All Too Late Chapter 217

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All Too Late Chapter 217

All Too Late Chapter 217

Let Her Decide What To Do

Zachary’s anger subsided after he listened to Vanessa’s explanation.

“I truly didn’t expect Aunt Yasmine to return.” Zachary felt utterly regretful.

“It means we aren’t ruthless enough.” Vanessa’s voice fell to a hush.

Zachary’s face darkened. “We’re talking about our mother here!”

Vanessa sneered, “Zachary, don’t you already know our true relationship with her deep down?”

Zachary knew that Vanessa was referring to Frances.

“Nevertheless, she was the one who brought us up after all,” Zachary murmured. “Furthermore, even if she is not our biological mother, she’s our second aunt who is related to us by blood.”

“Haha.” Vanessa laughed in ridicule. “You’re so naive.”

Zachary was displeased by her words.

“I only know she plans to pass down the Yoeger family assets which belonged to us to that illegitimate brat, who doesn’t even know the identity of her father. Who gave her the right to give that brat our family’s inheritance?” Vanessa felt very resentful.

Zachary took in a deep breath.

“If you regret it, you can choose to back out.” Vanessa directed her words to Zachary in an apathetic voice. “You can arrange the matter regarding the kidney transplant too. I couldn’t care less.”

Zachary’s face turned gloomy. “I didn’t say anything.”

“Let me get things straight today, Zachary. I’ll spare no mercy to those who dare to get in my way. Don’t assume I won’t dare take action just because she’s our aunt.” Vanessa narrowed her eyes. “Unlike you, I’m not a coward!”

With that, she went upstairs.

Zachary’s complexion turned even paler.

Don’t tell me Vanessa even plan to get rid of Aunt Yasmine? Wouldn’t that be too vicious?

When Frances got sent to Goodwill Hospital, the doctor immediately performed a throughout body check-up on her.

After that, the doctor called the others to his office.

“Old Mrs. Yoeger indeed has symptoms of poisoning. However, the signs are already very mild,” the doctor explained.

“Then why is she always unconscious?” Yasmine expressed her concern.

“It’s because the poison has not completely passed out of her system, which would take a day or two,” the doctor answered. “Fortunately, Old Mrs. Yoeger has no other health issues. You can be at ease.”

“What about her Alzheimer’s disease?” Yasmine inquired again.

The doctor replied, “I need to wait for her to regain consciousness before examining her brain. Only then can I determine if her brain was affected by drugs previously, or she was truly diagnosed with the illness.”

Yasmine nodded while looking dejected.

“Thank you.” Kathleen expressed her gratitude to the doctor.

The doctor responded calmly, “No problem. We should let Old Mrs. Yoeger get more rest. You can look for me anytime if you have any questions.”

Kathleen nodded in reply.

Then, the doctor turned around and left.

Yasmine breathed a sigh of relief.

Kathleen supported her to sit on a chair.

“Don’t worry, Grandaunt. Granny will certainly be all right,” Kathleen assured her.

There was a profound look in Yasmine’s eyes. “Luckily, you were able to sneak into the Yoeger residence and help her to expel the poison in her body. Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.”

Kathleen pursed her lips at her words.

“Ms. Schott.” Samuel’s cold voice rang out. “How do you plan to deal with Zachary and Vanessa?”

Yasmine was promptly stunned, seemingly to be at a loss.

After all, they were both dear to her.

No matter what, Zachary and Vanessa were also the children of her other older sister.

“I believe you two should know why Zachary and Vanessa had acted this way,” Yasmine said in a grave tone. “Isn’t it all for the sake of the family assets?”

Samuel callously replied, “Family assets? Do you think they deserve to inherit the hard work that Old Mrs. Yoeger had put in over the years?”

Yasmine froze after hearing his comment.

“Old Mr. Yoeger knew that Old Mrs. Yoeger was already pregnant when she married into the Yoeger family. Despite that, he still passed over the family matters to her. Apart from trust, they must have formed an agreement before that, which was why she could decide whom she wanted to hand the family assets to.” Samuel continued sarcastically, “For people who try to forcefully snatch things that don’t belong to them will get struck by karma.”

Yasmine fell silent sheepishly as she knew Samuel was speaking the truth.

Kathleen suggested softly, “Why don’t we wait for Granny to wake up and ask for her opinion?”

Samuel and Yasmine fixed their eyes on her simultaneously.

“All in all, it was Granny who raised them. We should let her make the decision,” Kathleen said placidly.

Samuel did not refute her idea.

Meanwhile, Yasmine couldn’t help but nod her head. “You’re right. I should let my sister decide what to do.”

Ultimately, no one knew exactly what was on Frances’ mind.

“Grandaunt, I think Granny might only wake up tomorrow. Since you’re already here, why don’t I let Samuel arrange for someone to send you home?” Kathleen could tell that Yasmine was feeling pretty exhausted.

To have seen how Vanessa and the others had been treating Frances must have caused Yasmine to feel both anxious and upset.

As one grew older, there would be a growing limitation to their strength.

Having experienced several ups and downs emotionally could cause people to feel drained.

Yasmine nodded in agreement.

Once Kathleen looked at Samuel, he immediately understood her intention and called for Tyson to personally send Yasmine back home.

After the couple watched them enter the elevator, Kathleen couldn’t help but ask, “If you send Tyson away, who’s going to drive you home?”

“Aren’t you here too?” Samuel gazed at her piercingly. “Are you not going to care about me again?”

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

She suddenly felt she was getting pestered.

“I didn’t say I wasn’t going to care for you.” Kathleen frowned.

“You’re my doctor,” Samuel reminded her. “So, this is not considered pestering. That is what you’d promised me after all.”

Kathleen became speechless once again.

The feeling of digging herself into a hole was very unpleasant.

“I remember that. You don’t need to remind me.” Kathleen felt helpless. “Anyways, you can get out of here after soaking inside the medicated bath once more today!”

Get out of here?

Samuel’s thin lips quirked into a small smile. “What about in the future?”

“I’ll come by your house and look for you after that. You don’t have to stick around with me every day,” Kathleen responded apathetically.

“Very well.” Samuel appeared to be cooperative.

However, Kathleen sensed that things weren’t as simple as they seemed.

She then glanced at Frances’ ward.

“I’ll dispatch people to protect her and absolutely not allow Vanessa and the others to come near her.” Samuel gave Kathleen his words. “I’ll arrange for people to stand guard at the hospital’s entrance, the elevator, and the door of Old Mrs. Yoeger’s ward.”

Kathleen responded with a nod.

“Kate!” Gemma ran up to her.

“Hey, Gem.” A smile appeared on Kathleen’s face.

Gemma was slightly startled as she didn’t expect to see Kathleen and Samuel appearing next to each other.

“I heard from someone just now that you came to the hospital and thought something must have happened to you. That was why I rushed my way here.” Gemma studied her from head to toe. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing happened to me. It was my granny,” Kathleen explained.

“Granny?” Gemma was astonished. “I thought she had passed away a long time ago?”

“I’m referring to my biological granny,” Kathleen replied. “She’s my mother’s biological mother.”

Gemma could not mask her shock. “Is that true? You finally found your biological granny?”

Kathleen bobbed her head.

“That’s great. I’m so happy for you!” Gemma replied smilingly. “Who is your granny?”

“Old Mrs. Yoeger of the Yoeger family,” Kathleen answered.

Gemma was taken aback by the revelation. “Isn’t she Nicolette’s grandmother?”

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