All Too Late Chapter 230

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All Too Late Chapter 230

All Too Late Chapter 230

Marrying Nicolette

The entire process took place smoothly, and Kathleen received the thirty percent shares owned by Frances.

At present, she was Yoeger Group’s biggest shareholder.

Samuel told Tyson to take the two lawyers to the adjacent room for a break.

Richard exited the ward, too.

Frances regarded Samuel unhappily. “When do you plan to marry Nicolette, Mr. Macari?”

Samuel kept quiet.

Kathleen peeled an orange and passed a segment to Frances.

Frances ate it with a grin.

“Old Mrs. Yoeger, I don’t like Nicolette,” Samuel answered in a deep voice.

He could ignore the opinions of Diana and the others, but he could not ignore Frances’.

Judging by her appearance, Kathleen was a good girl, and Frances loved her.

What should I do if Old Mrs. Yoeger won’t let me be with Kathleen?

Samuel could never, ever let Frances become his biggest obstacle.

“How heartless of you to make such a casual remark, Mr. Macari,” Frances muttered coldly.

Samuel remained silent at first.

Then, he cleared his throat and spoke. “Old Mrs. Yoeger, previously, I mistook Nicolette for my savior, and I’m very sorry about this. I didn’t know it was Kate who saved me back then.”

Frances eyed him with a wan expression. “Does this misunderstanding justify your poor treatment of Kate?”

Samuel replied, “I know it doesn’t, so I’ll try my best to compensate her for what I’ve done.”

“Your best form of compensation is to stop bothering my granddaughter,” Frances said with a scowl.

Samuel spoke in a low voice. “You can rest assured that I won’t bother her, Old Mrs. Yoeger.”

Frances stared at him in disbelief.

“Mr. Macari, I’ve known you since you were a child, and I understand your character very well,” she said in an icy tone. “You’re the kind of person who doesn’t stop until you’ve achieved your goals. You say you’ll stop bothering Kate, but secretly, you’ll chase away all the men around her, am I right?”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

“I heard about this from your grandmother.” There was a hint of mockery in Frances’ weak voice. “Kate was very popular among the boys in high school, so you threatened them behind her back. Is that correct?”

Samuel did not say a word, but a slight crease appeared between his brows.

How did Grandma find out about that? And she has even told Old Mrs. Yoeger about it!

Kathleen stared at Samuel in shock. “You…”

He cleared his throat. “I treated you like a little sister back then, and I was afraid you would be bullied.”

“Hah!” Frances chuckled sardonically and reminded Kathleen, “Don’t ever fall for the lies of men.”

Kathleen nodded.

Samuel was at a loss for words.

Indeed, his biggest stumbling block was not other people but Frances.

Kathleen fixed her gaze on Samuel.

So, he used to do such a thing without my knowledge.

Knock! Knock!

Someone was knocking on the door.

Samuel opened the door and was surprised to see the person standing outside. “Grandma?”

“Move aside.” Diana pushed Samuel aside. “I’m here to see my old friend.”

Then, she entered the ward.

“Fran, how have you been?” Diana asked emotionally.

“I’m fine, Diana.” Frances was touched.

After that, the two old ladies hugged each other.

Kathleen, who was next to Samuel, observed them with envy.

Having a best friend to spend time with at this age was a joyful thing.

“Why are you here?” Frances was taken aback.

“I heard you woke up and was concerned, so I came here.” Diana looked at Samuel. “What are you gawking at? You two may leave now. Take Katie out for supper. I’m not leaving tonight.”

Samuel and Kathleen were stunned.

With Diana around, Vanessa and the others would not dare do anything drastic.

In other words, Diana was here to back Samuel and Kathleen up.

“Okay.” Samuel nodded and led Kathleen out of the ward.

When they were in the corridor, Kathleen realized Diana had brought along a large number of bodyguards.

The whole corridor was filled with them.

Kathleen smiled sheepishly. “I’m sure Old Mrs. Macari wants us to have peace of mind.”

“Yeah.” Samuel nodded. “What do you want to eat?”

“Let’s head to the restaurant opposite the hospital. I recall that it’s still open at this hour,” Kathleen replied, “I still remember that I ate at that place with you the last time, but…”

Samuel pressed a cold finger against her red lips. “Don’t mention it again.”

He felt sorry for what he had done at that time.

Back then, Kathleen was pregnant and hungry. Yet, he had said those words to her.

“Will it cease to exist if I don’t mention it?” Kathleen asked.

Samuel pursed his lips. “If you’re still angry, you may carry on.”

After all, he deserved it.

Kathleen was stunned. “It’s rather meaningless.”

She raised her hand and realized she still had half an orange left.

Splitting it into two portions, she handed the other half to Samuel. “I can’t finish that much. You may have it.”

Her intention was for Samuel to take the orange.

However, Samuel grabbed her slender wrist, lowered his head, and ate the orange out of her hand.

The warmth of his lips even lingered on Kathleen’s palm.

Instantly, she felt goosebumps all over her body.

She was a sensitive woman, to begin with. As such, her face and ears turned a bright shade of red, and she resembled a tomato.

Samuel liked her genuine reaction.

The two of them entered the elevator.

While they were in the elevator, Kathleen looked at the leftover orange in her hand and put it in her mouth.

It’s so sweet!

“I didn’t know you used to do such silly things,” Kathleen muttered.

Samuel’s gaze darkened. “If I only knew back then that it was because I liked you.”

Unfortunately, it was all too late.

“And here I was wondering why everybody started casting weird looks at me one day.” Kathleen frowned and glared at Samuel angrily. “Did you know that an awful rumor spread in our school after that?”

“What?” Samuel’s eyebrows were locked in a tight frown.

“Someone said a mafia boss had his eyes on me. Whoever liked me would be killed by the boss’ subordinates.” Kathleen stared at him in fury. “Now I know you were the cause of everything that happened.”

Samuel frowned. He was oblivious to the existence of this rumor.

“It was a good idea. Without those people bothering you, you got into university easily.” A gleam flashed across his eyes.

“I never knew how shameless you were, Samuel!” Kathleen was mad. “High school was supposed to be a time of fun and excitement. Without romance, did you know how boring my school days were?”

Samuel regarded her coldly. “Back in high school, you liked me.”

Who else does she want to like?

“Hmph!” Kathleen scoffed. “Had someone confessed his love to me, I probably wouldn’t have liked you.”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

She’s just trying to break my heart!

Kathleen grinned. Then, she said in an icy manner, “Did you just realize that you aren’t as important to me as you think?”

Samuel scoffed in response.

Deep down, however, he was unhappy.

Why am I unimportant to her? I’m very important to her!

Kathleen studied his frustrated expression and felt great.

Serves him right!

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