All Too Late Chapter 231

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All Too Late Chapter 231

All Too Late Chapter 231

When Samuel and Kathleen arrived at the entrance of the hospital, they realized it was snowing outside.

Kathleen held her hand out and caught a few snowflakes. Sadly, they melted as soon as they touched her palm.

Samuel, too, did the same, but they did not melt as fast as hers.

Seeing that, Kathleen touched his hand with a frown. “The ward was so warm just now. How is your hand still so cold?”

Samuel lowered his hand. “Because you said you’d buy me some clothes, but you haven t.”

Is this even related to the clothes?” Kathleen was at a loss for words.


Samuel smiled calmly. “Let’s go.’ “Mm.” Kathleen nodded.

Thus, they left for the restaurant across the street.

As expected, it was still operating.

Along the way, Samuel placed his hand on Kathleen’s head to prevent her hair from getting wet.

By the time they arrived at the store, the back of his hand was wet with snow.

He took out his handkerchief and wiped it gently.

Meanwhile, Kathleen noticed an empty table by the window and led Samuel there.

As they sat down, a waiter placed the menu in front of them, asking, “What would you like to order?”


I’d like a quinoa salad,” Kathleen answered without looking at the menu. “Oh, a side dish and a set of charcoal grilled roast beef too.” “All right.” The waiter nodded. “What about you, mister?” “Same as hers. I want the quinoa salad,” Samuel said coldly.

“Okay. Please wait for a moment” The waiter collected the menu and left.

Kathleen removed her coat, revealing the caramel­colored sweater she wore on the inside. She looked sweet and polite in it.

Samuel, however, wore a black suit on the inside as usual.

It was as if he did not have other clothes.

Kathleen’s slender fingers tapped the tabletop, and Samuel instinctively placed his hand on the table.

He had long, slender fingers with prominent knuckles. When he put out his left hand, Kathleen realized the wedding ring was still on his finger.


She sighed. “Do you want to take it off?’


No.” Samuel shook his head.

Kathleen checked his pulse with a neutral expression.

“Are you upset?” Samuel asked in a low tone. “Then again, this is my personal preference.” “That’s right. I have no right to interfere with your preference,” responded Kathleen helplessly.

Samuel regarded her thoughtfully. “What do you think things would be like now if we had gotten together back then?”

Kathleen thought for some time. “We’d still be like this, I suppose. There wouldn’t be any changes.” “Do you really understand what I’m saying?” Samuel asked in a raspy voice. “I meant if I knew I liked you sooner, we would’ve gotten married once you graduated from university. Perhaps we’d be living another kind of life now.”

Instead of being like this.

Kathleen pursed her lips. “Samuel, stop thinking about what ifs. It’s meaningless.”

Samuel fell silent.

She withdrew her hand and instructed, “Remember to stay warm for these couple of days. If you don’t take care of your health this winter, your condition will worsen in the next.”

Samuel smiled. “Okay.”


I’ll buy you the clothes,” added Kathleen. “After all, I don’t want to owe you anything.”


Samuel had an inexplicable expression. “Okay.’

Not long after, their food was served.

They stopped talking and tucked into the food in silence.

After their meal, Samuel paid for the bill.

When he returned to the table, he told Kathleen, “Grandma wants us to go home straight away. She’ll stay with Old Mrs. Yoeger tonight, so we don’t have to worry about her.”


Pursing her lips, Kathleen answered, “Okay, then.” Samuel’s gaze dimmed. “They won’t be able to get any rest if you stay here, anyway.”

Kathleen nodded in agreement.

It was indeed uncomfortable to share a room with three people.

“Let’s go.” Samuel picked up Kathleen’s scarf and handed it to her.

Kathleen hesitated for a moment.

She then took the scarf and beckoned him over.

Seeing that, Samuel moved closer, only to be surprised by Kathleen putting the scarf around his neck.

Her scarf was beige, which suited him well.

Samuel smiled as he caught Kathleen’s scent from the scarf.


I’m lending it to you temporarily. You’ll have to return it once we get back,” Kathleen said flatly.

Samuel’s smile faded instantly, and his shoulders slumped.


I’ll get you a new one later,” Kathleen added.

“Okay.” An affectionate look instantly appeared in Samuel’s eyes.

Kathleen secretly rolled her eyes, baffled by her own actions.

Why am I so soft-hearted toward him?

Soon, they arrived at Kathleen’s house.


Kathleen was about to get out of the car when Samuel said solemnly, “I’ll return your scarf tomorrow, in case you don’t buy me a new one.’

Kathleen was dumbfounded.

“Goodnight,” Samuel wished with a smirk.

Exasperated, Kathleen alighted the car and walked into the mansion.

Samuel watched her enter the house before bringing the scarf to his nose and taking a deep breath. Only then did he drive to the mansion next door with a satisfied smile.

I’m going to sleep well tonight.

Meanwhile, Charles was shocked to see Kathleen enter the house. “Why didn’t you return to the hotel?’ “I came back to get some things. I’ll go there tomorrow,” explained Kathleen.

Charles nodded. “Did Samuel send you home again?

“Yes.” She nodded.

Charles did not want to say anything to that.

She has no idea how serious this matter is.

“Charles, how’s Vivian?” Kathleen asked concernedly.

Hence, Charles recounted the entire incident.

Kathleen frowned when she finished listening to the story. “That’s unbelievable.”

Charles said calmly, “I’m planning to pay Finn a visit tomorrow. It’s best to resolve this matter as soon as possible, so tomorrow-” “It’s okay. Grandaunt and the others will be there tomorrow. You don’t have to worry about me,” Kathleen assured.

if I

Charles sighed. “I didn’t want to say anything about this, but I’ll be less worried if Samuel goes with you. He’ll definitely keep you safe if he sticks around you.”

Kathleen scoffed, “You make it sound as if I’m weak. I’m quite good at protecting myself, you know?” “Haven’t you heard of the idea of outnumbering your enemies?” Charles asked sternly. “I’m sure Finn wouldn’t meet me no matter how many times I ask him. Hence, I have no choice but to meet him in a public place, otherwise, I’d never leave you alone.”

Kathleen was dumbfounded. “Okay, okay. I get it.

Stop nagging. I’ll take care of myself. Don’t worry.”


Okay.” Charles nodded. “All right. You should get some rest. It’s very late now.”


Got it!” Kathleen shot up the stairs.

After a moment of silence, Charles picked up the box of cigarettes and the lighter on the coffee table and walked out of the house.

As he smoked in the courtyard, Samuel walked out In a down jacket.

“What’s up? Samuel asked hoarsely.

“I really, really don’t like you,” Charles stated coolly.

Samuel kept silent, waiting for the rest of his words.

“But you’re the person I trust the most in Jadeborough.” Charles’ eyes glinted coldly. ‘Tm handing Kate to you. You’ve got to keep her safe, understand?”


“I’d still do that even if you didn’t tell me so,” Samuel commented flatly.

Charles growled, “You’d better realize how lucky you are. Don’t you dare hurt her again, otherwise, you’ll get a taste of my wrath.”

Samuel responded icily, “I won’t.”

With a stony expression, Charles said, “And that woman, Nicolette. I’m sure you know what to do.”

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