voiced, “I’ll go!”

To that, Samuel grinned in response. He took a sip of the mushroom soup and said to her, “I’m feeling cold, Kate.

In other words, he was hinting at her about the down jacket that she had promised to buy for him.

“I’ve already asked someone to send it over.” Kathleen fixed her gaze on him.

Samuel merely nodded.

It was at that moment they heard footsteps coming from outside the door.

Maria was carrying a bag as she walked in. “Ms. Johnson, someone sent this over a while ago. I got it for you.”

“Thank you!” Kathleen took over the bag from her.

She then opened the bag and took out a red down jacket from it.

Seeing that, Samuel could not help but twitch his mouth a little, as he only wore outfits with simple black, white, and gray color tones.

Is she serious? I don’t think that the red color suits me at all. Furthermore, that color might even undermine my dignity…

“Do you like it?” asked Kathleen.

Nevertheless, Samuel kept mum, knowing that she did it intentionally.

“Yes, I like it.” Samuel nodded.

“If so, put it on.” A look of anticipation appeared on her face.

Samuel paused for a while. “Why not…”

“What?” Kathleen focused on him and asked.

“I’ll go put it on now.” He stood up leisurely and then shot Tyson a glare, hinting him to leave.

Noticing the look in his eyes, Tyson was taken aback.

Is that even necessary? It’s just a red down jacket!

Although that thought crossed his mind, Tyson walked away accordingly.

Shortly after, Kathleen handed the down jacket to Samuel.

It took some time for Samuel to summon his courage before wearing it.

Upon wearing it, he felt uncomfortable.

“Why are the sleeves so short? I feel uncomfortable on my shoulders too.” He frowned deeply.

With an insouciant expression, Kathleen answered, “Is it? Maybe I forgot about your size. Don’t blame me for that.”

Samuel walked toward the mirror to check out the down jacket on him, only to see Kathleen slowly shifting herself to the door.

“Kathleen!” Samuel’s eyes were fixed impassively at her.

Kathleen turned around, looking at him faintly, and uttered, “It was you who asked me to buy it!”

Feeling helpless, Samuel said, “But this is for ladies…”

“This design for this jacket is the same for both males and females! Don’t wear it if you don’t like it. My style is not as good as Nicolette’s,” Kathleen exclaimed angrily.

Almost instantly, Samuel felt a stab of pain in his heart.

He could not help but feel that whatever he did was never right.

Eventually, he compromised. “I’ll wear it.”

Kathleen bought it for me, after all.

Kathleen did not expect that and was shocked to hear those words coming out of Samuel’s mouth. “Really?”

“Yes. I won’t disappoint you,” Samuel said while nodding his head.

After that, she bit her lower lip and muttered, “Actually, I bought another red sweater for you too.”

Samuel felt helpless, yet he gazed lovingly at her. “How about you get me a pair of red pants as well?”

Blinking her eyes, Kathleen responded, “I’ll buy it for you if you like it!”

He continued staring gently at her. “Sure. I’ll wear whatever you buy for me.”

As Kathleen laid her eyes on him, she felt a little embarrassed.

“I’ll go get changed.” Samuel took off the down jacket and placed it on the side. Afterward, he walked to his room to change into the shirt and suit that Tyson had brought for him.

Right when he got out of the room, he saw Kathleen packing the jacket.

He walked toward her, grabbed her by her wrist, and stated in a husky voice, “I’ll wear it. Don’t take it away.”

It’s rare for her to buy me something. How would I not appreciate it?

Hearing his words, Kathleen felt an ache in her heart.

Throwing him a sideways glance, she noticed that he looked composed and elegant in his black outfit.

With that, she mumbled, “I think you look better in black.”

Samuel started to feel anxious hearing her reply. “I truly don’t mind.”

Kathleen held the down jacket in her embrace and voiced, “It’s mine. Why are you trying to snatch it away from me?”

“Yours? What do you mean? You bought it for me, right?” A frown marred Samuel’s countenance.

Kathleen fixed her eyes on him. “Samuel, I become forgetful after the hypnotherapy. However, it’s impossible for me to forget about your size. In fact, I bought this down jacket for myself.”

As soon as she said that, Samuel was rendered speechless. “So, you didn’t buy it for me?”

“No.” Kathleen nodded.

He let out a breath of relief upon hearing her reply. Nonetheless, he felt slightly uneasy at the same time.

Slowly, he withdrew his hand.

“Since you’re all ready, let’s depart now,” said Kathleen.

His pale face was expressionless as he nodded lightly in response.

Later, Kathleen put on her white down jacket and exclaimed, “Ah! It keeps me warm!”

Samuel did not utter a word.

They then went downstairs together and bumped into Maria. Baffled, Maria asked while holding a bag, “Ms. Johnson, why are you hiding this?”

Kathleen dodged her eyes from Samuel’s gaze and replied, “It’s nothing.”

Approaching Maria, she continued, “I’m not hiding it. I totally forget about it.”

“Is it? I think this is a down jacket. It looks quite big. If I’m not mistaken, it’s for a guy,” Maria mentioned in puzzlement.

Hearing that, Samuel raised his brows.

He walked over to her and directly took out the down jacket from the bag.

Seeing that, Kathleen yelled in panic, “What are you doing?”

Without hesitation, Samuel grabbed the down jacket and wore it on himself.

Meanwhile, Kathleen was stumped.

Having a tall and slender figure, Samuel looked extremely good in that down jacket.

“Mr. Macari, you look so good wearing this!” Maria exclaimed in delight.

The next second, Kathleen shot her a side-eye.

Noticing that look in her eyes, Maria was taken aback.

“Not bad.” Samuel was very pleased.

Kathleen said unhappily, “I bought it for my brother.”

Hearing that, Samuel furrowed his brows.

The perplexed Maria voiced again, “I remember Mr. Johnson doesn’t wear a down jacket.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

Ugh. Is she trying to make a monkey of me…

With a beam on his face, Samuel said, “I like wearing a down jacket.”

He then landed his eyes on Kathleen’s jacket and spotted that it was exactly the same design as Kathleen’s jacket.

“Let’s go.” Samuel held her hand.

Kathleen stiffened and mentioned, “It’s just a gift I bought for you. Don’t overthink. It doesn’t mean anything.”

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