All Too Late Chapter 241

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All Too Late Chapter 241

All Too Late Chapter 241

Never Be A Lover

“Thank you kindly for your trust,” Kathleen said solemnly.

Aware that she was mocking him, Samuel did not get angry at her.

Anyway, it’s much better for her to act like this than to coldly ignore me.

Kathleen returned to her food as she could not bear to mistreat her stomach.

“Don’t just take care of me. You should eat also.” Her mouth was stuffed to the brim.

After Nicholas left, she no longer maintained her ladylike image.

Samuel looked at her with a faint smile. “You truly don’t maintain your image in front of me.”

“What’s the point of doing that? You know what I’m like. Besides, it’s not as though I’m wearing a vicious expression, right?” Kathleen asked flippantly.

He shook his head.

“Exactly.” She ate the shrimp he had peeled in a relaxed manner. “A woman is only reserved in front of the man she likes.”

Samuel was displeased. “Don’t irritate me.”

He did not like to hear those words.

Kathleen hummed in response with a playful look in her bright eyes. “In any case, this matter with Nicholas is just the beginning. I may have to go on lots of blind dates in the future to appease my granny.”

“Then I’ll kill all those men.” Samuel’s eyes became hostile, losing their glimmer instantly.

Kathleen threw him a sideways glance. “Do you think you can kill them all?”

Samuel snorted coldly.

She didn’t doubt that I dared do it, but if I was able to kill them all. She does know me very well.

Her success in making him upset instantly put her in a good mood.

No matter how heartbroken he is, he still treats me wholeheartedly.

After the meal, Kathleen drank a cup of tea to help with her digestion.

“My brother went to meet Finn, but their talk didn’t go well,” she uttered.

Samuel poured her another cup of tea. “You want me to go to him?”

“I want you to take me to see him.” Kathleen explained, “I wish to speak to him in person.”

“I suggest you don’t,” he replied flatly.

“Why?” She blinked her eyes at that. “Is there anything wrong with him?”

“There’s nothing wrong with him, but his wife is a bit abnormal,” Samuel said coldly.

Kathleen raised a brow. “How so?”

“His wife loves him so much that she is hostile to any woman who appears around him. If you, a gorgeous woman, were to go to him, aren’t you afraid of becoming a target?”

She was stunned. “Not even for a chat?”

Samuel shook his head.

After some thought, Kathleen continued, “I never help people halfway, Samuel. Ever since I knew about Vivian’s matter, I didn’t intend to stand by and do nothing. This has nothing to do with Caleb. I won’t make you help me if you don’t wish to.”

With that, she stood up.

Samuel grabbed her wrist and said, “Do you think I don’t want to help you?”

Kathleen stared at him.

His gaze turned frosty. “It’s not because he likes you that I don’t want you to help Vivian.”

In a raspy voice, he continued, “But because I know that if you cure her, he’ll definitely like you more.”

And he’ll be even more reluctant to let her go. Kathleen is a charming woman who’s also gentle, kind, beautiful, and generous. Everyone loves a woman like her.

Kathleen looked at him solemnly. “Don’t forget that even though you love me so much now, I haven’t compromised, Samuel. Do you truly think someone can force me?”

Samuel’s tense aura slowly dispersed. “I’ll take you there. But to prevent any unnecessary trouble, you must listen to me. All right?”

She nodded in reply.

An exasperated look flashed across his handsome and exquisite face. “Give me two days. I’ll make the arrangements.”

“As soon as possible,” Kathleen urged. “I’ll ask someone else if you take too long.”

Samuel scoffed. “Do you know how mean you are now, Kathleen?”

She blinked innocently. “How am I mean?”

“You know that I still have feelings for you, yet…” Samuel huffed, “Yet you want me to help you cure my love rival’s sister’s illness. Again and again, you stab a dagger into my heart.”

A smirk appeared on her gentle and delicate face. “You can always say no. I didn’t force you at all.”


He gritted his teeth. “In any case, you came to me, so you’re not allowed to look for anyone else!”

Despite nodding in agreement, Kathleen felt that he was implying something with those words.

He seems to be saying since you married me, you aren’t allowed to marry someone else!

Kathleen sighed while staring at his eyes which were dark like bottomless pits. I hope I’m just overthinking.

At that moment, her phone chimed.

After picking it up and taking a look, she said softly, “Granny is asking where I am. I’m going to meet them now.”

“Let’s go together.” Samuel stood up and helped Kathleen put on her coat before doing the same for himself.

After some deliberation, she turned around and said to him, “I’ll head out first. Come out after five minutes. Got it?”

She reminded him as she was afraid that he would not listen to her.

Samuel merely snorted in reply.

Kathleen could not help but laugh. “The only thing you have going for you is your handsomeness. You look so gloomy all the time, so how on earth did I fall for you?”

He looked at her intently. “So you’ll love me if I stop looking gloomy?”

“Hah! You wish.” Kathleen’s gaze was filled with mockery. “I’m heading out now.”

With that, she walked away.

Samuel looked at her slender back and huffed in displeasure before following suit.

As Kathleen came out, she caught sight of Diana and Frances walking out together.

“Granny, Old Mrs. Macari.” She walked over. Her rosy cheeks looked so adorable that anyone who saw her felt happy.

The pair noticed that she came out of the innermost private room.

Unlike Frances, who was unaware, Diana knew that the room belonged to Samuel.

Sure enough, the man walked out of that room after a while.

Frances froze.

They did not get the chance to speak when Geraldine and Melanie also came out together.

The latter was walking behind the former, looking timid as always.

“Have you met with my grandson, Ms. Johnson?” Geraldine said with a wry smile.

Kathleen nodded in reply.

“How did it go?” the old woman asked with anticipation.

Kathleen answered impassively, “I think we can only be friends.”

“Nicholas is a good man.” Melanie spoke up cautiously. “You should interact with him more, Ms. Johnson.”

“My first intuition has always been accurate. A man that can be my friend can never become my lover,” Kathleen said plainly.

She felt her words were blunt enough.

“You aren’t that young anymore, Ms. Johnson, are you?” Melanie asked casually, “Women your age have already given birth to children.”

“Only those you know. The women I know at my age are succeeding in all kinds of professions.” Kathleen smirked. “Not every woman only thinks about marriage and children. They also have their dreams and goals. Only those with no pursuits in life would have getting married and having children as their life goals.”

Melanie bit her lip. “You’ve been divorced once, Ms. Johnson.”

The sarcasm in her statement immediately provoked Diana and Frances.

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