All Too Late Chapter 238

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All Too Late Chapter 238

All Too Late Chapter 238

Play Pretend

Kathleen was very cautious in applying medication to the wound on Charles’ shoulder.

His injury wasn’t that serious, but Vivian’s teeth had broken the skin, causing the wound to bleed.

“This will definitely leave a scar on you,” said Kathleen flatly.

Charles was unfazed, though, responding, “It’s fine. It couldn’t be more normal for a man to have one or two scars.”

In a placid tone, Kathleen replied, “It’s fine for you but not your future wife. Would she be comfortable seeing another woman’s teeth mark on your body? Don’t always assume that women should accept you unconditionally. What if the woman of your life had a tattoo of another man’s name on her body? Would you be pleased, then?”

Charles kept his mouth shut.

Noticing his dejected visage, Kathleen let out a snort. “It’s okay! I’m here to help you.”

Charles turned to look her in the eye. Was she teasing me intentionally?

“So, Charles, could you get Caleb to come here with you tomorrow? I have something to tell you guys.” Kathleen was done treating Charles’ wound, so she began tidying up the medical kit.

“Can’t you just tell me now?” queried Charles ever so casually.

Kathleen shook her head.

Helpless, Charles went on, “You’re so secretive even though I’m your brother.”

By then, Kathleen had already kept the medical kit away as she walked up to Charles, asking, “Have you visited Granny yet?”

“Yup.” Charles nodded as he spoke. “She still recognized me.”

“That’s good, then.” Wearing a calm mien, Kathleen dropped a suggestion. “Granny will be discharged from the hospital in a few days, but she can’t stay with the Yoegers anymore. I think you ought to hire someone to clean up the house and let her move in.”

“That I know.” Charles paused for a bit to ponder before saying, “I’m thinking of getting a bigger house, though. The current one is kind of small.”

Kathleen remained silent for a brief moment. She then questioned, “Charles, do you think Granny might be willing to follow us abroad?”

Knitting his brows, Charles answered her with another question, “You’ve thought of leaving this place?”

“Wasn’t our initial plan for coming back here just to investigate Mom’s background?” Kathleen explained, “Now that we’ve figured out her identity, the only matter we have left to deal with is Vanessa and the others.”

Charles shook his head. “I’m not so sure… After all, Granny’s not young anymore. If she were to go abroad, she would have to adapt to a completely new life. Not only that, but I’m afraid that there are plenty of other things we need to consider.”

Kathleen listened to him quietly while nodding.

“Are you worn out by Samuel’s persistent pestering?” asked Charles. His heart ached for her.

“Me? No… It has nothing to do with him. I’m just thinking… Samuel has been gradually leading us into his trap. He even made use of Granny to divide my attention.”

Charles froze momentarily before flashing a faint smile. “Do you mean you feel annoyed that he set you up?”

Hearing that, Kathleen was stumped for words.

“I have to admit he’s really meticulous in his schemes. I’m actually pretty impressed by that. No wonder he could always succeed in everything he did.” It was so rare for Charles to sing Samuel’s praises.

The corners of Kathleen’s mouth twitched a little on that note. “Hey, Charles, which side are you on?”

Putting on a smirk, Charles answered, “Do you have to ask? Of course, I’m on your side.”

“I’m truly terrified of Samuel, Charles.” A hint of uneasiness flashed across Kathleen’s sparkling eyes. “I know better than anyone how capable he is when it comes to entrancing a woman’s attention. I’m afraid that I—”

Deep down, she was worried that she might eventually fall for Samuel.

Therefore, she hoped to put an end to all this before anything actually happened.

Charles could already tell by her look. “Don’t always punish yourself because of someone else’s mistake. There’s very little point in worrying whether you’d fall for Samuel. Even if you still hold a bit of feeling for him, that doesn’t mean much.”

Kathleen hung her gaze low, her long eyelashes concealing the hopelessness in her eyes.

Perceiving her bearing, Charles continued to comfort her, “As you said, Samuel has his way of bewitching a lady, and you’re no saint yourself. Since he has a thing for you, he’ll certainly go all out to captivate your heart, just like Christopher and Caleb. They, too, wished to show you only their best. This is all very normal, so you have nothing to fear.”

