All Too Late Chapter 240

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All Too Late Chapter 240

All Too Late Chapter 240

I Believed It

Kathleen snorted.

Samuel walked over to her side and hugged her from behind. He then held his phone up in front of her so she could see the screen.

Well, since he was already showing it to her, she figured she might as well take a look.

Kathleen stared at the screen.

At this moment, Samuel felt like Kathleen was like an adorable, curious little kitten. She was staring at his phone screen very seriously.

He couldn’t help but pat her on the head.

Kathleen froze. All the hairs on her body were standing on end.

It feels nice.

Kathleen did not say anything, but Samuel did not dare to touch her again.

Just then, a knock came from the door.

Samuel let go of Kathleen to go open the door.

Nicholas came in. “Ms. Johnson, you’re here to go on a blind date with me. Why are you meeting your ex-husband in private?”

Kathleen replied seriously, “Listen here, Nicholas. I only came because of Granny. I don’t have any feelings toward you.”

“Your words are quite hurtful,” Nicholas answered bitterly.

Samuel walked behind him and gave him a kick in the back of his shin.

Nicholas winced in pain.

Kathleen was speechless.

“Don’t talk while standing up. Come, sit down,” Samuel said gently to Kathleen.

Following his words, she went over and sat down.

“Are you hungry?” he asked considerately.

She had rushed over here from the film set. Hence, he was sure that she hadn’t eaten yet.

“Yes.” Kathleen nodded.

Samuel curled his thin lips into a small smile. “I’ll get them to make you some food.”

As he spoke, he called the waiter and made an order.

Kathleen looked at Nicholas. “Take a seat.”

Nicholas came and sat down opposite the both of them.

He stared at Samuel.

Samuel has turned into Kathleen’s servant. He does whatever she says.

“Nicholas, to be honest, I only agreed to have a blind date with you because of Granny.” She continued, “It doesn’t mean I like you in any way.”

Nicholas was relieved to hear her say all this. “Me too!”

Kathleen frowned.

On the other hand, Samuel had a slight smirk on his face.

Nicholas noticed his smirk immediately. This d*mned man. Look at how happy he is!

“What do you mean by that? Are you saying she’s not good enough for you?” Samuel stared at Nicholas icily.

Nicholas was too stunned to speak.

At this point, Kathleen turned to give Samuel a cold stare.

Samuel cleared his throat. “What I meant to say is, you’re a wonderful person. He shouldn’t dismiss you so easily.”

“Hahaha!” Nicholas was at a loss for words. “Then, should I say I like her instead?”

“Go to hell.” Samuel’s face was expressionless.

Nicholas was completely dumbfounded.

“Ms. Johnson, hear me out. The truth is, I don’t want to be sent on blind dates either,” admitted Nicholas.

Kathleen stared at him in silence.

“How about this? Let’s pretend we’re dating to fool those oldies. If we don’t work out, they will just keep arranging more blind dates for us. Don’t you think it’s too troublesome?” suggested Nicholas.

“I have a way to persuade Granny, so I’ll pass on your offer.” Kathleen was not interested in his proposal.

Nicholas was stupefied.

“You realize that the one with the problem here is you, not me, right?” Kathleen laid things out for him. “Your grandma is so anxious to matchmake you because she’s afraid you’ll end up like your father. She was never satisfied with your mother’s background. Because she’s afraid you’ll repeat those same mistakes, she keeps pushing you to go on blind dates. Isn’t that right?”

Nicholas looked at Kathleen in shock.

How does she know all that? Did Samuel tell her?

Nicholas looked over to Samuel.

“I never said anything,” Samuel stated calmly.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Samuel got up to open it.

A waitress came in with a food cart before setting all the food down on the table.

“Mr. Macari, all the food you ordered has arrived,” uttered the waitress politely.

Samuel nodded lightly. “All right. That will be all. You can leave.”

He took out five hundred in cash.

The waitress smiled as she received it. She understood what Samuel was implying.

Samuel was indirectly telling the waitress that she was not allowed to say anything about this.

“Enjoy your meal.” The waitress turned around and exited the room.

On her way out, she shut the door swiftly.

Kathleen picked up her fork and started to eat.

She was starving.

No matter how hungry she was, she still looked very elegant while eating.

Samuel voluntarily started to peel some prawns for her.

They were the freshest tiger prawns available.

Samuel had ordered them steamed and served as is.

At the side, Nicholas stared speechlessly at the loving couple in front of him.

Are they really divorced? How interesting.

At this moment, Kathleen suddenly said, “Nicholas, you’ve been divorced before, right?”

Nicholas was dumbfounded as his eyes widened.

“Samuel!” Nicholas turned to stare at his friend.

“She didn’t hear it from me.” Samuel was not the type to gossip about others. Thus, he had never said anything about this to Kathleen.

Kathleen cut in and responded, “You don’t have to look at him like that. He isn’t the one that told me. I took a guess.”

“How can you guess something like that? Are you Sherlock Holmes?” Nicholas replied in bewilderment.

“No, I’m not.” She stared at him meaningfully. “However, when I met your grandmother and mother just now, I realized they both seemed very anxious. They want us to solidify our relationship as soon as possible.”

Nicholas furrowed his brows.

“As a woman who’s been divorced myself, I wondered what could make them so anxious to set you up with me. Is it because I’m rich? Of course, that is a possibility. However, the other possibility is that you like a woman that they don’t approve of. So…”

Nicholas bowed at her in admiration. “Ms. Johnson, you’re right on the mark.”

He had to hand it to her.

“Since you understand what I mean, you can explain things to your grandmother when we meet them later,” Kathleen stated flatly.

“Ms. Johnson, if you don’t want to fake a relationship with me, what will you tell Old Mrs. Yoeger?” Nicholas was curious.

“I have my own methods. Don’t worry.”

He sighed in frustration. “Very well.”

Then, he glanced over at Samuel.

Samuel was focused on peeling prawns for Kathleen.

“By the way, am I not included in this meal that you ordered?” Nicholas stared despondently at Samuel.

Samuel’s gaze was icy. “If you’re hungry, go out and get some food.”

Nicholas was speechless.

How cruel!

“I’m leaving!” Nicholas was furious. “I can’t believe you’re prioritizing a girl over a friend. Back when you used to like Nicolette, you never acted this way.”

Upon hearing that name, Samuel shot him a glare.

Ignoring him, Nicholas got up to leave.

“Don’t pay him any mind. Just eat up.” When Samuel saw Kathleen’s puffy cheeks filled with food, he smiled lightly. She looked just like a squirrel.

After Nicholas had left the room, Kathleen revealed, “Actually, I lied to him.”

“About what?” Samuel frowned.

“You’re the reason I know about his divorce,” Kathleen admitted.

“But I’ve never told you about that.” Samuel was confused.

“I know.” She nodded. “The thing is, there was once where he had come to our house to see you. When you guys were talking in the study, your voices were really loud, so I heard everything.”

Samuel was dumbstruck.

“I’m sure not many people know about this. Granny definitely doesn’t. Although, I think she might be getting suspicious,” Kathleen said as she munched down on some fish.

Samuel smiled helplessly. “You were so convincing earlier, even I believed it.”

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