All Too Late Chapter 22

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All Too Late Chapter 22

All Too Late Chapter 22

Kathleen knew Samuel was puzzled.

She said, “I just want you to know that I’m not being whiny to seek your attention, I’m serious about this.”

Kathleen was determined to divorce Samuel.

She could not afford to wait until her baby bump started showing and got found out by others.

By that time, she might still be able to get the divorce but would the Macari grant her custody of her baby?

It was definitely out of the question.

On top of that, Samuel would not stop seeing Nicolette just for the sake of the baby.

In the end, the ones who suffered would only be the baby and herself.

“Samuel, let us end this on good terms,” said Kathleen. She then took a deep breath and said, “After crying it out yesterday, I suddenly feel that I can let go.”

It might be painful to give up, but she would be damaged beyond repair if she did not take back her heart now.

She did not want to play with fire anymore.

This time, she wanted to live for herself.

Samuel gave her a cold glance without saying anything, and he went from the bed to the shower.

Kathleen let out a sigh, and a bitter look showed on her face.

As the saying goes, you reap what you sow. She was now being rewarded with the consequences of her own action.

Kathleen and Samuel stopped communicating. They went downstairs together when they were ready.

Later while they were having their meal, Kathleen told Wynnie that she was going out.

Wynnie asked, “Are you visiting Benjamin?”

“No, I’m heading to a charity home for some volunteer work, I’m helping Gemma out. She has a lot on her plate, but the charity works need to keep going,” Kathleen explained.

When Kathleen was talking, her doe-like eyes sparkled, so she looked very cute while doing so.

Wynnie liked Kathleen; it was a genuine feeling.

Wynnie asked, “What sort of charity home is that? Anything I can help?”

“It is a charity home established specially for children with autism,” replied Kathleen in her sweet voice, “Actually I’m also not quite sure what they would need.”

Wynnie looked solemn as she said, “There is quite a number of autistic children nowadays. We really should give more attention and concern to them. It’s okay, let me know what they need after your visit.”

Kathleen nodded.

Wynnie turned around and took out a cheque from her Birkin bag, she wrote a six-figure cheque and placed it in front of Kathleen. Then, she said, “Here, donate this under your name as Mrs. Macari.”

Kathleen looked at her in astonishment. “Mom?”

“You are Samuel’s wife, and you will be attending all kinds of events representing the Macari family, you cannot keep shying away from the spotlight.” Wynnie was hinting at Samuel.

Samuel had been keeping Kathleen hidden from the public eyes for long enough.

“Don’t you worry, just do as I said,” Wynnie said. “Whoever dares to disagree with me, I’ll blow his head up.”

Samuel fell speechless.

Kathleen bit her lips, she did not dare to, nor did she want to do that either.

Since she had decided to get a divorce from Samuel, she did not want anything to do with him from then on.

She was not going to donate in the name of Mrs. Macari, she would instead donate it in the name of the Macari family.

“Right, let me send you there.” Wynnie was still worried.

After what happened to Kathleen last time, she kept having an anxious feeling.

“I’ve spoken to Christopher, he will get you a bodyguard to look after your safety,” Wynnie said.

Samuel looked displeased and said, “Mom, I will send her over, and can’t you just get a bodyguard from the Macari family?”

Wynnie retorted in a sarcastic way, “I was worried that those people in the Macari family have changed and only recognize that vixen in the hospital as their lady boss.”

Diana was not with them, so it did not matter what Wynnie said.

Samuel furrowed his eyebrows.

“Mom, there is no need for all the fuss.” Kathleen was a bit embarrassed. “I’ll just make sure to be more aware when I’m outside.”

When I am no longer Samuel’s wife, I will then be safe and free from danger. I’m going to leave this place, and make sure not to leave a trace for anyone to find me.

“No way, you are precious to the Macari family, I’ve asked Christopher to get you a female bodyguard, don’t you worry.” Wynnie was being considerate.

Kathleen was biting down on her bagel sandwich as she said, “Mom, if only I could marry you.”

Wynnie let out a loud laugh and said, “It’s a shame I’m not a man. I would never do someone as adorable as you any wrong!”

Samuel always knew they had a good in-law relationship.

To be able to make Wynnie laugh, Kathleen was indeed quite capable in her own right.

Furthermore, she did not even do it on purpose.

It all came naturally.

“Are you done?” Samuel gave Kathleen a cold look.

Kathleen finished up the last bagel sandwich and said, “Yes, I’m done.”

Wynnie was not happy about it and said, “What is wrong with just waiting for her to finish her meal? What’s the hurry? She is a slow eater. Can’t you just wait for a while?”

Samuel went speechless.

Is she really my mother?

“Mom, I’ve really eaten enough.” Kathleen did not want to see them arguing.

In fact, she only had three bagel sandwiches, she actually wanted to have more.

However, she could not eat however much she wanted to without care, she needed to take care of her health.

No one knew she was pregnant, so nobody was watching over her.

She must learn to take care of herself.

As a matter of fact, she knew if she let the Macari family know she was pregnant, they would take care of her.

Nevertheless, she could not tell them.

Samuel lightly pinched between his eyebrows.

“Let’s go.” Kathleen got up and said, “Mom, we are heading off now.”

Wynnie nodded and replied, “All right, you get going.”

With that, Samuel went out with Kathleen.

After they got into the car, Samuel said coolly, “If I didn’t know better, I would think that I’m the in-law here.”

Kathleen asked in a thoughtful way, “Are you blaming me for being too adorable?”

“No,” Samuel replied indifferently. “What is the address?”

Kathleen said the address, and Samuel drove to that place.

“I’ll get you a bodyguard,” Samuel said in a cold and stern way.

However, Kathleen rejected him. “I don’t want a bodyguard.”

Especially when the bodyguard is sent over by Samuel.

The bodyguard would follow her all the time.

In that case, she would not be able to cover up her pregnancy.

“It’s a must,” Samuel said coolly. “I do not wish for that incident to happen again.”

Kathleen paused and smirked. “You are worried about me falsely accusing Nicolette. That’s why you want to send me a bodyguard, but it is actually for the sake of Nicolette right? You’re doing this so that I will not be able to blame anything on her.”

Samuel was not happy with her reply. How does her brain function? When have I said such a thing?

“Fine, you go ahead and arrange however you want.” Kathleen was feeling a sense of jealousy in her heart.

With his face all gloomy, Samuel sent Kathleen to the entrance of the charity home.

Kathleen got down from the car and went in without looking back.

Staring at her slender back, Samuel was engrossed in his own thoughts. She sure has a huge temper for someone of her size.

Kathleen knew she needed something to distract herself.

She could not stand the misery of pondering things between Samuel, Nicolette, and herself day after day.

Upon entering, she greeted the person in charge of the charity home.

The person in charge there was Sophie Campbell.

Sophie smiled and said, “Gemma has already informed me about you. Ms. Johnson, do you have any experience in taking care of autistic children?”

Kathleen was a bit anxious, she shook her head and said, “I’ll learn with all my heart.”

Sophie replied with a smile, “Ms. Johnson, there is no need to be nervous about this. Everyone starts on the same blank page, you just need to learn. Once you pick it up, it will be just fine.”

She then passed a key to Kathleen, there was a number tag hanging from the key. “This is for you, you can change first and then just come to the classroom over here.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

She then went and changed her clothes.

Kathleen came out after changing, and she heard someone calling her name. “Kathleen? You are Kathleen right?”

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