All Too Late Chapter 235

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All Too Late Chapter 235

All Too Late Chapter 235

How could I let you all fork out the money?

Kathleen chuckled. “It’s on me.” “No can do,” Diana disagreed. “We need to show our support for you with our actions.” “Yeah, we’re your family,” Frances added.

Since Kathleen couldn’t change their minds, she could only let them do what they wanted.

“All right. You should go and attend to whatever you need to deal with.” Diana waved her hand. “We don’t need any help here.”

After Kathleen was driven away, the three old ladies huddled together to discuss what they should eat after the movie.

Realizing that someone was tugging at her sleeve, Kathleen turned around to find that it was Samuel.

I’ll send people to protect them,” Samuel said aloofly. “You should head back to the film set.”

Oh.” Only then did Kathleen remember that she needed to head back to work.

I’ll send you there,” Samuel offered in a deep voice.

She nodded in reply.

After all, her stuff was in his car, and there was no one else here to send her.

They got into the car together.

As Kathleen reached out to put on her seat belt, Samuel gulped before saying, “I heard your granny say that she wanted to see you in a wedding dress before she passed away.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words and could only look at him quietly.

His Adam’s apple bobbed again. “You’re a good granddaughter, so you will agree to her request, won’t you?” “No one can force me to do something like this,” she responded coldly. “If I meet someone suitable before Granny breathes her last, for sure I’ll get married”

Samuel pursed his lips as she continued, “But, Samuel, you don’t need to probe because I’m also not sure what will happen in my love life. However, no matter how much you’ve hurt me, I still believe in love.”

Upon hearing that, he forced a smile even though he was hurting inside. “You still believe in love?”

I do.” Kathleen nodded.

“That’s great.” Samuel’s voice had never been so hoarse.

He drove her over to the hotel. It was opposite the film set, so he did not need to send her over.

Besides, the stylist was waiting for Kathleen in the hotel room.

Samuel watched as Kathleen stepped into the hotel.

Only then did he put down his hands dejectedly. He sat in the car in silence, motionless.

At Macari Group.

Ever since Calvin passed Macari Group entirely to Samuel, the former seldom came to the office.

However, since Samuel was unwell recently and needed to rest, Calvin came to work again.

When he reached the office, he took a look around and realized that Samuel was not present.

He knew Samuel had gone to send Kathleen off, but it had been about three hours, and yet, his son still had not come back.

Just as Calvin was about to send someone to look for Samuel, he saw the younger man coming in with a defeated look.

“What happened to you?” Calvin, who was sitting on the couch, stared at Samuel.

Samuel poured himself a glass of water. “I’m fine.’ “You seem as though something is bumming you out.” Calvin continued to look at him. “Do you need me to tell your fortune?” “Are you very free?” Samuel snapped in a cold demeanor.

“Thanks to you, yeah.” Calvin smiled faintly.

Samuel took the upper half of the stack of documents on the desk and gave them to him. “Go through all of these.”

Calvin was stunned.

“Between both of US, who is the father?” Calvin questioned unhappily.

“You’re the one who said that our father-son relationship doesn’t matter in the office,” Samuel retorted monotonously.

Livid, Calvin took one of the documents. “It must be because your relationship with Kate is not going well.”

Samuel remained silent.

“Surely, Old Mrs. Yoeger doesn’t like you,” Calvin continued angrily. “Who would like your cold personality?”

Samuel pinched between his eyebrows lightly.

If he weren’t my father, I’d have chased him out already.

“Except Kathleen, I can’t think of anyone else who can fancy you despite your annoying personality.” Calvin continued to mock his son. “Even though Nicolette likes you, she also wants to use you.” “Can you stop?” Samuel asked flatly and walked toward his desk, starting to work.

Calvin stood up and went to his side. “Son, I’ve been there. Don’t you want to hear my opinion?” “Your relationship with Mom is smooth sailing. What opinion can you have?” “But we’ve met more people than you have,” Calvin said patiently. “No matter what, you have to understand that Kate has already given up on you.” “You don’t need to remind me about that.” Samuel’s expression darkened.

“You’ll have more difficulties pursuing her compared to others, but you can get close to her easier. Do you know why you can be at her side trouble-free?”

Samuel shook his head.

“Sense of security,” Calvin said. “She knows that you won’t take advantage of her or bully her. That’s the advantage you have. You have to be patient. You can’t rush things when you pursue her.”

It’s not me who is impatient.” Samuel responded hoarsely, “It’s Old Mrs Yoeger.” “What did Old Mrs. Yoeger do?” Calvin was taken aback.

“She said she wanted to see Kathleen in a wedding dress before she passed away.”

Calvin grinned from ear to ear. “She deliberately said that for you to hear.”

I know,” Samuel uttered. “But it’s precisely because I know that that I’m more worried. If that day really comes, Kate will agree to it.”

Calvin sighed. “If that day really comes, and Kate chooses another man, not you, there’s nothing you can do about it either.”

Samuel did not say a word.

“You can only give her your blessings,” Calvin continued solemnly.

Samuel felt a pang in his heart. His voice was low as he said, “Dad, I can’t do that.”

Calvin looked at Samuel, his heart breaking for his son. “You won’t have a choice unless Kate chooses you.”

“Dad, is there a machine that turns back the clock? Samuel inquired gruffly.

Calvin kept mum.

Samuel mocked himself, “I think I’ve gone mad.’ “If you think that you’re crazy, that means you’re not out of your mind yet.” Calvin motivated, “Perk up. Besides, Kate gives you treatment every day, and your illness won’t go away in a day or two. She’s busy working during the day, and yet she uses the little bit of time she has left to treat you. She doesn’t have any time to date another man.”

Samuel was stunned for a moment.

That had never crossed his mind before.

“When you’re with Kate, don’t mention anything related to love and relationships. Care for her daily life more, and don’t let her feel as though you haven’t given up yet. Don’t stress her out. Let her change gradually,” Calvin advised.

Samuel nodded.

“When your mom and Emily chatted that day, only then did I know that Christopher made Kate feel pressured while he was chasing her.” Calvin sighed. “Because of that, he failed to win her heart. Don’t make the same mistake he did.”

Samuel didn’t utter a word.

/ see. Christopher was rejected because of this.

“Old man, seems like you’re still a bit useful,” Samuel said In an icy tone.

Calvin, who had been called “old man,” was displeased. “Me? An old man? other old men already have grandchildren to play with them. What do I have? Nothing!”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

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