All Too Late Chapter 222

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All Too Late Chapter 222


All Too Late Chapter 222



Diana went to rest after having her meal.

Kathleen stayed inside the pet house, hugging Snowy in silence.

Samuel entered and stood by the door. “How about you take care of it for a few days since you like the dog so much?”

Kathleen shook her head and pressed her face against Snowy’s furry body.

“I don’t have the time. A dog requires companionship. My brother and I are both busy.”

Samuel walked forward and crouched down beside her.

He reached out to pat Snowy’s head. “You saved this dog in the past.”

Kathleen turned around. “Samuel.”

“Hmm?” Samuel gazed at her solemnly.

“You weren’t just joking earlier at the dining table, right? You weren’t just making baseless analysis, am I right?” she asked softly.

Samuel wore an impassive expression. “I do have some evidence.”

“Would you have done it if it was you?” Kathleen asked with all seriousness.

“That depends on how intense the love is.” Samuel regarded her with a pensive gaze. “One can accept everything as long as they love deeply. If they are merely controlled by their superficial possessiveness, naturally, they will not allow anything to happen.”

Kathleen pursed her lips. “But what does it mean to love deeply?”

A troubled expression spread across her face.

Snowy suddenly lay on the floor and showed its stomach.

Kathleen proceeded to caress the dog’s stomach.

Samuel said, “Perhaps it was the way you thought of me.”

Kathleen momentarily froze and looked at him in surprise.

“What else could have motivated you to treat me in that manner in the past if it wasn’t because you loved me deeply?” His eyes bore into her.

Kathleen pursed her lips. “But you did not seem to like it.”

Then, she continued stroking Snowy’s belly.

“I do like it.” Samuel’s voice sounded hoarse. “It was my fault for not realizing that earlier.”

“Samuel, you don’t have to lie to me.” Kathleen sighed. “One-sided affection will only cause annoyance to others, just like how I was and how you are.”

He simply kept quiet and stared at her.

He had the urge to embrace her, but Samuel knew he should not do that.

Kathleen smiled faintly. “Anyway, I shouldn’t be too pessimistic since this matter has yet to be thoroughly investigated, right? Perhaps this is all just a misunderstanding. Old Mr. Yoeger donated to the children’s welfare center simply because he wanted to do a good deed. Am I right?”

Samuel remained silent.

Kathleen grasped his collar with both hands and uttered anxiously, “Answer me. Am I right?”

Samuel gazed at her delicate and adorable yet worried face while replying in a husky voice, “You’re right.”

Kathleen’s tears rolled down her cheeks, and Samuel instantaneously panicked.

“You’re a terrible liar.” Kathleen sniffled.

Samuel took out a handkerchief to help wipe the tears off her face.

“I’ll do it myself.” Kathleen wiped her tears with the handkerchief. “Tell me, how much do you know? You told me you would never lie to me.”

Samuel explained, “Your Highness, I’m really not lying to you. This is the extent of my investigation. Kate, all I can say is that I know men better than you. I may not have met with Old Mr. Yoeger, but based on my investigation and judgment, I reckon he’s most probably behind this matter.”

Kathleen pursed her red lips.

“Besides, think about this. Who could have stolen the child and not be discovered under so many people’s watch in the Yoeger residence?” he continued coolly.

Kathleen continued pursing her lips without saying a word.

In fact, she had already accepted Samuel’s hypothesis because his statement and the evidence he had produced left no room for doubt.

“Alas!” Kathleen let out a sigh. “Old Mrs. Yoeger was the one who suffered due to this incident. Why do you think Old Mrs. Yoeger split up with him? She decided to give birth to the child, after all.”

“Maybe the only thing she could do was to ensure that child lived.” Samuel gazed at Kathleen intently.

She nodded. “I can understand her point of view.”

She was the same previously.

Kathleen was willing to endure the humiliations but determined to deliver the child.

Regrettably, she failed.

She had allowed Nicolette to cause the death of her child and even nearly lost her life because of Nicolette too.

Samuel knew Kathleen must have been reminded of that incident.

He pulled her into his arms.

“I’m sorry!” He gulped. “I did not mention that on purpose.”

I’m very sorry!

Kathleen raised her arm and gently patted him on his back. “It’s okay. That’s a matter in the past now, Samuel. Let bygones be bygones.”

There’s nothing we can do even if we hold on to the past. My child will not come back to life anyway.

Samuel felt extremely anguished, and he began coughing.

He immediately let go of Kathleen, fearing he might soil her if he coughed out blood.

Kathleen quickly handed the handkerchief in her hand to him.

Samuel used the handkerchief to cover his mouth.

After coughing for some time, he removed the handkerchief and saw that there was still some bloodstain on the hanky, albeit very little. He clasped the handkerchief.

Kathleen frowned. “It’s all right. These are the residue of the toxin. I will help treat and manage your health.”

She would never leave him to his demises.

“Okay.” Samuel nodded.

“What is this?” She stretched out her hand to touch his lips. There were black spots on his lips, and she was sure that was not blood.

Samuel froze.

Her fingers were incredibly soft. The sensation as her fingertips brushed against his lips was extremely indulging.

Kathleen touched the black spots and frowned. “What exactly is this?”

Samuel looked at her and sighed. “There are some on your face too.”

“Really?” Kathleen touched her own face. “What’s going on?”

Taking in her endearing and baffled demeanor, he said, “This handkerchief was used to wipe your ears just now. Then, you used it to wipe your eyes before I used it to wipe my mouth.”

Kathleen was stumped.

“Why are you looking at me, you messy girl?” Samuel stared at her.

She stood up. “Let’s wash it off. It’s too embarrassing.”

Samuel slowly got to his feet and replaced the handkerchief in his pocket.

They exited the pet house together and went into the bathroom.

Kathleen dampened a towel to wipe her face while Samuel washed his mouth with clear water, then rinsed his mouth.

After he finished washing up, she handed him the towel.

Samuel wiped his mouth, cleaning the black spots off his lips.

Kathleen reached out to check Samuel’s pulse.

He gazed at her in silence, allowing her to do as she pleased.

She knitted her brows as she said, “It is still because the toxin has affected your internal organs. This condition cannot be resolved easily by just taking some medications.”

“Do I still need to take medicinal baths?” Samuel asked curiously.

“Yes, you do.” Kathleen placed his hand down. “You cannot stop taking your oral medications as well. But only Caleb has a few of the medications you’re taking. I’ll go find him tomorrow.”

“I’ll go instead.” Samuel did not wish for Kathleen to have too many interactions with Caleb.

After all, he knew well about the feelings Caleb had toward Kathleen.

“I’m afraid you two will get into a fight, and he will refuse to provide me with the medications,” she said.

Samuel croaked, “What if he threatens you? What if he forces you to be in a relationship or marry him in exchange for the medications?”

Kathleen snorted. “Samuel, do you think I will sacrifice myself for you?”

Samuel stiffened.

“He’s not a fool. He knows threatening me with that matter is futile.” Kathleen shrugged. “He’s not that stupid.”

Despite knowing that Kathleen was right, Samuel was still upset by the thought of them meeting up.

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