All Too Late Chapter 232

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All Too Late Chapter 232

All Too Late Chapter 232

“What about that woman?” Samuel’s tone was impassive.

Charles was infuriated.

He grabbed Samuel’s collar and yelled, “What about that woman? If you really want to pursue my sister, you shouldn’t have let her get away with her crimes!”

Samuel’s gaze darkened. “Get away with her crimes? Do you think she’s getting away with it?”

Charles was stumped.

It’s true. Nicolette isn’t really getting away with it.

“But she still got out,” Charles hissed. “And I know she threatened Kate today.”

Samuel’s gaze was horrifyingly cold. “I know what to do. You don’t have to worry about it.” “If you upset Kate one more time, I promise you’ll never find her again,” Charles warned, gritting his teeth. “Why do you think you haven’t heard any news from her for the past year?”

A vicious expression appeared on Samuel’s handsome face as he stared at Charles.

Smirking, Charles continued, “I’m not skilled in anything else, but no one’s better than me at hiding someone.”

With that, he spun around and left.

Samuel felt a stab in his heart.

/ won’t let Kathleen disappear! I won’t allow it!

He looked to the window of the room that glowed softly due to the nightlight.

As long as she did not disappear, he was satisfied with just watching her like that.

Kathleen woke up early the next day.

She collected the things she needed to use in the hotel and walked out of the house, finding Samuel already waiting outside.

“Why didn’t you come in?” Kathleen was puzzled.

In response, Samuel cast Charles an unfathomable glance.

Seeing that, Kathleen frowned and looked at her brother for an answer. “Charles?”

Charles grunted. “I didn’t hear him knock.” “Did the housekeeper not hear it, too?” Kathleen questioned frostily. “Are you trying to freeze him to death? You know I’ll still be the one treating him if that happens, right?” “He just stood out there for two minutes,” Charles stated unhappily. “Just two minutes. It’s nothing compared to all the times he bullied you in the past.”

Kathleen was baffled.

“Your brother’s right.” Samuel smiled politely. “I deserved it.”

Kathleen glared at Charles. “I’m going to be mad if you keep up with that attitude.”

Charles merely snorted in response.

Samuel, you simp!

“Let’s go,” Kathleen prompted, rolling her eyes at Samuel. “You’re another silly one. Couldn’t you wait in the car for me?”

A faint smile surfaced on Samuel’s charming and elegant face. “I forgot.”

Looks like there’s something wrong with his brain. Kathleen, I think you should prescribe him some supplements. Poor thing. He’s already a muddlehead at such a young age. I hope he doesn’t pester you for the rest of your life if he can’t get a wife in the future,” Charles warned softly.

Sighing heavily, Kathleen asked, “Charles, weren’t you going to see Finn? Why are you still here?” “What’s the rush?” Charles asked. “That banquet starts at the same time as your press conference.

There’s no need for me to rush.” “We’ll leave, then.” Kathleen walked off, pulling Samuel along with her.

Charles watched their backs speechlessly. Why does it feel like it’s getting harder to keep her at home?

Kathleen followed Samuel into the car, and they left for the press conference.

As usual, the press conference was held at Macari Group’s main hall, for that was Samuel’s territory.

Vanessa and the others would not dare to cause trouble there.

Soon, everything was all set.

Thanks to Samuel’s efforts, the reporters of every major media outlet and even those working for certified social media accounts were there.

The place was bustling.

Yasmine had arrived long ago.

Even Diana had come with Frances, whose presence shocked Kathleen.

Don’t worry, Kate. I’m as healthy as a horse,” Frances assured while holding Kathleen’s hand.

Kathleen could feel that Frances’ hands were warm and dry.

Diana smiled. “Don’t worry, you two.”

Kathleen nodded.

Meanwhile, Samuel stood quietly beside Kathleen like a loyal guard protecting his princess.

He had become more mature, dependable, and charming compared to a year ago.

Hence, many women there could not help but fix their eyes on him.

However, Samuel only had eyes for one person- Kathleen.

Yasmine walked over. “I think we can start now.’

Kathleen nodded and said to Frances, “Please excuse me, Granny.”

Frances nodded in response.

Kathleen hooked her arm around Yasmine’s and walked up to the stage.

Diana chuckled as she held Frances’ hand, watching Kathleen from below the stage. “I really didn’t expect we’d have a child in common.”

Lost in her thoughts, Frances muttered, “I know, right? We were even in-laws once.” “If it weren’t for my incompetent grandson, we’d probably have a closer relationship by now.” The thought of Samuel’s past actions made Diana furious.

Despite that, Samuel continued standing there in silence.

“I’m thinking of arranging a marriage for Kate.” Frances sighed. “I think my health’s deteriorating, Diana. I didn’t get to see my daughter in a wedding dress, so I really want to see Kate getting married.”

It ‘All right. We’ll find a young man for her together,” consoled Diana.

With that, she lifted her head and glared at Samuel, whose eyes were fixed impassively on the stage. Even so, his fists were clenched.

Kathleen seems to care a lot about Old Mrs. Yoeger. If Old Mrs. Yoeger forces her to get married, Kathleen will definitely give in. If that happens, who will Old Mrs. Yoeger choose as Kathleen’s partner? I bet it’ll be either Christopher or Caleb. It’ll never be me. But if that’s the case, I’ll never get to be with Kathleen.

Nevertheless, Samuel hoped Kathleen would follow her heart regarding the matter instead of simply marrying someone.

Right then, the press conference officially started.

Yasmine smiled gently. “I’d like to thank all the reporters for attending today’s press conference. Today, I have a very important announcement to make. The true identity of the person beside me, Kathleen Johnson, is actually-” “Wait!” Vanessa shouted as she walked in.

Everyone turned to look at her.

Vanessa rushed to the stage. “Aunt Yasmine, what are you doing?”

Yasmine gave her an indifferent look. “If you want to find out, take a seat and listen quietly, otherwise, I will kick you out.”

Vanessa scoffed, “This is interesting. Aunt Yasmine, don’t you feel you’re being shameless for bringing my mom out of the hospital and holding some stupid press conference here?”


Yasmine frowned. “Me? Shameless? How’s that so?

“Aunt Yasmine, I don’t know how I’ve offended you, but do you really think it’s a good idea to collaborate with an outsider to snatch our family’s assets?” Vanessa asked, burning with rage.

“Outsider?” Yasmine snorted. “Are you referring to Kate?”

‘That’s right. She’s an outsider,” Vanessa said coldly.

“Didn’t you know that?”

“I’m Granny’s biological granddaughter. How does that make me an outsider?” Kathleen asked indifferently.

Suddenly, Vanessa laughed maniacally. “Of course, you’re right. Your mom is my mom’s biological daughter, but-”

She paused for a moment and fixed a sharp gaze on Kathleen. “Your mom’s biological father isn’t my father.”

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