All Too Late Chapter 239

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All Too Late Chapter 239

All Too Late Chapter 239

You Do Not Trust Me

“Pretend?” Samuel narrowed his eyes.

“That’s right. That way, Old Mrs. Yoeger won’t force her to go on more blind dates, and you can stop worrying about some other man snatching her up. Doesn’t that sound great?” Nicholas said in a deep voice.

Samuel pursed his thin lips, not saying anything.

“In other words, you can both use me as your cover.” Nicholas explained, “With no men after her, you can take your time to pursue her. Isn’t that a good thing?”

Samuel’s eyes turned icy. “I think she’s the one being the cover for you.”

Nicholas was taken aback.

“You should go to her about this. It’s not my decision to make.” Samuel fell silent after that.

Nicholas smirked. He knew that this meant Samuel had agreed.

“I’m supposed to have my blind date with her the day after tomorrow. Remember to come.” Nicholas patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t look so gloomy. The reason I’m back is to help you.”

“Hah! Help me?” Samuel was in disbelief.

Nicholas shot him a meaningful look. “Just wait and see. I’ll show you how fortunate you are to have a friend like me.”

With that, he turned around and left.

Samuel furrowed his brows deeply.

It seemed like what Frances had said to him the other day was for real.

Two days later.

Kathleen had no choice but to follow Frances’ order to go on a blind date.

This time, the blind date was set at a dinner party.

The guests were mostly young adults with very few older people.

Kathleen had just finished work. She changed into a comfortable set of clothes and came over.

Regardless of her outfit, as a celebrity, she still managed to look good.

Her figure was slim, and her face was beautiful. Anything she wore looked good on her.

With the addition of her having won an award before, everyone present immediately turned their attention to her.

However, she didn’t stop there. She went straight to look for Frances and the others, who were having coffee in a private dining room on the second floor.

There were four people present.

Around the table sat Frances, Diana, and two other women who appeared to be Nicholas’ birth mother and grandmother.

Melanie, Nicholas’ mother, seemed to be rather shy.

Kathleen had heard about her from Frances before.

Apparently, Roger – Nicholas’ father – and Melanie had accidentally ended up sleeping together.

After that, Melanie got pregnant. It was only then that she married into the Larson family.

Melanie came from an average family background.

Thus, she became very insecure by nature. She was very timid in everything she did.

Of course, the Larson family treated her well.

They did not look down on her because of her background.

Although Roger did not fancy her, he had never cheated on her in the past two or three decades. He was very responsible toward his wife and children.

Frances said that a family like that was sure to raise well-educated children.

“Hello, Granny, Grandma, Old Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Larson,” Kathleen greeted them all.

The more Frances looked at her granddaughter, the more wonderful Kathleen seemed. “Old Mrs. Larson, don’t you think my granddaughter is beautiful?”

Kathleen felt bashful.

Geraldine, Nicholas’ grandmother, looked Kathleen up and down. “She’s not bad.”

She has a tiny waist and wide hips. It’s a good proportion for a woman.

Kathleen felt uncomfortable at Geraldine staring at her stomach.

It felt like she was a slab of meat on a chopping board.

“Nicholas and the others are inside the house,” Melanie said.

Kathleen looked over.

We’ve barely even said anything to each other. Why is Mrs. Larson so rushed? What’s going on with the Larson family?

Geraldine could also sense that something was off. She smiled gently and said, “Let me bring Nicholas over. Both your grandmothers have already met him earlier.”

“I can go get him. I’ve seen him several times before,” Kathleen replied calmly.

“You know Nicholas?” Melanie was shocked. “Is it because of Samuel?”

Kathleen nodded. “Yes.”

It was true that Samuel was the reason they had met.

Melanie pursed her thin lips. “Ms. Johnson, Nicholas…”

“Okay, that’s enough.” Geraldine might have appeared gentle, but in reality, she was warning Melanie.

Melanie lowered her head.

“I’ll go now,” chimed in Kathleen.

She turned around and left.

Frances and Diana exchanged a glance.

Frances shot Geraldine a cold stare. “Are you hiding something from me?”

Meanwhile, Kathleen went out of the room to go outside and look for Nicholas.

Directly opposite her were a few games rooms.

She wasn’t sure which one Nicholas was in.

“On your right.” Samuel’s voice suddenly sounded from behind her.

She turned back and stared curiously at the man elegantly striding over.

Samuel hadn’t come looking for her in over two to three days.

He really missed her.

However, he knew that he couldn’t be too clingy toward her.

“They’re in the games room on the right. They’re playing snooker.” Samuel walked up to her. His voice was hoarse.

Kathleen’s face was soft and pink, like a peach.

“Come with me!” Kathleen said as she looked around.

She wanted to find a place to have a talk with him.

Samuel smiled. “The innermost room is empty.”

“How do you know?” Kathleen’s eyes widened.

Samuel chuckled. “Because that’s my personal room.”

“Hmph. I see you are living your life to the fullest.”

Samuel paused before explaining, “I haven’t been here in a year.”

Kathleen let out a light snort.

“Let’s go.” Samuel resisted the urge to reach out to grab her hand. “You have something to say to me, right?”

Kathleen walked ahead, so Samuel followed behind her.

When they reached the innermost room, Kathleen prepared to open the door.

However, she realized the door had an electronic lock.

Why would someone install an electronic lock here?

Samuel stood behind her. With a slight smile, he bent down and placed one hand on her shoulder. Then, he keyed in the password with his other hand.


It was Kathleen’s birthday.

She knitted her brows slightly.

The door opened, revealing the pitch-black room inside.

Samuel reached out his hand to turn on the lights.

Instantly, the room was illuminated.

Samuel led her in, then closed the door behind them.

Kathleen looked at him curiously. “Why is the password my birthday?”

Samuel hesitated before answering, “Should I have used mine instead? That would be too easy to guess, don’t you think?”

“If you set it up so long ago, shouldn’t it be Nicolette’s birthday instead?” Kathleen asked.

Samuel flashed her an unfathomable smile. “I’ve never once thought about this question. Why is it that I used your birthday for many of my passwords even though I had feelings for Nicolette?”

Kathleen was stunned.

Many of his passwords?

“Kate, my subconscious realized that I liked you a long time ago.” Samuel’s voice was raspy. “However, I just never noticed.”

Kathleen pressed her lips together. “I have a question.”

“Go ahead.” Samuel seemed to be very willing to cooperate with her.

“Are you involved in this blind date matter with Nicholas and me?” she asked solemnly.

“Not at all.” Samuel shook his head.

Kathleen stared into his jet-black eyes.

His expression was indifferent as he uttered, “I really don’t know anything.”

Kathleen’s fair, delicate face was tense. “Really?”

Samuel nodded. “I’ve told you that I would never lie to you.”

Kathleen breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s good.”

Samuel looked at her meaningfully. “You…”

“Can you call him over? I have something I want to say to him.”

“Okay.” Samuel nodded.

He took out his phone and sent Nicholas a text.

The entire time, Kathleen never took her eyes off him.

Samuel smirked. “Do you really not trust me that much?”

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