All Too Late Chapter 229

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All Too Late Chapter 229

All Too Late Chapter 229

As Expected Of Samuel

“Go and call Zachary and Vanessa over. I will tell them about this,” Frances instructed.

However, Yasmine stopped her. “Listen to me, Frances. There is no use calling them here now. They won’t listen to you anymore.”

“What?” Frances’ face turned gloomy.

“They’ve got something to do with your poisoning. Why don’t you acknowledge Kate first? It doesn’t matter whether or not they accept her,” Yasmine advised.

Frances furrowed her eyebrows. “I was poisoned?”

“Yes,” Yasmine said helplessly. “There’s even a video to prove it.”

Frances’ expression turned darker than ever at that revelation.

“Frances, you have to make sure not to give out the remaining thirty percent of shares in your hands. Otherwise, not only would you have nothing to give to Kate, you would be benefitting them,” Yasmine warned.

Frances nodded seriously. “You’re right. I’ll give these shares to Kate, then.”

At that moment, Kathleen spoke up. “Granny, there is no need to rush. If you give them to me, Vanessa will only be more pissed and anxious. She might even—”

Yasmine interjected, “Kate, just take them. To tell you the truth, it’s more dangerous to let Frances keep the shares. They might even trick her into giving up the shares. In the worst-case scenario, they would neglect Frances since she would become useless to them without the shares.”

“She is my granny. I will definitely care for her. There is no need for them to trouble themselves!” Kathleen blurted with frustration.

“Kate, if you’re going to inherit the thirty percent of shares from the Yaeger family, then you have to accept the Schotts’ thirty percent of shares as well,” Yasmine uttered. “These shares can only be transferred after your grandmother and I sign the papers, which is why Vanessa never dared to offend me.”

Kathleen was stunned. “The Schotts?”

“Yes.” Yasmine nodded lightly. “Although I’m in charge of the Schott family now, the shares are jointly owned by me and Frances. However, I own a bigger share since Frances focused on running the Yoeger family’s business after she got married. I am the one managing the shares now, so they’re scared to offend me.”

It was only then that Kathleen realized why Vanessa always seemed to be afraid of Yasmine.

Suddenly, a look of confusion appeared on Frances’ face. “Oh? Young woman, who are you?”

Kathleen stiffened.

With a helpless tone, Yasmine said, “See? If Vanessa acts before us, we might not have a chance anymore.”

Kathleen nodded. “Okay. I’ll listen to you, Grandaunt.”

Yasmine smiled with satisfaction at her answer. “In that case, I’ll have to ask for help from you, Mr. Macari.”

“What is it?” Samuel looked at her calmly.

“I would like to have a press conference tomorrow,” announced Yasmine.

“All right,” Samuel agreed with a nod.

Being the careful woman that she was, Yasmine continued, “Remember not to let the news get out, especially to Vanessa and Zachary. Otherwise, they might take the risk and go all out.”

Samuel nodded once again.

Nothing would go wrong since he was the one handling it.

Afterward, Yasmine left the hospital to make some preparations while Kathleen stayed behind to keep Frances company.

Holding Kathleen’s hand, Frances commented, “You look very familiar.”

“That’s because I’m your granddaughter,” Kathleen said softly.

There was a blank look on Frances’ face. “My granddaughter? I have a granddaughter?”

“That is me,” Kathleen said patiently. “My name is Kathleen Johnson, and my mother is Rebecca Johnson. She’s the daughter you lost.”

The daughter I lost?

Frances tightened her grip on Kathleen’s hand and mumbled, “My daughter… My daughter? The daughter I lost…”

“That’s right.”

“I remember now.” Frances looked at Kathleen. “I remember now. I did have a daughter, but she went missing. Someone abducted her.”

With that, she started to sob sorrowfully.

Kathleen hurriedly took some tissues to wipe the old woman’s tears away.

“Kate, I seem to alternate between being in the right state of mind and not. Hurry up and ask the lawyer to come over. I’m going to transfer the shares to you right now. We can’t wait any longer.”

Kathleen knitted her brows and looked at Samuel.

“I know the Yoeger family’s lawyer.” Taking his phone, Samuel walked out of the ward to make a call.

Meanwhile, Frances embraced Kathleen and patted her back gently. “You’ve suffered so much.”

Tears filled Kathleen’s eyes in an instant. “Granny, you were the one who suffered a lot.”

“I remember everything now. You almost died because of Nicolette, didn’t you?” Frances felt her heart break as she recalled the incident.

What happened to Kathleen was no secret to their circle.

“Granny, it’s all in the past now,” Kathleen comforted.

She would be dealing with the matter on her own. There was no need for Frances to be troubled about it.

However, Frances was incensed. “Zachary and Vanessa have lost their minds. How could they bring Nicolette to the house? Do they think I’m dead already? Since they’re treating my dear granddaughter like this, I won’t let them off easily as well!”

“Granny, calm down.”

Kathleen was worried since Frances was still recovering from a serious illness.

“I’m fine,” Frances reassured. With a stern voice, she continued, “I more or less know what Vanessa has on her mind. But why is Zachary acting like this, too?

It was something out of her expectation.

After a short hesitation, Kathleen revealed, “Granny. The truth is, Zachary has kidney cancer. He needs a kidney transplant.”

Frances frowned upon hearing that. “So he’s eyeing Nicolette’s kidney?”

Kathleen nodded in affirmation.

Frances pondered over it for a while and said, “No matter what, they shouldn’t have brought Nicolette back into the family. Even if they want to compensate her, they shouldn’t treat her as a daughter of the Yoeger family!”

Moreover, they were aware of Kathleen’s identity. It was way too outrageous for them to do something like that.

Frances treated Zachary and Vanessa as her own children, yet they did not even consider her feelings.

After all, she was not their birth mother. It did not matter that they were related to each other.

If Frances found out that she was unable to meet Rebecca because of them, she would definitely not let them off the hook.

Just then, Samuel opened the door and walked in with two lawyers of the Yoeger family.

“After you’re finished, you may rest in the room beside this ward. You cannot leave before the press conference tomorrow,” he ordered coldly.

Flustered, the two lawyers could only nod.

“Turn off your phones and hand them to me,” Samuel added, his icy expression unchanging.

The two obliged without a word, which dumbfounded Kathleen.

Why are they so obedient? It’s just Samuel!

Samuel then called Richard over to confirm that Frances was indeed in her right state of mind right now.

After that, Frances affixed her signature on the shares transfer agreement.

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