Kathleen side-eyed him. “Once I finish all the scenes of this film, could you arrange a job for me abroad? I’d like to take a breather for some time.”

“Okay, no problem.” Charles nodded in agreement.

Joy washed over Kathleen’s face as she expressed her gratitude. “Thank you so much.”

“You don’t have to be so courteous with your own brother, okay?” Displeased, Charles frowned.

His words made Kathleen smile from ear to ear.

That night, Samuel suppressed his urge to seek out Kathleen.

Even so, he missed her.

When he caught a glimpse of Kathleen’s scarf, he wrapped it around his neck and buried his head in work.

Not long after, there came a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Samuel’s voice was hoarse and deep.

A man pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Instantly, he squinted his eyes at Samuel. “Are you that cold?”

Samuel furrowed his eyebrows when he heard that voice. “What do you want, Nicholas?”

That man was Nicholas Larson. He approached Samuel and reached out to grab the scarf before taking a sniff.

“Oh? The scent of a lady’s perfume. Hehe…” said Nicholas with a half-smile. “Is it Kathleen’s?”

“Hands off my scarf!” Samuel snatched the scarf back from Nicholas’ hands in a flash.

“What a reaction!” Nicholas then wheeled around to grab a bottle of brandy and two empty glasses from the wine cabinet.

He filled up both glasses and served one of them to Samuel while claiming the other one for himself.

“I’m not drinking.” Samuel’s tone reeked of coldness. “Why are you back from Loang? Didn’t you run away from home to escape your family, who kept pestering you to get married?”

Taking a sip of the brandy in his glass, Nicholas let out a chuckle. “How is it that even your house’s brandy tastes so much better?”

Wearing an impassive countenance, Samuel remarked, “Get lost if you refuse to answer me.”

“Hey, why are you so cold-hearted?” Nicholas put down the glass as he spoke. “Don’t you know I’m back because of you?”

“Because of me?” Samuel remained frosty at that. “You’d better explain yourself.”

Heaving a sigh, Nicholas uttered, “Don’t tell me a smart guy like you can’t figure it out? I’ve naturally caved in and agreed to that marriage arranged by my family. Otherwise, I’d never dare to return.”

Samuel’s expression turned grim. “So, who’s your date?”

“You already have the answer.” Nicholas arched a brow.

“Kathleen?” Samuel’s voice was eerily low and cold.

Nicholas nodded.

Immediately, Samuel grabbed hold of Nicholas’ collar and threatened him, “It seems that I’ve got to think of a way to make you disappear.”

What the hell?

“Calm down, Samuel!” Nicholas had never been so speechless before. “Listen to me first. I’ve already mentioned that I’m doing this for you.”

Samuel’s chilling gaze remained pinned on Nicholas.

Having no choice, Nicholas explained further, “You know very well the relationship between my grandma and Old Mrs. Yoeger, which is why Old Mrs. Yoeger suggested setting me and Kathleen up on a blind date. Think about it. Even if you murder me now, there’d still be some other guy taking my place. You can’t just kill them all, can you?”

“Why not!” Samuel glared at Nicholas.

The latter chuckled bitterly. “Please… Kathleen will deem you a lunatic and leave you for good if you do that.”

Upon hearing that, Samuel pursed his thin lips.

Nicholas caught a glimpse of Samuel’s grim expression. “I’m your friend, Samuel. I’m well aware of your feelings toward Kathleen, so I won’t snatch her from you. I’m on your side, all right?”

With that, Samuel slowly released his grip on Nicholas.

The latter tidied his collar and elucidated, “I’m going to heed my grandma’s order to meet up with Kathleen. But then, if our blind date fails, I bet Old Mrs. Yoeger would just introduce Kathleen to other guys anyway.”

Samuel remained forbidding.

Isn’t that obvious?

“So, I was thinking of seeking Kathleen’s agreement to pretend that we hit it off well and be in a make-believe relationship,” suggested Nicholas softly.

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